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    Hey guys. I've had an idea for a fanfic for a while now, and even started writing it a while back as some of you may remember, but got caught up in life and didn't get very far. I've revised it somewhat and am taking another shot, so let me know what you's something of a Zelda/Pokemon cross. Without further adieu, I'll begin.


    There exist many tales among humans and pokemon. Some are restricted to a certain region. Others seek to explain natural phenomena. Still more serve the purpose of teaching a lesson. But there is one legend, that of the world’s creation, that is highly regarded by all. It speaks of three ancient Goddesses whose actions gave rise to the world and life as they now exist. Din, Goddess of Power, shaped the physical realm in all of its glory and wonder. Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom, used her knowledge to establish the fundamental laws of the universe. And Farore, Goddess of Courage, poured her strong spirit into creating a bewildering variety of life to fill the realm. Their work complete, they ascended to the heavens, leaving behind an almighty power in the hands of a fellow Goddess - Hylia. This power, the Triforce, was said to grant the wishes of any who could wield it, and was heavily guarded by the final Goddess for millennia. She did so until, one fateful day, powerful and malevolent forces rushed forth from fissures in the Earth. Led by their King, Demise, the demons sought to take the Triforce as their own and establish dominion over the surface world. They launched a great war against the Goddess and her followers, using people and pokemon alike, sending the world into chaos...


    Shaymin narrowly avoided a pink scythe of energy as it flew desperately along the cliffside. The severe weather shifts were currently the least of its worries - a successful attack against it would find it plummeting into the jagged rocks below, which rose out of choppy seas. A quick glance behind it revealed a pink and yellow swan-like pokemon with transparent wings giving chase. The pokemon, Cresselia, prepared an Ice Beam that would make even Articuno, the legendary bird of ice, beam with pride. But then, Cresselia didn’t care - it and its fellow birds were the enemy.

    Before Cresselia could finish its attack, however, a dark shadow leapt from the cliffside and fired a powerful Dark Pulse. Cresselia’s eternal nemesis, Darkrai, had come to aid its ally, and would have succeeded too were it not for the paired blasts of fire that nearly roasted it to a crisp. Entei and Heatran, legendary beast of fire and embodiment of magma, respectively, stood on the rocks below eyeing their handiwork. The moment was fleeting, however - the bolt of lightning that crackled down from above would have been devastating had not Raikou ,the beast of thunder, intercepted it with one of its own, protecting them from the legendary bird of lightning. Zapdos let out a shrill cry calling Moltres to its side, and together with the strength of the legendary fire bird unleashed an Air Cutter at a pokemon that was racing along the top of the water itself. The North Wind in the flesh, the aquatic leopard jumped into the air and fired a Hydro Pump, but it quickly evaporated. The weather had shifted to intense sunlight at a moment’s notice.

    All eyes focused on the top of the cliff, where a large blue pokemon stood on four legs. Its bulky body shone with the glimmering blue accents that ran down its back and legs, as well as up its neck and to the back of its angular head. Steel armor lined its body and legs, the centerpiece being a large structure on its chest with a diamond embedded in the center. Opposite this pokemon, floating above the ocean, was a pink and white creature of equal size and rank. It’s long neck was lined with pink, leading back to two large, imposing wings positioned behind its shoulder-blades. Slightly lower were its arms and a grey torso that led to a sturdy bottom, complete with two large feet and a long tail. Most impressive, however, were the two pearls embedded in its shoulder-blades.

    The two pokemon, Dialga and Palkia, roared at each other and fired off their signature moves, Roar of Time and Spacial Rend. Dialga’s entire body shone a bright blue as the enormous beam sped toward Palkia. Meanwhile, a huge pink crescent was produced from the pearls on its shoulders, which spun toward Dialga with great speed. The attacks would have collided, too, were it not for the momentary intervention of three pixie-like pokemon that suddenly appeared between the attacks. They each had two tails, each one featuring a small red crystal, and a small body; the only thing that differed was the head. Uxie, the being of knowledge, had a yellow bowl-shaped head with a red jewel in the center; Mesprit, being of emotion, featured four pink dreadlocks that hung down on either side, perfectly framing the red jewel that it, too, had on its forehead; Azelf, the being of willpower, had a blue head in the shape of an elf, and, naturally, a red jewel. These jewels shone in unison among the three, and completely dissipated the energy from the two attacks. Unfortunately, they had no power over what was to ensue.

