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    Default Shattered Worlds -PG 13

    Shattered Worlds
    Prologue: The Triplet Bound Swords; Unbounded By Time

        Spoiler:- PM List:

    Some violence will be coming within the next couple chapters... I've better ready them at school soon orso.

    ...And I repeat, this is my first story I've ever typed/written.. some people think it's epicly epic. This be the first Fire Emblem game I've played. It's one of my favorites. Sadly... I've lost it in 4rth Grade. My second game of Fire Emblem, is Awakening. I find them both enjoyable and fun.

    Aye, this is my first story... this is the prologue. Its a Fire Emblem story.. my own creation. But Fire Emblem is a game, and I do not own any parts of Fire Emblem.

        Spoiler:- Plot, Setting... characters important in roles. Will be edited once in a while...:

        Spoiler:- Credits, disclaiming, friends, special thanks... theme song for the Prologue... a long spoiler... so be careful~:

    25 Years ago... there was a town called Mizu (Aka water in Japanese), it was a water town... and people cherished there lives, and honored the gods...

    ...Until one day, Akoni attacked.

    Akoni, loves bloodshed. He's very evil. He will stop at nothing to get the swords.... he's also a creep. Concidering the way he treats his friends. It's impossible to tell where he'd strike next ...

    9 years later, I, Alicia Rykain was born. I have a birthmark on my hand, that symbolizes my love for peace, not war. But, all I knew... by a strong, and strange sense... is that there was gonna be bloodshed soon.

    16 years later, I am a teen. and I have just turned 16. I carry special weapons only me and some of my friends can carry; serves critical purpose for every right on these weapons. Hewdraw and Aquarius are my trusted weapons.

    ...But those other swords... known as Broken Soul, Shattered Glass, and Sheared Dew...

    I live in a town called Runecia, that I created. I have powers no mortal could even imagine. I am a D-Fuser. Which one can create weapons from materials, runes, and their own imagination becomes real. There is a eight year old, that is my brother’s friend, Alice Gorna, who seems to be a Soulist. She amazingly can hold the souls of the world in her reach, and manipulate them.

    My town is in a war, it’s known as the uprising. The attacks incessantly keep coming with no end; all my villagers are placed under great danger all because of those Demons… Grrrrr.

    But, this story isn’t about our lives; it’s about the Triplet Bound Swords known as Broken Soul, Sheared Dew, and Shattered Glass. Broken Soul, the strongest out of the 3, can shatter a soul almost immediately after you stab someone. Sheared Dew, can become increasingly stronger in a pool of blood and water, then slaughter the mortals …Or enemies down. Last, but not least, Shattered Glass, which, can shatter glass and others in a blinding flash; which can leave your enemies screaming and begging for mercy.

    My weapon is better off being known as the Hewdraw Club, I can just about slice the heads off almost any enemies, the other weapon I use for the enemies I cannot kill with my Hewdraw is the Aquarius Blade. Ha. Ha. Ha. I just about take them all down with the blade and club, they are incredibly powerful weapons… especially the Zodiacal weapon.

    “Alicia! Come quick! Th-they’re here! The demons!” Frost came running at me; breathing very heavily after trying to tell me what happened. He was badly out of shape for a 14 year old boy, and my track partner. He has blue hair, and golden eyes, he also wears a lot of blue.

    “Yes?” I replied; lying on a rock, I seemed to be in a stupor, one might say I was half unconscious while relaxing on a rock, others might say I was lazy, or practicing with my weapons against my weapon tutors, Sol and Light.


    “WHAT?!” I said, shocked. “But… i-impossible… the dimension of bane cannot reach here, nor can we reach it without Lute.”

    “Mwahahahahah…” Said a very mysterious evil voice; it sounded like a guy's voice

    “Who’s there!?” I shouted, “You better have not hurt my precious family, and villagers!”

