I'm not sure who else remembers this enough to care, but apparently there was a female protagonist planned for Gen I although(correct me if I'm wrong), due to limitations at the time, she was left out.

I hardly ever play as the female protagonist unless I decide to get both games in a set at the time/fool around with having both but I can't help but think over the fact that, as badass as Red is(and will be to anyone who started with the first gen!), you ladies out there don't really have a proper heroine to reflect on from way back then.

Any opinions on this? Would you have liked an equally 'badass' female counterpart of Red if it meant making some little sacrifices or was possible at all?

I know we do have Leaf now for that gen but she was not in the original Gen I games so can we really say that she is as big as Red? It's not like she has her own spot as an elite trainer in Johto/Gen II either.