    A deep grumbling sound could now be heard from within the cliff, and it grew louder as an Earthquake wracked the land. Rock slides began from all angles of the cliff, the literal edge of the Earth in the face of the ocean. Below, islands rose with momentous force, defiant of the waves that battered them. Meanwhile, the ocean grew restless. Whitecaps slammed into the cliff and the newly emerged islands and plateaus, submerging some of them in the process. The foam licked at the land, silently continuing the onslaught. Above, clouds swirled and dissipated in mere seconds, mimicking the whirlpools below. The legendary pokemon looked on as, finally, the two beings at the root of the war emerged.

    A violent volcanic eruption burst from the cliff, magma spewing out rapidly. The sun intensified, instantly withering what few plants had survived the battle up to this point, and a large red pokemon rose out of the ground. It stood tall and proud, yellow eyes gleaming as it stared hotly toward the sea. It’s entire back side was covered in a thick, ruby-colored armor, culminating in a powerful spiked tail that perfectly matched its enormous razor-sharp claws. Groudon had finally awoken.

    However, it was not unopposed. Thunder roared in the air above the ocean, the clouds having formed a perfect front where the sea ended and the land began. Tidal waves crashed offshore, and water spouts reached from sea to sky as a giant blue pokemon leapt from the water. Its streamlined body was a deep sapphire blue, except for hieroglyphic markings that shone red on its broad fins. Underneath the killer whale were white stripes, and the beast let out a roar displaying its sharp teeth. Kyogre’s ascendance from the sea’s deepest trenches was complete.

    The effects of their presence expanded over the planet, causing raging storms, flooding coastal lands, baking even the coldest of mountains, and shaking dormant volcanoes into new activity. The humans at fault for this watched in horror, realizing the error of their ways as the reality of the situation shattered even their worst expectations. All of the human race now stood on edge, hiding within their homes, caves, and any shelter they could find. Silently, the legendary pokemon took their sides. Only six remained neutral, positioned between the opposing forces. The pixie trio was one of them. The other, molded from the planet itself, was the Regi trio. Regirock, golem of stone, braced itself for a fierce battle, standing in defiance toward the cliffs that rose above it. Behind it floated the golem of ice, Regice, the braille pattern on its face flickering with determination. And between the two stood Registeel, golem of metal, ready to support either one at a moment’s notice. These two groups of pokemon had been preparing for this moment for centuries, and they would now be put to the test. Though they did not care for the other legends. Their concern was entirely on Groudon and Kyogre, Dialga and Palkia.

    From the top of the cliff leapt the three legendary beasts, preparing an Air Slash, Zap Cannon, and Flare Blitz into the torrential rain before them. The legendary birds quickly responded, delivering a Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire Blast in return. Darkrai and Cresselia dueled high above, while Shaymin, resolved in its Sky Forme, sought an opening to attack Heatran beneath it, who was blasting the air with fire and steel. Just below Cresselia and Darkrai could be seen two pokemon, both of the Psychic-type. The first, Mewtwo, held the ruthless expression of a murderer as it fired a purple blast toward the other. Avoiding the attack, the pokemon transformed itself from the streamlined build it was initially in to one decidedly more threatening, with three spikes atop its head, two spikes protruding from each knee, and tentacles writhing on either side of it. Deoxys.

    The battle raged on for weeks on end, months even, fiercest between the titans of land, sea, time, and space. On land, violence and strife dominated the planet as pokemon fought pokemon and human fought demon for survival. Finally, there appeared a glimmer of hope. A golden ray pierced the sky directly above the epicenter of the battle, and a divine harp sounded clearly. Stunned, the legendary pokemon stopped battling. The humans quit fighting, and the demons retreated slowly in fear, with the exception of Demise himself. A sinister smile spread across his face as he looked to the sky, his flaming hair crackling with power. “So,” he began. “The Goddess returns.” Indeed she had. Hylia herself, robed in white, emerged from the golden portal, descending from the sky. Her bright blue eyes shone with vitality beneath her glistening blonde hair. In her right hand, she held a shimmering sword, while her left held a glowing harp from which the previous notes were strum. She landed directly before Demise with a flap of her magnificent wings.