    “Right, that’s where the problem comes in… you see, your friends… Sol, Light, Matt, Skam, Lucina, Tini, Wind, Frosty, Storm, Sky, Anna, Insane, Sarah,, and Ian?” The voice said; with a feeling of dread in my gut, I prepared for the worst. “They’re fighting for their lives against the demons of the dimension Bane” She said, “And who am I? Why, Alicia, I’m surprised you didn’t recognize my voice. I’m Akoni, your old friend, that has betrayed all you fools, especially the clave. You all will bow down before my might in a matter time of 10 years, if you don’t find the Triplet Bound Swords before 10 years from now…. Why, I’m afraid you Soulist’s, and Fusers will die, and become extinct. …Except me. Mwahahahahah!”

    Akoni, is evil. He wears too much black, he has silvered eyes, and likes to kill us all by any means necessary; if, he were to take ahold of the swords, he would end all our lives... beyond measure and search. Because he believes we would not exist. ...At all.

    Me and Frost walked away from him; knowing of what we shall do. We need to find Lute, and see if she can access the otherworldly dimensions. Shattered Glass, the first Sword we are trying to find now, is locked away in a sacred Spacial Rift. So, we might need help from a certain person too, or... go into the town of Ylisse. Because all our answers lie in wait there.... the key to our past, our lives; everything, lies in the Haildom of Ylisse.

    "Ah, Frost. Who should we get out of the feud first? Light, Matt, and Ian? Or Light, Sol, and Matt?" I asked him, aloud.

    "I think we should take Light, Matt, and Ian out first. They are our closest friends... oh, and take Lucina and Tini. They are awesome friends of ours!" He sounded exited; wanting to see our friends after a year of training together alone.

    Frost and I walked up to the castle of Uritha, where the legendary fire dragon sleeps... she is a real danger to us all, but not to me... I made a strong connection with her after several past feuds and wars. Now we are friends. But, just as we were walking... a voice rung in my head saying: "How dare you defy the legends, Alicia... you will either believe we are real, or perish along your mortal friends." ...It occurred, that something was speaking by Telethapy! But... how? There was nothing and nobody near me except for Frost... unless... Frost is a monster in disguise...

    "G-Gods no... not under Hades... will I believe legends are true... the Broken Soul is nothing more of a mere legend... a myth... there is no dimension such as the Broken Time-Space Continuum Dimension holding the myth!" I said, nervously.

    "So be it, you shall perish along your friends, and watch them die." The voice coldheartedly said.

    We're trapped between the boundaries of time, someone... please, help us...
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    yay a fire emblem fiction and it started pretty good too ^_^
    banner by me

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    Dangit. I just sent the PM back...Anyway it's a good story, all my edits are in the PM.

    And add me to the PM list please. :3

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    <3 The Intro Cobali, made me want to start a story too

    Since my family writes books, I naturally have to give critiques Two things, and you're good to go. One, try and spend more time finding punctuation and grammar errors. Two, (I'm not sure if this is me naturally being picky or not), but detail more things. We need to know more about where you live, how it looks like, how the swords look like, how your friends look like, etc. You get me? And third, iwannabeinthere

    Other than that, excellent story!!! Can I be on the PM list?

    Credits to myself for the banner and xous54 for the image.

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    This is a good prologue, the fact that it's FE makes it even better! I assume Lute is THE Lute, as in Sacred Stones Lute, grown up I imagine! I just have a few critiscisms. The way the story is told, it's told like you are the writer, rather than a character in the story.
    He has blue hair, and golden eyes, he also wears a lot of blue.
    This emphasises the point I have just made.
    He has quite long blue hair, piercing golden eyes and is almost always wearing a blue item of clothing.
    This would be better, as Skarmory7 said, it has more detail as well.
    I replied; lying on a rock, I seemed to be in a stupor, one might say I was half unconscious while relaxing on a rock, others might say I was lazy, or practicing with my weapons against my weapon tutors, Sol and Light.
    This is wierd. It seems like you are fliiting between 1st and 3rd person. 'I seemed to be in a stupor', suggests that your character doesn't know what they're doing?
    or practicing with my weapons against my weapon tutors, Sol and Light.
    I fail to see any other mention of 'Sol and Light' other than in the characters list, so how could anyone think you are practicing with them?
    Finally, this chapter seems more suited as a chapter 1 than a prolouge. In a prolouge I would think you would go into more detail about Akoni, and the first time he attacked.

    Overall, it's a good, but not great prolouge, and I would like to be on the PM list!

