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Thread: Pokemon DPPt Volume 7 (Viz Version)

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    Default Pokemon DPPt Volume 7 (Viz Version)

    Got it last week and I'm surprised no one put this up.


    58: Stopping Sableye
    59: Getting Past Gastrodon
    60: Outwitting Octillery
    61: Tackling Tangrowth
    62: Mixing It Up With Magikarp
    63: Bogging Down Quagsire
    64: Besting Buizel I
    65: Besting Buizel II
    66: Cleaning Up Grimer
    67: Encountering Elekid

    Who wants to discuss?

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    Someone beat you to it.

    But still, it's released and no longer an "upcoming release" and probably shouldn't be discussed in that thread anymore.

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    I haven't put one of these up because I don't have the volume yet, and probably won't be getting it anytime soon, even though I want it in my collection. I'm saving to buy this and a bunch of the other RS, HGSS, and BW volumes together at a later date and then have a Pokemon Adventures non-stop reading marathon, doing nothing but reading all the volumes back to back for a day. So for now this is on my wish list but won't be getting it just yet.
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