    “Demon!” she called out in a clear, beautiful voice. “I have heard the prayers of my people! Your violence upon this land will no longer be tolerated. Now that I face you in battle, know that the days of you and your kind are numbered!”

    “Goddess,” began Demise, hatred palpable in his speech. “I was beginning to wonder how long your people would suffer before you heard their plea. Too long have you bathed in the glory of the Gods, protecting your sacred Triforce in a realm opposed to ours.” He pointed a long, dark finger at the portal above her. “Now, I crush and defeat you! And then, with the power of the Triforce in my grasp, the world will be mine to rule, mine to subjugate! With your dying breath, you will beg for my mercy toward these cowardly humans, a wish I will gladly deny!”

    With that, the fight ensued more fiercely than ever. The demon king and the white goddess rushed at each other, their swords clashing before them and magical attacks lighting the battlefield around them. Taking note, the followers of each side again took up arms in a final battle to determine the fate of humanity. Days passed. The humans, fighting bravely to protect themselves and the Goddess, managed to drive back the demons, but at a steep cost to their own numbers. Realizing that there would be no end, a single knight stepped into the fray of Hylia and Demise, unknown to them both. In a final act of faith to the Goddess, he struck Demise with his sword, distracting him and granting her a window of opportunity to deliver the final blow.

    But Demise was no stranger to devious tactics. As the Goddess drove her sword into his head, he plunged his blade into her side, fatally wounding her and lessening the force of her strike. Hylia stumbled back, clutching her wound over the body of the brave soldier who fought to defend her. Despite her pain, the Goddess knew that her attack was not sufficient to eternally kill the demon. Wounded and desperate, she raised her sword skyward and called for the four Cardinal pokemon of the world, charged with protecting her and the Triforce at any cost.

    Suddenly, there appeared 4 small pokemon around her. Considered phantoms by humans and even some pokemon, the pokemon emerged as if from thin air, saddened expressions on their faces. The pink feline pokemon, original of all - Mew. Voice of the forest and traveller of time, Celebi. The celestial pokemon and granter of wishes, Jirachi. And finally, voyager of the seas and link between worlds, Manaphy. Together they prepared to call forth the four guardians of the planet, offering up the requisite items as had been decided millennia beforehand.

    A shimmering, silver wing rose from Mew, instantly becalming the legendary birds and summoning from the ocean an enormous silver-colored pokemon. Lugia, the keeper of storms and ruler of the legendary birds had arrived. The glistening rainbow-colored wing that was offered by Celebi, on the other hand, quelled the legendary beasts. They bowed to the ground as a speck emerged from the sky, and a rainbow-colored phoenix hovered above them. Ho-oh had descended to answer the call, and was prepared to finally bring the war to an end alongside Lugia.

    Next was Manaphy. It had brought with it from the depths a blue flute that produced an eerie melody, instantly attracting the attention of Dialga, Palkia, and the pixie trio alike. A golden portal opened, and produced from it an equine pokemon with a decidedly stoic appearance. Arceus, lord of creation, had been summoned. Finally, Jirachi stepped forward into the fray. From it rose a gleaming sphere the color of a rich emerald - the Jade Orb. Groudon and Kyogre, previously oblivious to the events at hand, suddenly grew very quiet, almost, it seemed, out of fear. And rightly so. An emerald pulse evaporated the clouds and reduced the intensity of the sun, and a meteor could be seen approaching the Earth. As it neared, a roar was heard, and when it finally came to a halt there remained a large serpent-like dragon in its place. Rayquaza, master of air and keeper of balance, descended to join its brethren around the Goddess.

    The legendary pokemon immediately stopped their fighting - all but the four titans. They were punished with a vengeance as a result, assaulted by the guardians without mercy. Roasted by the purging flames of Ho-oh’s Sacred Fire, they soon found themselves longing that pain rather than the harsh, blistering force of Lugia’s Aeroblast. The Judgement dealt by Arceus sealed away Dialga and Palkia within their own dimensions, forever linking them to the Psychic trio of Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. Rayquaza’s attack reduced Groudon and Kyogre to mere memories, forgotten by nearly all as they hid away in the deepest part of the Earth’s crust and marine trenches. Finally, the four titans focused their attacks on the Demon King himself. Trapped in an inescapable pit of energy, Demise struggled in vain to free himself. It was then that the Goddess approached.

