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Thread: Rate my White 2 team for the E4

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    Default Rate my White 2 team for the E4

    Floatzel (Lax)
    Trait: Swift Swim
    -Ice Fang

    Bouffalant (Jolly)
    Trait: Reckless
    -Head Charge
    -Iron Head

    Lucario (Relaxed)
    Trait: Justified
    -Aura Sphere
    -Calm Mind
    -Dragon Pulse

    Roserade (Naive)
    Trait: Poison Point
    -Sunny Day
    -Weather Ball
    -Giga Drain

    Gothitelle (Timid)
    Trait: Shadow Tag
    -Energy Ball

    Umbreon (Hardy)
    Trait: Synchronize

    The only trouble I'm having is with Iris's Haxorus (God, I hate Dragon Dance).... he swept all of my Pokes...

    I appreciate all your suggestions (especially for Umbreon) but please don't say to give Gothitelle Calm Mind or SolarBeam to Roserade because I can't get the TMs until after I beat Iris
    and thanks...

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    Not much of a team suggestion but why not level up your floatzel a bit more so he can handle the Haxorus attack better and then maybe let it hold ice gem to give that power to to ice fang and maybe you'll get a KO? (unless you saved before iris and can't train - then stick with the Ice gem... Unless you don't have one xD)

    Also, you should look in to reteaching your umbreon faint attack! It hits without fail!

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    thanks, I'll do that, and as for umbreon I was thinking maybe teaching it foul play by move tutor because its more power but i don't know if i can gather that much shards, so i'll stick to faint attack
    thanks alot

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