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I figured, but hey, at least I tried yeah, I should be availible around six and later tomorrow.
Hey dude, had internet issues. PM or VM me when your online to trade

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hey mate
Recital Piplup // Calm // UT - Flawless *Singing Piplup* @Metronome
PC Nagoya Magikarp // Adamant // UT
Team Rockets Meowth // Jolly // UT, Semi-Flawless @smoke ball
i'm intrested in these three of your pokemons....
you can have a look at my shop and let me know wat you'll take for 'em!
I will look and post in your shop my response ^.^

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Hey mate,
Could you please give me some more info on these?

Absol // Adamant // UT
Charmander // Timid // UT - Flawless except 20 atk.
Solosis // Bold // UT

What are their abilities (in Absol and Solosis' case), and do any of them have any eggmoves?
I will PM you the information shortly I had internet issues recently, sorry for the delay.

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what would u like for the modest flawless meloetta
I will take a look as soon as possible. I will post in your shop my reply. Sorry for the delay.

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What about shiny adamant semi flawless ho oh?? Sp Attack is 18

And i also got flawless v create event adamant rayquazza ut

Sorry i released it by accident.. -_-...
Sorry, not interested