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Mixed Attacker
252 A / 252 SA / 4 Spd
Flying Gem

-Stone Edge/Rock Slide/Earthquake
-Heat Wave/Dragon Pulse
-Focus Blast/Earthquake

Acrobatics doubles your speed into the 500s, easily outspeeding the entire unboosted tier. Stone Edge is nice STAB but has risky accuracy. Rock Slide is a more safe option with a welcome chance to flinch your opponent. Heat Wave greatly assists your coverage and although it can miss, Archeops doesn't get Flamethrower. Dragon Pulse deals with the ever-present Druddigon while also giving it great neutral coverage. Focus Blast deals with Rock types that would otherwise cripple. Earthquake has perfect accuracy and deals with three of Archeop's weaknesses, also granting it the sacred EdgeQuake combo.
...Color me confused, but Archeops does not get Unburden.