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  • Angry Birds Classic

    6 26.09%
  • Angry Birds Rio

    1 4.35%
  • Angry Birds Space

    5 21.74%
  • Angry Birds Star Wars

    5 21.74%
  • Bad Piggies

    2 8.70%
  • Angry Birds Friends

    0 0%
  • Angry Birds Chrome

    0 0%
  • Other...

    1 4.35%
  • ...Neither.

    3 13.04%
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Thread: The Angry Birds/Bad Piggies Thread

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    Default The Angry Birds/Bad Piggies Thread

    December 2009...
    A struggling Finnish mobile games manufacturer called Rovio released its latest game. Around 50 titles had been released by this company at that time in a span of about 5 years, but none of these had registered very good sales. But this game, Angry Birds completely changed the fortune of the company. It became a worldwide phenomenon after its release.
    As of May 2012 this game had reached 1 billion downloads on Apple's App Store. The game company, Rovio, has now changed into a full entertainment company, with plans to launch animated TV series and movies based upon the characters of the game. The game itself has spawned several sequels and has even crossed over with the recent film Rio and the well-known movie series Star Wars.
    So let's discuss the entire Angry Birds series here.
    For a start, who is your favourite character in the series? What is your favourite game in the series? Classic? Rio? Space? Bad Piggies? Star Wars? What interesting things happened as you played the game? What is it that you like/do not like about these games? What do you expect in future games of this series? Did you discover any easter eggs in any of these games? Any news to share about the series? Discuss all this and more in this thread!
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    Bad Piggies is my favorite game in the series, it's really had but also very fun
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    Have you tried Danger Zone in ABSpace? Too tough...
    And yes Bad Piggies is my favourite too. Flight In The Night is very hard!
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    You know what I like Angry Birds and Bad Piggies too.

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    I'm generally pretty good at these games, going for three stars in everything isn't easy, but in most Angry Birds versions, I'll pulled it off (Classic, Seasons, and Rio). Space and Star Wars are much harder since they work very differently with the screwy gravity in many cases. Haven't pulled it off all the way in those two yet, but I have a few episodes done with all three stars obtained for each stage.

    I rock at Bad Piggies, got three stars on everything there as well. That game's hilarious, and I love just screwing around with the sandbox mode, make a ridiculously huge car outfitted with as many rockets as possible, and then just shooting it off and watching it bust into a million pieces.

    I've always liked the black birds since they blow up like half the level. But the tiny blue birds are cute though.

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    overrated imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avenger Angel View Post
    I rock at Bad Piggies, got three stars on everything there as well. That game's hilarious, and I love just screwing around with the sandbox mode, make a ridiculously huge car outfitted with as many rockets as possible, and then just shooting it off and watching it bust into a million pieces.
    Truly that game is too hilarious, overrated or not. Try dropping the pig from above on a mountain of TNTs. In Field Of Dreams. I got a lot of 3 stars in Space and Star Wars too.
    Does anybody know about any upcoming games in the series? Do tell.
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    Sorry for not posting beforehand =P

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    So you too like Star Wars? I like it that the whole game has a rather unified feel to it.

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    Not much of an AB fan, but I have to say classic because, well, it's the original.

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    All right, anything about the next games in the series?

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    This game is awesome :P

    My favorite bird would have to be the black one. Sends stuff flying, which is awesome. Chuck (yellow) is awesome too.

    As for the games, my favorite would be Space. Those masks in the trailer. And I have gotten many of the Easter eggs, once I got all the golden eggs and stuff in Seasons, but then I had to back up my iPad and they were lost. I got all of the fruit in Rio, though again, backed up the iPad. I still have the golden beach ball levels though.

    As for future games, I'm not sure, but I'm buying whatever they make.

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    Recently Bad Piggies was crossed over with Angry Birds through a new update.

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