    “The sanctity of the Gods will not be mocked!” she cried, raising her blade once again. “You must never be allowed to threaten the world with your hatred again! I hereby erase you from existence for your sacrilege!” With that, a blinding flash of light burst from the Goddess, and above her appeared three golden, sacred triangles. Their energy poured into her sword, which Hylia began to swing furiously in a calculated pattern. Rings of energy encircled Demise, joining with the power of the guardian attacks until an orb of pure power surrounded him, glowing white and sealing him away. The demonic army that followed him either perished or fled, no trace of them remaining.

    Strained, the Goddess Hylia fell to her knees, focusing her gaze on the dead soldier beneath her. “My power was not sufficient, this wound runs too deep,” she whispered quietly as tears fell from her eyes. “Demise will surface again. When and how, I do not know. But...” She stood weakly, addressing the Cardinal legendary pokemon that remained by her side. “Rayquaza, upon you I bestow the Triforce of Power. For you, Arceus, the Triforce of Wisdom. Ho-Oh, Lugia; I now split the Triforce of Courage in two, and ask that you each safeguard one of its halves. This relic has done little more than bring suffering to the creatures of this world. Please, take and protect it until those capable of using it for good appear to mankind.” The pokemon looked on solemnly, waiting for her final address.

    “I must maintain the integrity of this seal, and also remain on the lookout for those two who, like the fallen knight over which I stand, will endure great sacrifice for the greater good. Henceforth, I shed my divinity and split my soul into two pokemon, their sole purpose being that which I have just stated. So long as I maintain this vigil, there may yet be hope for the world.”

    Rayquaza, Arceus, Ho-Oh, and Lugia looked on in awe as Hylia’s body began to glow a purple hue. Slowly, it split into a red entity and a blue entity, leaving in the center a clear-colored crystal orb. The newly born pokemon raced off in opposite directions, desperate to find the location of the seal from which Demise could free himself. It was Rayquaza who spoke.

    “We must never forget the events here unfolded. Our duty to the Goddess remains as ever; I expect that we shall all do our best to protect the sacred treasure entrusted to us by her. But as I look upon the Soul Dew, I have come to the following realization. Humans cannot be trusted. They must not be. The Earth itself will torment the race with storms and hardship. And we will reveal ourselves only to those who are truly worthy. When the future produces those two human offspring capable of righting the wrongs of their ancestors, the scales of balance may once again be restored.”
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    Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay? Verrrry interesting start to a fic. I was a bit confused at the beginning, but as it cleared up, I started to like it a lot more then before. I 'm thinking of the three goddesses being born into humans, and a whole theory spins off from there that I can't fit in here. I'll spread the word about this.

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    Really great so far, especially since I'm a fan of Pokemon and Zelda. I really liked how Arceus wasn't depicted as the all-powerful god of the world, but as an equal to other legends, such as Rayquaza, Lugia and Ho-oh. You also really blended both worlds together well. However, it was sometimes hard to understand which side each legend was on. Other than that, excellent start to a fic. Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks guys, I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to incorporate all this but for now, enjoy chapter 1!

    Chapter 1

    “May will you please hurry the hell up? We’ve been walking for little over half an hour and already you’re complaining that you’re tired. How do you expect us to get to Littleroot and meet Professor Birch if you won’t hurry up?”

    “Oh shut it Brendan, you know damn well we’ll get there on time. Not like you would know, but it takes considerable effort to look cute at all times, and I’m not about to start this little trip of ours looking like I just rolled out of bed.”

    “ just did. Or at least you look the part...”

    “Stop talking, Brendan. I would hate to have to be the one to report any terrible news to the professor on such a happy occasion.”

