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Thread: Is Crystal version worth buying???

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    Default Is Crystal version worth buying???

    I've almost finished my Platinum and Heartgold games, and I'm already thinking about buying another game. I loved LeafGreen and it's by far my favorite. Is Crystal version a good game, or is it not worth getting because it's too similar to Heartgold and Soulsilver??

    Also, does the game come in a version compatible with the gameboy advanced?
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    38464725.jpg does this explain?

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    Umm... On the contrary, I would very much recommend buying Crystal. Crystal was a great leap for Pokčmon, and, however similar to HG/SS it may be, it's still worth it.

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    no, Crystal doesn't connect with the GBA (i wish!), but i paid 5 bucks for mine, and it's a great classic. Unfortunately, i can't play mine anyone, so i might trade it in...
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    Unless your nostalgic urges are so great that you will combust in to little wet pieces otherwise and/or you absolutely, positively have to see the genesis of the Unown/Suicune/Eusine plot you played through in better-realized fashion in HG/SS, there is simply no reason to play Crystal.

    Couple that with the fact that at this point, efforts to obtain a legitimate copy of Crystal at this point are far more likely you net you failure, either outright or in the form of pirated merchandise, there's even less reason to try.

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    It's pretty much the same as the remakes, only with a different female characters and none of the additions from the remakes. It also works fine on the GBA and GBA SP. Do what you like, but this decision does not require help from the forum at large. Please don's make threads for questions like this.


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