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    Default PokeStar Studios: Living the Dream

    Hey guys, I'm epicninjask123, a relative novice as a writer who still enjoys doing it. I once had a few stories posted on the forums but they got much too repetitive for me and I never finished them. However, I am writing some now that I happen to like much more and will actually finish.

    This first one is about three friends I modeled after me and my two best friends, with some minor differences here and there. A few things I'd like to clear up are that they live in Virbank City, which as all B2W2 players know is right outside PokeStar Studios, so that's where I started the story. Also, the plot doesn't really show within the first couple of chapters, if it will even show. The story is mainly about the boys and how they go their separate ways but still manage to retain their friendship.

    Finally, Jake drinks soda--a lot of soda--and this will actually affect some things about the story. Maybe it's not too influencial and that it's only there for comic relief, but oh wel... This won't be a particularly long fanfic (heck, this intro was probably longer) but I hope you guys enjoy.


    Chapter 1

    “That movie was lame! I can’t believe you made me sit through that!” Spencer was infuriated.

    “Oh come now, Spence,” replied Jake. “I will agree the plot was a little dry…”

    “Dry? That was the bore of the century right there!”

    “Well, Michael liked it, so I thought we would too.”

    As the two boys shuffled through the crowd of people exiting the theater, they discussed what they would tell Michael.

    “We can’t let him know we didn’t like it; you know how emotional he gets,” Jake stated as they rounded the sidewalk onto East Spring Avenue.

    “You have a point, but we need to figure out how we’ll respond if he asks us about it.”

    “Hey guys, how was the movie?”

    “Too late for that…” remarked Jake as Michael ran out of his house and greeted them.

    “I’m not gonna lie,” started Spencer, “It was disappointing.”

    “How could you say that? Brycen did an amazing job as the criminal leader!”

    “Well, Michael,” said Jake, “He did better than all of the other actors put together.” Jake cleared his throat as he continued. “That, and remember the plot twist at the end? I saw it coming a mile away.”

    “Oh…” calmly replied Michael. “Well do you wanna come spend the night?”

    “If we can watch a good movie, sure!” said Spencer.

    “Count me in!” said Jake.


    All three of the boys dozed off halfway through the film. It was about 2 a.m. when Spencer finally awoke. “Wow…” he said. “Some dream… I was in a movie—a good movie!—and, above that, I was the star!” Suddenly, Spencer started shaking his two friends. “Wake up you two!”

    “Gah!” exclaimed Michael.

    “What was that for?” shouted Jake. “What time is it anyway?”

    “That’s not important,” said Spencer. “I have an idea! PokeStar Studios is just up the road, so let’s audition for a movie!”

    “No offense, Spence, but I’m tired of movies for right now…” replied Jake.

    “I’m just tired…” Michael responded.

    “Okay… Well how about we write a script?”

    “Just go to bed Spence…”


    “Just go to bed!” both boys yelled in unison.

    Spencer reluctantly agreed, seeing as though his friends fell back asleep without a moment’s hesitation. That’s okay… he thought. They’ll listen in the morning…


    “Geez, how long can it take to process those forms?” said Spencer impatiently. He finally got Michael and Jake to come with him, but Jake wouldn’t audition with them.

    “How long has it been already? Two hours” asked Michael.

    Jake just sat to the left of them and nonchalantly sipped a soda. “Actually, it has been an hour and 35 minutes, but who’s counting?” he replied, continuing to sip his beverage.

    Suddenly the door in the waiting room opened and a woman walked out who called out, “Spencer and Michael, it’s your turn.”

    The three boys got up. “Good luck,” said Jake, finishing his soda. “I’m gonna get another drink. You want anything?”

    “Popcorn!” said Spencer and Michael simuktaneously.

    “Oh haha…” said Jake sarcastically. “Popcorn at the movies—how original!” Then, with a smirk, he said, “Knock ‘em dead!” and the three parted ways.


    Jake slurped the last of his third beverage while waiting for his friends to finish. “Geez, how much ice do they put into these things?” At that point, his two friends walked out of the studio and into the lobby. “Oh, hey guys! How was it?” Spencer and Michael threw their reports at Jake. Jake skimmed them over, and it appeared that neither of them passed.

    “Can you believe it?” asked Michael.

    “How could they reject us?” shouted Spencer.

    Jake paused for a moment, reading through the last of the reports. “Nope, I can believe it,” he said. “It says here all you have to do is win a Pokemon battle and neither of you knocked out a single opponent. It says right here, Spencer, that you tried to attack a Krokorok with an electric-type move! Everyone knows that ground-types are immune to electric attacks!”

    “I didn’t know what moves that Pokemon had!” responded Spencer.

