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Thread: Black 2 RMT, would appreciate it!

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    Default Black 2 RMT, would appreciate it!

    here is my team, its for ingame but I was thinking of using it for compeitive, please reply with possible new pokemon or just any comments that would help me to build a good team synergy/core

    Gengar @ leftovers
    EV's (225 Spatk, 225 spe, 4 HP)
    - disable
    - substitute
    - focus blast
    - shadow ball

    milotic @ leftovers
    EV's (252 HP, 200 Def, 56 Spatk)
    - recover
    - hypnosis
    - surf
    - ice beam

    togekiss @ kings rock
    EV's (225 HP, 200 Spdef, 56 def)
    - air slash
    - aura sphere
    - thunder wave
    - roost

    Electivire @ ??
    EV's (224 atk, 225 speed 32HP)
    - earthquake
    - ice punch
    - wild charge
    - cross chop

    Garchomp @ ??
    EV's (225 atk, 225 speed, 4HP)
    - fire fang
    - dragon claw
    - swords dance
    - earthquake

    conkeldurr @ ??
    EV's (120 HP, 225 atk, 136spdef)
    - drain punch
    - mach punch
    - ice punch
    - bulk up

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    What's with 225 EV's? Run 252 EV's on all Stats you wanna max instead.

    Conkeldurr can try a Guts set, in which scenario use Flame Orb. It can also utilize Payback due to it's low Speed to KO Psychic Types.
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    If you want a bulkier conkeldurr, try running the set I use. Conkeldurr becomes an absolute tank.

    Conkeldurr @ Leftovers
    252 hp/ 252 sp. def/ 4 attack
    -Drain Punch
    -Mach Punch
    -Bulk Up

    Basically, after a couple bulk ups, it will hit like a truck and be insanely bulky. Drain punch will be the strongest attack, and can be used to recover HP, especially after setting up. Mach punch can be used in case you need priority. And payback is for coverage, and also takes advantage of conkeldurr's low speed. This is the set I use, and it works wonders.
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