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Thread: Sending tickets?

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    Default Sending tickets?

    Hi folks!

    I was wondering and searching information about sending tickets from GBA to GBA. Some said that it is possible, some that it isnt. And so I don't know who I should believe. Could someone say something about it?

    Because me and my friends gather money for something like this:

    Which have those tickets.
    And before buying I want to be sure, that it will be possible to send all four tickets to our legit emerald cardriges.

    Is it possible? If it is, how?
    Thanks in advance!

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    It is possible to send the tickets to other cartridges by way of mixing records, if the source cartridge received the ticket legitimately from an event.

    However, the number of times the source cartridge can do so is limited (don't ask me how many times it can do so, I don't know) and furthermore, the item description alone on the eBay auction you linked to screams "SOMEONE USED A DIRTY CHEATING DEVICE TO OBTAIN ALL THIS" as loudly as it possibly can.

    Don't waste your money.

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    Yeah, obviously that cart is not legit and an action replay was used on it. Using it would be the same as buying an AR yourself. Like BCVM said, the only way to do the events now legitimately is to mix records with someone who has done them legit.. Very unlikely considering you must do it IRL.

    Biggest hope would probably be a gaming convention of sorts

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    Thanks a lot guys

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