    Brendan shot his cousin a smirk before slowing his gait, attempting to allow her to catch up. He was a boy of about fourteen, but carried with him a sense of pride and confidence engrained in him from birth. He wore his typical clothes - a blue t-shirt layered with a sleek silver jacket left unzipped, blue jeans, and some white shoes. A red headband kept his short brown hair in place as he shifted around, adjusting the scarlet backpack he carried with him. Although he liked to keep calm and collected, his dark brown, eyes betrayed the excitement he felt at starting his very own journey with pokemon, and they shone with hints of mahogany. It did not bother him at all that he’d had to leave the Johto region, his lifelong home, to come adventure with May in the Hoenn region as arranged by his parents.

    May, however, could care less about the pokemon journey and was more focused on the prospect of unsupervised travel. Her face was almost permanently fixed into an expression of feigned apathy, which accented her biting sarcasm. She wore a fitted red shirt with a blue collar, a white undershirt, and blue legging shorts underneath. Her red, white, and blue shoes matched perfectly with the pokeball-themed bandana on her head, as well as the white gloves she wore, tipped blue at the fingers. Around her waist was a small beige pack with two pockets that rested on her behind, brimming with frivolous supplies.

    Despite the seeming hostility between them, the two cousins were actually very close. May’s mother, Caroline Michaels, had made it a point to frequently visit her brother - and Brendan’s father - Anthony Holloway in the Johto region, and vice versa. Along with their spouses Norman and Anne, respectively, they planned yearly family vacations and outings that had made Brendan and May inseparable, and such was the case now that they were beginning their travels.

    “I guess you finally realized that Hoenn is the place to be,” taunted May. She knew that her protection was the sole reason her parents had asked Brendan to begin his adventure here, and although she loathed the idea of being unable to care for herself, she didn’t mind his company at all. “I mean it was only a matter of time, since Lilycove is infinitely more fun than Olivine. If I weren’t off on my own I’d be mad pissed that we moved to that blemish of a ‘city’ they call Petalburg.”

    “Mmhmm,” replied a distracted Brendan. He knew very well what she was up to, but his attention was suddenly drawn to a large building down below. They had come to a stop on a relatively large hill, and could see Littleroot Town clearly before them. Of particular importance was the laboratory, which could be seen rising above the smaller homes. May stepped ahead of him slyly.

    “Alright loser, follow me. Don’t worry about saying anything either, I’ll make sure the professor doesn’t mistake you for a new species of pokemon or anything like that. Right this way.”

    Brendan rolled his eyes at her sarcasm, and obliged. After about fifteen minutes of asking the locals where to find Professor Birch, they finally arrived in front of his famed research facility. It was a large, white building of an architectural design seemingly out of place in the comparatively simple Littleroot Town.

    On the west side of the building rose a cylindrical wing, spiraling upward in stark contrast to the relatively flat level to its left. Rather than a solid white surface, the entirety of the laboratory’s east wing consisted of large glass panels, allowing ample sunlight to enter the facility. Palm trees were scattered in the front yard, framing a sophisticated yet humble sign indicating the nature of the building. Behind it could be seen several acres of sprawling land that had been cleared for Professor Birch’s use. Seeing the two front doors slide open, Brendan and May mustered their confidence and proceeded. They hardly had a chance to look around, however, as the receptionist immediately recognized them and directed them to the East Wing Sunroom, where all starting trainers were directed.

    “Please remain here until Professor Birch arrives. He should be here shortly to introduce you two to your starter pokemon,” explained the secretary. With a smile, she turned, exited the room, and returned to her work, leaving the two alone.

    The room was simple enough. Two or three coffee tables were present, with a corresponding amount of TVs for the entertainment of the room’s guests. In the center of the room was a small counter with three pokeballs on it, and to the left of it was complicated machinery and a computer. The counter lining the room’s right wall, beside the refrigerator, was currently occupied by two red devices of an unknown nature, bathed in the sunlight that entered the room through the observation deck. Speaking of, the entire wall had been replaced with a window that opened up to the outside, and Brendan and May were lucky enough to have arrived on a day clear enough to see the southern sea on the horizon past the plains and forest. A throat cleared behind them.