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    Shattered Worlds
    Chapter 1 - The Haildom of Ylisse

    Here is the first chapter <3 :3
        Spoiler:- Characters for this chapter, plot, credits... settings... all sorts~:

        Spoiler:- Theme song for chapter 1 is... Warriors by Freedom Call The other song is Age of the Phoenix by Freedom Call...:

    On where we last left off, we’re stuck in cross boundaries of a kingdom-like world. This might as well destruct the boundaries of the dimensions... gosh darnit.

    The kingdom was very vibrant. Colorful, cheerful, happy if you will. The Exault was walking around, doing her daily chores out of the palace. Her brother, and sister are part of the Shepard's. A very skilled group of fighters, who wish to rid of the Plegians.

    Of course, the Plegians wanted the Ylisseans dead too, so it's an all out war just all because of what Emmeryn's father did 18 years ago, before he died.

    He struck down Plegia's leader, and died on the spot by Plegia's warriors. Emmeryn, Chrom, and Lissa cried at the loss of both their father and mother, but of course there was nothing to be done. They had a kingdom to protect, and lives to keep alive or save.

    Plegia is a nasty little piece of land, which inhabits very bad enemies. Most of Plegia is infiltrated by bandits, wyvern riders, ruffians, those sorts. But, that wasn't gonna stop us.

    Me and Frost were in Ylisse, we were walking around the castle, taking a tour. There we met Ian, the security guard.

    Ian loves his color red, he has fluffy hair, he is dressed in a red guard uniform, and doesn't let intruders pass.

    He asked us a question: "Do you have permission from the Exalt to roam around?"

    I replied, in a calmly matter, "Yes, sir. She gave us permission"

    "Can I ask of you your name?" He wondered.

    "It is Alice. Alice Rykain. And since you know my name, may I kindly ask of you yours?" I replied, questioning and kinda shy.

    "Ah, Alicia..." He walked a bit towards me, and placed his hand on my shoulder, "What a lovely name. My name is Ian. Pleased to meet you, may I help you through your tour?"

    He likes her, damnit. Frost thought, When they're alone, he's gonna ask her out... I can just feel it! And yet, she feels the same! Gah... what to do... what to do... Overcome by some little jealousy, Frost left. He ran down the corridors, just to get away. He was red with dangerous anger.

    The other special thing about Frost, is that he can sense emotions. Senses, and or visions. It's special.

    "Yes! Why, y-yes! I would love if you could .... take me around..." I was starting to near him.

    "A-Ah.. not so close, Alicia." He blushed

    "Oops... sorry Ian!" I backed up, and started to walk a bit away.

    So, some minutes later... Ian has shown me almost all the castle. The only part he hasn't shown me, is the training room.

    "Ian, I would love to see the training room!" I said as we were walking.

    "Sure. I'm sure master Light and Sol won't mind company. They're our weapons masters." He replied.

    We walked in the room, and we saw a 14 year old boy, named Sol. He's the master of Aquarius Blade, and he has blond hair, with blue eyes. He is also wearing a yellow tunic. The next guy, we spotted, is wearing blue, he is 7"0', and has black as night hair. He looked 20 or 19 orso.

    "How... can mere teenagers be weapon masters?" I was very surprised.

    "Ian.." Light mumbled, "Is the only reason you're giving her a tour is because you like her?"

    "....N-No!" He blushed, and walked up and down. "Th-The only reason... is because.... I... agh!" He stuttered, and blushed a lot.

    "....Ian?..." I asked him, worried.


    ~Meanwhile, in central Ylisse....

    Frost was running as fast as he could to get away, but as he neared the exit... a red haired boy stopped him.

    "You cannot go any further. The Plegians will catch you... and kill you" The boy said.

    "Get the hell out of my way" Frost coldheartedly said.

    "No. I am Matt, welder of Tomes. The books of magic spells. If you won't listen..." Matt opened his book of Elthunder, "...Then maybe my lightning will teach you right."

    Matt unleashed a flash of lightning at Frost, he was subducted in electricity, and being badly shocked.

