Hello everyone! I'm going to post my team here, and you guys let me know what you think! Before we get started, take into consideration that I play Pokemon for fun, and not to be the best (Mainly because I'm pretty bad at it, and even if I tried to be the best, it probably wouldn't work out xD) and I know my team is all Normal-Type, because that's what I enjoy. Anyway, here we go!

Cinccino @Silk Scarf
Brave, Technician

-Tail Slap
-Iron Tail
-Aqua Tail

Lopunny @No Item
Adamant, Klutz

-Dizzy Punch
-Fire Punch
-Low Sweep

Audino @Light Clay
Bashful, Regenerator

-Hyper Voice
-Ice Beam

Herdier @Shell Bell
Careful, Intimidate

-Aerial Ace

Glameow @Eviolite
Lax, Keen Eye
-Shadow Claw

Delcatty @Leftovers
Sassy, Cute Charm
-Wild Charge
-Heal Bell

The whole "EV" thing really confuses me, so I didn't do anything with that. They are all at level 70ish. I appreciate any input on my team! ^^