Defeatist Recovery Gimmick

Jolly - 252 Spe/252 Atk/4 HP
-Stone Edge/Rock Slide

This is a gimmick set should Archeops ever fall into Defeatist. Basically you play keepaway with an opponent. Protect is meant to stall for Leftovers (I do not know the spread to gain Max Lefties recovery, but it is advisable), along with either Fly, Bounce, or Dig. Fly is the strongest Flying STAB you can use (excluding Sky Attack), but Bounce is equally usable for that lucky parahax. Dig is a Ground type option to hit things that would otherwise wall these moves, like Steels. Your Rock STAB options are Stone Edge and Rock Slide, though the latter is advisable is you lucked out with parahax with Bounce. Substitute may seem counterproductive, but it does give you a shield to take with you when you go into hiding, just be sure to use it when you HP is passably high. Your last option is either Endeavor or Earthquake. If you actually live most attacks with some HP left, you can potentially take an enemy with you, hence the emphasis on speed here. Earthquake is a solid STAB that helps you cover things your other STAB moves can't hurt.

All of this is inferior to Wish Passing, though, so I don't see why you'd ever use this.

A quick message about Endeavor.

The idea of Endeavor is very obvious when put next to Archeops. It means that Archeops will still be capable of dealing damage under 50% Max HP, which is when Defeatist sets in. Not many Archeops can even restore their HP once Defeatist sets in (the ones that do are stupid because they die) so Archeops is usually delegated to hit hard as possible before dying. The only way to remedy this is Wish Passing or Sub Passing.

If you do plan to use Endeavor, though, be careful. Archeops is even more vulnerable in this state for obvious reasons made more apparent when you consider his low defenses and weaknesses. Archeops is hit by almost every priority move (He only resists Quick Attack, Fake Out, Feint, and Extremespeed, but the latter is a moot point since it's one of the strongest priority moves ever), so you might not get the chance to dish out a surprise Endeavor, unless you use a Substitute or something.

It's a good idea, just don't be surprised if it fails.