    “Welcome, May! My, my its been so long since I last saw’ve grown so much!” exclaimed an energetic man. He was large, but not obese; his size stemmed from days spent in the field conducting research. His brown hair covered his forehead slightly, framing his face along with the scruffy beard that accompanied it. Beneath his white lab coat he wore a green shirt and khaki shorts, and his trademark flip flops smacked the tile as he circled the fledgling trainers, eyeing them eagerly.

    “And you, Brendan, man how tall you’ve gotten. May remembers me but I’d sure be surprised if you did - you only ever met me once, and fleetingly at that!” Professor Birch let out a hearty laugh as he stepped toward the counter in the center of the table, motioning for them to join him with a wave of his hand.

    “That’s enough of that. In case you two didn’t know, I’m Professor Birch, head researcher here at the Littleroot Lab and the Hoenn region’s representative to the Interregional Association of Pokemon Science, the IAPS. Currently, my research focuses on the interactions between pokemon and their environments, including what it is that makes them suited to living in the Hoenn region and how they grow in it. ON WITH THE SHOW, THEN!” he cried, unleashing the first pokemon.

    A green and white pokeball was tossed into the air, four orange spots lining the top. In a flash of light, there appeared to the left of Brendan a sleek reptilian pokemon resembling a gecko. Its large eyes took in the surroundings as it folded its green arms, partially concealing its red underbelly. Behind it shook a thick green tail that split in two at the very tip. “Treecko,” it stated smugly.

    “What do ya think of that one, eh?” asked Professor Birch eagerly, scrutinizing the faces of his two pupils for clues regarding their deepest thoughts. “Treecko is the grass-type starter pokemon offered here in the Hoenn region to only the luckiest of trainers. Despite its somewhat smug disposition, Treecko are quick, intelligent, and always an asset to their trainers,” he noted, as if selling the pokemon.

    “Yeah but its so...creepy,” remarked May. “I don’t know but I could just never see myself with Treecko as my first pokemon. It’d fit Brendan just fine, though, I’m sure.”

    “Haha, very funny,” replied Brendan. “It is definitely interesting, Professor. And not anything like Chikorita. Could we see the other two before making our decisions, though?”

    Professor Birch agreed quickly, snapping back into focus from his absent-minded daydream. The next pokeball he grabbed was an intense red all around, except for a black indentation on either side, toward the equator of the pokeball. “Alright, you’re next!” he cried as he tossed the ball into the air.

    When the light cleared, a small chick pokemon had materialized in front Brendan and May. It’s entire body was a bright red-orange color, except for two underdeveloped wings, yellow in coloration. Atop its head was a crest consisting of three feathers positioned to vaguely resemble a flame, each of them tipped in yellow as well. “Torchic,” it squealed in a high-pitched voice.

    “Awwwwwwww its so cute! exclaimed May, clearly drawn to the pokemon. “I don’t think I even need to see the last one, this is the one for me!”

    “Hold on there, May,” cautioned Professor Birch. “The last thing you want to start your journey with is regret. That said, Torchic is an excellent choice for starting trainers. Being a fire-type, it is often considered the most difficult to raise of the three, but the results are well worth it. This is in direct contrast to Treecko who, being a grass-type, is frequently regarded as the easiest. That leaves the intermediate water-type,” he trailed as he picked up the final ball on the counter. It featured a white bottom half and a teal upper half, with black lines criss-crossing the top in a netlike pattern.

    “Mudkip, show ‘em what you’ve got!” he commanded as he tossed the ball into the air. To the right of May appeared a small blue pokemon that stood on four legs. Its round head featured a prominent fin atop its head, as well as two sets of orange gills on either cheek. It also sported a large, almost clear fin on its rear. “MuuudKIP,” it cried.

    “This is Mudkip, the water type. Mudkip are very attuned to their surroundings, which they monitor using the fin on their head as if it were a radar, and despite their small size are very strong. While they may not be as quick as Torchic, and definitely aren’t as fast as Treecko, they make up for it with their excellent sense of caution. So what’ll it be?” asked the Professor, leaning over the counter. Not bothering to decide who would pick first, May immediately scooped Torchic off the ground.

    “Torchic is all mine!” she cried with delight. Even though she had never been a fan of pokemon in general, she couldn’t help but be drawn to this one in particular. “It’s so warm,” she remarked as she gave it a hug.