    “True…” said Jake. “But since you rented a Pokemon, didn’t they give you a list of attacks it knew?”

    “Those auditions must be rigged,” said Spencer, blatantly ignoring Jake’s question.

    “Yeah,” agreed Michael.

    “I mean, I can understand why you didn’t get in, but how could they say no to me?”

    “Yeah. Wait, what did you just say?”

    “Guys,” interjected Jake before the fight could ensue. “Those auditions can’t be rigged, and, to prove it, I’ll audition.”

    “Like you even stand a chance,” said Spencer. “You only have your Duosion and the rental Pokemon don’t do squat!”

    But Jake didn’t listen. He passionately walked up to the reception lady and motioned for her to give him the forms, which he filled out. 30 minutes and three large sodas later, Jake was called into the auditioning room.


    Jake told Michael and Spencer to wait outside, yet the two could barely sit still as they vaguely heard Jake spout off wave after wave of commands to his Pokemon. Finally, the two snuck inside the auditioning room. Jake noticed, but he was too engaged to care.

    “Psyshock!” he called. “Now focus blast! Recast trick room!”

    Duosion knew what to expect from its longtime trainer and friend. It had summoned numerous spheres of energy around a Blissey that it knew would faint due to its low defense, flung a huge orb of power towards a Bisharp knowing that it was resistant to its other attacks, then warped reality to protect itself from a speeding Ninjask. With the Ninjask’s low defensive capabilities, it was gone as soon as Jake snapped his fingers, a commonplace signal for Duosion to unleash a finishing blow.

    “Bravo!” chanted the two directors.

    “A full fifteen minutes!” said the first. “I’ve never seen such battling prowess!”

    “You’re a natural!” said the second. “We could use a prodigy like you to play the role of the hero’s rival!”

    “Sure thing,” replied Jake, who then looked over to his friends and said, “See? I told you they weren’t rigged.”

    “Wonderful,” said the first director. “Absolutely incredible. Here’s the script.” The director handed Jake a large clump of papers. “We’ll be shooting scene three tomorrow at noon so be sure to show up!” And with that being said, the directors shoved the three out of the room.

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    Chapter 2

    “Why?” exclaimed Spencer the next afternoon at Michael’s house. “Why did he get in? He didn’t even want to audition!”

    “Spencer…” said Michael quietly, but Spencer either didn’t hear him or didn’t want to hear him.

    “What makes him so special?”

    “He knows a lot, Spence,” said Michael. “He’s already two math classes ahead of us, and he’s supposed to be a year behind us in grade! That, and he’s taking college level English, college level History, college level…”

    “What’s that have to do with anything?”

    “We had to win a Pokemon battle for our auditions, right? He’s just that good because he knows more than we do. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he up and decides to take on the Pokemon League!”

    As soon as Michael finished saying that, there was a knock at his door. Spencer rushed over and opened it, yet his jaw dropped to the floor when he saw Jake, sipping a soda nonchalantly like he usually does. “Wow…” he said. “Do I really drink sodas that fast? I swear I just opened this five minutes ago and it’s practically empty now.”

    “Dude!” called Spencer. “Why aren’t you at the movies? It’s half-past noon!”

    “Oh…” Jake said rolling his eyes. “That… Yeah… That script they gave me was awful—I mean awful! I tell ya, no amount of good acting will ever make that a sellout.”

    “So,” said Michael, walking over to see his friends. “Why are you here?”

    “Guys I’m leaving!” exclaimed Jake. “I’m starting a journey to challenge the Pokemon League.”

    Spencer looked at Michael in awe, yet he responded, “I’m telling you I’m not surprised.”

    “Listen, Spence, I know how much you want to be in a movie, so at this point I don’t care if you go take my spot.”

    “Really?” Spencer shouted in glee.

    “Go nuts,” Jake responded, pushing him aside to get another soda from Michael’s fridge.

    “Well come on!” shouted Spencer, grabbing Michael by the arm and dragging him out the door.

    They hadn’t gone 15 meters when Jake shouted, “Hey Michael!” They turned around and saw Jake waving Michael’s sketch pad in the air. “You may want this if it takes as long as last time.”


    “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you take his place,” the receptionist told Spencer coldly.

    “He said I could!”

    “We’re already holding auditions to take his place.”

    “Then let me audition.”

    The lady typed into the computer then said, “It tells me right here, sir, that you already had your audition, and you didn’t do well, now will you let me do my job? Oh, and you’re holding up the line.”

    Spencer turned and walked away, despite there being no line in the first place. “Dang it, Michael!” he complained. “Why won’t they let me take his place? You were there, weren’t you? Didn’t he say I could take his place?”