    ...This is it, I'm gonna die... Frost thought,

    "No. I'm not doing this to kill you... I'm doing this to paralyze you for a short while. God knows what he's gonna do to us if you were eaten alive. I ruptured a muscle, so now you can't move." Matt read his mind like an open book. "And I'm not afraid to unleash Dark Magic on you" Matt is a red haired Dark Knight. He can use normal tomes, with dark tomes. Meaning he can wield both normal and dark magic. He wears dark purple full body armor and a helmet in the shape of a dragon's head that obscures most of his face.

    Matt carries certain tomes of spell books, he caries Fimbulvetr, Elfire, Excalibur, and Forblaze. These are special book, two are fire spells, one of them is light magic, and one other is wind magic. But he wields no dark magic yet, because he doesn't own any dark spells.

    "Who dares try to leave Ylisse?" Someone appeared out of nowhere. He was wearing black armor, and looked like a fox. He has blue eyes, and a short tail, with a black iron sword with the words "Shape Shifter" on it. He watched at Matt, waiting until he replies to his question. He then saw the boy that wanted to leave.
    "Ah, Kevin. It is you." Matt said, "This boy, tried to leave, due to anger."

    "Reluctant. He's a fool." Kevin replied.

    Kevin is part Taguel, and a Knight. So, he's both a shape shifter, and a knight.

    Someone appeared right near Kevin, she was full Taguel, her Taguel uniform was fully yellow, and her name was Doodle.

    "Kevin dear, what are you doing?" She asked.

    "I am busting this boy, trying to leave our peaceful haildom." He walked toward Frost.

    "Wh-What are you gonna do to me?" His voice trailed off, he felt a towing of fainting, and saw a vision.

    The vision showed me and Ian being together. Us, the Shepard's needing to fend off the dreadful fell dragon, Grima. It also showed a green unit dying by the hands of a Wyvern Lord.... it looked like a mercenary.

    -------------Vision Ended----------------

    "Wh-What foolary.... is this? ...No mere mortal can... see into the future. ....Who, or what are you?" Matt stared at Frost; very shocked at what he was seeing.

    "I guess it's time I reveal my identity... I, am Frost... I hail... from the family of Manaketes...." He sighed.

    "Ah.. that explains your bright blue clothes." Matt said.

    "Yes... yes..." Frost sighed again.

    ----------Back at the castle...------------

    "Once it begins,
    creatures arise,
    Whispering your name...

    A foreign power,
    New age of thorns,
    Invaders come to attack...

    It's time to follow your inner call,
    with your brothers, side by side!

    Welcome to the age of fire,
    where the phoenix flies high!
    back to the realm of glory,
    beyond gates of light!
    New time has begun, when defenders unite,
    Hold your lance up high and stay alive!

    A new day awakes,
    The fire bird wheels high up in the sky!

    Up high, up high, high up in the sky!

    The curtain will fall - a clash of the worlds!
    we'll face the unholy might!

    The might, the might, we'll face unholy might!

    Brave we stand our misery,
    Carry home our victory!

    Welcome to the age of fire,
    where the phoenix flies high!
    back to the realm of glory,
    beyond gates of light!
    New time has begun, when defenders unite
    Hold your lance up high and stay alive!

    The rebellion is growing so strong...
    We're holding on, until we're all gone!
    We cross the forest and climb over hills,
    to bring back hope for left ones at home....
    For left ones at home....

    Welcome to the age of fire,
    where the phoenix flies high!
    back to the realm of glory,
    beyond gates of light!
    New time has begun, when defenders unite
    Hold your lance up high and stay alive!"

    "Oh my... that song, it sounds warring. Are you guys going into war soon?" I asked.

    "Why yes, girl. We are" A armored up Wyvern Rider appeared.

    "...Who are you?" I asked.

    "Heh... I am Skam. Commander Skam to you, miss. And your name?" He replied, proud as ever. He was dressed in clattered armor.

    "Uhhh... Alicia. Alicia Rykain." I reluctantly said.

    "AH, Alicia. You seem like a gold tactician for war. How would you like to join us Shepards?" He asked.

    "Hell no am I letting her join y----" Ian was cut off.

    "Let her choose, Ian. You are not the boss of her." Skam finished, "So... yes, or no?"

    "...No. it's not a good idea. I mean... I barely have any weapons. I know barely any magic.." I replied, ashamed.