    “Indeed,” Professor Birch confirmed. “The flame sac inside of Torchic’s body keeps it warm in all conditions. It is well-known as one of the species’ defining traits. It looks like you have 2 choices now, Brendan. May beat you this time, haha.”

    “Yeah I guess so,” admitted Brendan slowly before continuing. “I think I’ll pick...Treecko, the grass-type.”

    “Excellent choice! It won’t let you down, I promise. Oh! Before I forget,” started the Professor as he headed toward the red devices on the counter to the right. He handed them to Brendan and May, who were busy examining their pokemon.

    “These items are called pokedexes,” he explained. “They contain data on every known pokemon in existence, and are sure to help you in your adventure, especially as you start out. Consider them a gift to you from me, in addition to the lifelong partners you’ve just acquired.”

    “Thank you, Professor,” they both replied in unison.

    “Now Brendan, I’ve been watching you eye these starter pokemon with curiosity and wonder. The both of you, actually, even though you attempt to hide it May. The Hoenn region finds itself in the perfect locale, and the varied environments support incredible biodiversity,” remarked Professor Birch affectionately as he put his hand on their shoulders and led them to the window.

    “I hope the two of you realize that although these pokedexes are gifts, I do ask for a favor in return for receiving them. Look out of this window. The Hoenn region is one of spectacular natural habitats. The mountainous northwest, with the slumbering Mt. Chimney and ancient Meteor Falls. The level plains of the southwest, its white-sand beaches sloping gently into the warm southern seas. Proceed north, and you’ll arrive at the jungles of Fortree and Mt. Pyre before reaching the scattered islands of the eastern ocean. More than any other region, Hoenn is home to exotic and mysterious pokemon, many of which are found only here. I ask that you catch as many of them as possible and send them back here to my laboratory. Don’t worry, the ownership of them is all yours, but seeing them will greatly help me in my research. You see, there is still much we don’t know about pokemon and we are doing all we can to learn about them. In fact, even the numerical ordering of the pokedex remains a topic of hot debate. Personally, I think it should be ordered by habitat, but there are those who think that pokemon type and even breeding groups should dictate the choice. But I digress. Here, I’ll show you how to send me those pokemon you catch and decide not to carry with you.”

    Professor Birch opened up his own pokedex, the top of it hinged on the left and folding behind the screen. To the left were two black buttons. “This top button allows you to research any pokemon you are observing, beyond the initial description provided by the pokedex of course. It tells you when and where you caught your pokemon, information on its evolutionary cycle, the current attacks known by the pokemon, and attacks that it may potentially learn in the future. The button below it is used to activate the transfer mechanism built into every pokeball. If you’ve caught a pokemon you don’t wish to keep in your current team, simply press the button and the pokeball will vanish from before you and appear before me via advanced satellite technology, recently put into place thanks to the collaboration of the Mossdeep City Space Center with Silph Company of Saffron City. Understand? Excellent.”

    Professor Birch observed the two for a second before continuing, nostalgia in his voice. “The same wonder and excitement you two currently feel is what motivates me to learn more about pokemon and their world, and I hope that they two of you never lose sight of the magnificence that these creatures possess.”

    Moved by how genuine the professor’s speech was, May and Brendan grabbed the pokeballs belonging to each of their pokemon. For Torchic, the rarely distributed Cherish Ball, and for Treecko, the specialty Friend Ball. They packed away their pokedexes and, after receiving an additional five pokeballs to capture pokemon as they saw fit, prepared to leave. Professor Birch accompanied them to the door, noting that he was actually on his way out to conduct some field research on the laboratory grounds. The moment for their departure finally arrived.

    Professor Birch climbed into his jeep, which was covered in mud and grass. Before leaving, he turned to them for some final words.

    “Well you two, this is where I leave you. You can now claim to own your very own pokemon and, as such, are officially pokemon trainers, and pokedex holders at that! I’ll let you go with a wish for the best, a genuine hope that you are fulfilled by your travels, and a nod to the importance of caution. Farewell! Be sure to keep in touch!” he yelled, compensating for the growing space between them and the sound of the engine.

    And with that, Brendan and May stood alone. Together, but alone. Ready to begin a journey that they would never have imagined in their wildest dreams.
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