Welcome to my humble thread.

The shipping of debate here is LazuriteShipping.

About the pairing.

LazuriteShipping is the theory of a romantic relationship between the Pokemon Special characters, Crystal and Blue. As no other threads discussions are posted, I felt it necessary to have one.

It is a lesser pairing among the shipping community, due to being overshadowed by such pairings as MangaQuestShipping, SpecialJewelShipping, LuckyShipping and OldrivalShipping.

Rules: These 6
1) Follow all SPPF and Shipper Community rules.
2) Unlike most other Shipping threads, you're allowed to post spiteful comments about other Shippings here, provided you are able to provide undeniable evidence that the shipping is directly responsible for the theft of any of your internal organs, or significant damage to you, your property, or your friends and family. You will be required to demonstrate such proof, in a court of law, prior to making your spiteful posts.

Once you have, knock yourself out.

And furthermore, Fans of the Shipping are distinct from the shipping itself.

3) No Successive posts by the same user.
4) No swearing. The site is aimed towards as many people and age-groups as possible.
5) Please stay on topic and don't go off topic. To clarify; any facet of the LazuriteShipping pairing is a valid debate subject here. SpecialShipping, OldrivalShipping, your grandmother's kidney and similar, are not.
6) If you know a fanart or fanfiction, please give credit to the original artist/author, if you are aware of who that is..