    "Ah, Alicia. No need to not know. I'll teach you" Came a girl in red, she looked 16, my age. With red eyes, and red hair.

    "...Are you Jess?" I asked, surprised.

    "Hell if I'm not, sis!" She put her hand on my shoulder, "I know how to work tomes, and so does Matt. So I'll show you!"
    "Awesome!" I yelled, "Let's go!"

    Just as me and Jess were walking out of the castle...

    "She... left me. Damnit." Ian moaned, "I can't believe she left... me." He thought about following us.

    ----In the middle of the afternoon, in Ylisse....----

    "So, where we going" I asked,

    "To the abandoned fort up ahead." Jess replied; there seems to be meanings of creatures not of this world though....

    "AHHHHHHH!" A very weird dead-looking human whined, up in the fort.

    The Risen: Dead humans, that are like soldiers. They are dangerous to us all.

    "....OK... why..." I started, but was cut off.

    "Prepare for battle!" Jess said.

    ---In battle---

    Me, and about 10 other units started on the far top right side of the field, some green units started behind us, Jess, Kevin, and Skam on the bottom of us, Me, Sol, Light, Matt, Riku, Ian, Cy, Cherche, Sumia.

    Everyone was counting on me to lead them in battle...

    "It is Ylisse's turn to attack!" I rallied my armies, and prepared.

    Heroes turn~

    I walked to a Risen Wyvern Rider, and attacked it with Steel Sword, it took 20 damage, with 2 HP left, it recoiled, and attacked back. I am left with 12 HP.

    "Ack... hurtful." I mumbled weakly, gathering the strength I had left.

    "I think it's time to heal you" Jess said, she unleashed a Mend on me, I was healed 30 HP, I'm at 30 HP right now.

    "Thanks Jess." I said a bit weakly, struggling to my feet.

    "Let's go, warriors!" Said Cherche.

    Cherche moved to a Risen Mercenary, and attacked it with a Iron Axe, the Risen was killed in one hit.

    "Good job, Menurva!" She said to her Wyvern, and gained 40 EXP.

    "Is it my turn yet...?" Light timidly asked, he moved towards a Risen Knight, and used his mighty Hewdraw on it. The Risen was killed automatically.

    "Right. I must survive" Light said, he gained 40 Exp.

    Everyone completed their turns, but Insane and Sarah arived with Akoni.

    "Must.... obey.... Akoni...." Sarah said, in a trance.

    "No... she must be taken out of that trance.... but how...?" He spotted me, "Maybe she can save her..." He mumbled.

    "Hahahahahah! You shall never live again, haildom. These two will wipe you out!" He exclaimed.

    Enemy turn~

    "I must get to them..." Insane mumbled, "But without Akoni noticing." Insane walked 7 paces towards me, and waited there.

    Sarah moved towards Sumia, and attacked with a bow. She killed Sumia.

    "I-I'm sorry... why is it always me who messes up? Sorry guys, gotta go..." She died.

    "No! SUMIA!" I yelled for her, "No.... ....No..."

    Ally turn~

    "...It is time to show you ******* what Skam and his Wyvern are capable of." He muttered, and moved towards Akoni...

    "Hah. Fool. Dare you defy the legends?" Akoni stated, and was somehow killed in one turn.

    "....H-How the hell... did a mere.... mortal..." He disappeared.

    "Yes, we routed the enemy's leader! ...Now we can move on!" I said.

    "Let's go!" We all continued onto the temple.


    "...I won't lose her." Ian mumbled, "I seem to love her... a lot."

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    Pretty good so far :P

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    D: Riku wasn't even in the second chapter character list?
    Is it because he was removed or is he not involved in the story yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young Xehanort View Post
    D: Riku wasn't even in the second chapter character list?
    Is it because he was removed or is he not involved in the story yet?
    The boy hails from the future. You shall see him soon ... Mwahahahahah :3

    Thanks everyone for so far for critisizing it. Now, I do not know when the second chapter will be, as I'm held up by finals... D:

    Credit to Jolts on Flight Rising (Lightning FTW)

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    I found more errors this time. Still a nice story though.
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    I just <3 my part!

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