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Thread: Going for shiny Shaymin!

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    Default Going for shiny Shaymin!

    I finally got myself motivated to beat the Pokémon league in Diamond, i've had the game for AGES, but i got stuck after not being able to defeat the 3rd elite four, but in the last week, i caught and trained new pokemon, and i finally beat the league, now i had all the in game events stored on my Diamond Game card, and now i'm finally gonna be able to get my first shaymin!
    The catch is, i really want it shiny, so i wanted to ask if there are ANY way to make it easier to encounter shiny pokemon in Diamond? like the charm in Black/White 2?
    Atm. i'm just turning off the game every time it's not shiny.

    Please help!

    EDIT: 15:13 02/03/2013 - 30 Encounters, taking a break
    EDIT: 16:30 02/03/2013 - 112 Encounters, taking another break
    EDIT: 18:33 02/03/2013 - 226 Encounters, FINALLY caught a break! I encountered the SHINY shaymin!!! Caught it in an ultraball after a long fight, almost got wiped out, but finally got it so thread closed ^^
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    Thread closed indeed.

    Next time please use the existing threads (like this one) for discussing shiny Pokemon.

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