    Michael knew his answer, despite whatever it was, would go in one ear and out the other, so he kept drawing away in his sketch pad.

    “I’m telling you, this place is… Hey what’s that?” Spencer cut his sentence short when he saw what Michael was working on.

    “Oh this? It’s just a Tepig. Nothing special.”

    “But what about the detail? The shading? How long did it take you to do that?”

    “I started this drawing… Hmmm… About ten minutes ago.”

    “What?” exclaimed Spencer. “How did you do that?”

    “Years of paying attention in art class, dude.”

    “Hey! Why don’t you show that to the receptionist? Maybe she’ll let you become a set designer.”

    “Now why in Unova would they do that?”

    “Well, for one, there is a flyer above your head that says they’re looking for people skilled at design.”

    Michael turned around and saw the exact flyer Spencer had referred to. “Well would you look at that…”

    Before Michael could say anything else, Spencer took his wrist and drug him over to the same receptionist and said, “You need a set designer? Look no further! This guy is all you need!” Spencer yanked Michael’s sketch pad out of his hand and gave it to the receptionist whose eyes lit up as she flipped through the pages.

    “The records show you, too, are a terrible actor, but you have exactly the skills we need. You’re hired!”

    The sudden wave of adrenaline and panic quickly spread through Michael at the sound of the exciting yet nerve-wracking news. “You mean it?” he meekly said.

    “I do.” The receptionist smiled. “We’ll call you sometime tomorrow with the details. All I need you to do is fill out this application and hand me your sketch pad for professional review.”

    “Alright!” said Michael, who had gotten over his nervousness and was now extremely excited. He ran back to his chair to fill out the application while Spencer hung back and sighed.

    “You know,” he started, “All my friends are going off on their dreams and I have nothing to do now…”

    “Well,” said the receptionist, “We have an acting school here if you want to…”

    “Yes!” shouted Spencer, interrupting the receptionist, taking the forms, and heading back to Michael. “Did you hear that? We’re going to make our dreams come true!”


    Meanwhile, Jake was taking a boat to Castelia City to continue his journey. He’d already beat two gyms during winter break about six months ago, and he was eager to make that three.

    “Ah…” he said, reveling in the night. “The sea air tastes so refreshing, although not quite as refreshing as a cold soda…” He called out his Duosion. “You see that? That’s the Castelia City skyline. We’re going to make our dreams come true…”

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    Chapter 3

    The next day, Michael and Spencer were once again at Michael’s house playing basketball as both of them eagerly awaited news about whether or not they’d made it into their respective programs.

    Spencer threw the ball over Michael’s defense and made a three-point goal. “You really gotta work on your defense dude,” he said.

    “If Jake were here, I’d only have to work half as hard,” responded Michael. “And even with two people on our team, you always beat us.”

    “I can’t help it! I’m always MVP of the school team because I work hard, and, no offense, you’re just a Sewaddle compared to the people I face during the season.”

    “Oh, that’s good to know…” Michael said sarcastically, picking up the ball and failing to make a basket from the free throw line.

    “I’m telling you, I’m just that…” Spencer was interrupted by Michael’s cell phone which went off all of a sudden. “Michael…?” he said carefully.

    Michael had already jumped into action, picking up his phone and answering it. “Hello?… Yeah, it’s Michael… I did?… I did!... What?... You don’t mean?... Tonight?... 5:30?... Yeah, I’ll be ready… Hello?” Having said that last word, Michael hung up, then dashed inside his house and up the stairs to his room.

    Spencer followed, though not as hurriedly as Michael. He opened the door to his room and peeked inside to find Michael shoving handful after handful of clothes into suitcases. “What’s up?” he asked.

    Michael looked up but didn’t stop packing. “That was the head director of PokeStar Studios on the phone. I made the job…”


    “But!” Michael shouted, unwilling to be interrupted by his friend another time. “He told me I’m going to the Hoenn region—don’t say it! I know you’ve always wanted to visit Hoenn, but the boat is leaving in two hours! I gotta pack so please leave me alone!”

    Spencer grumbled but walked downstairs nevertheless. He went to Michael’s fridge to find it devoid of all its sodas. “Geez,” he said quietly to himself. “How many cans does Jake drink in a day?”

    At that point, Spencer’s phone went off. “Hello?” he answered.

    “Hey Spence, how’s it going?”

    “Hey Jake, what’s up?” Spencer responded. “You missed a good game of basketball!”

    “Oh that’s okay. I always lose anyways.”

    “Hey, before I forget, you won’t believe this: Michael is going to Hoenn!”

    “Yeah you’ve always told me you wanted to go there.”

    “No not me, I said Michael.”

    “Why him?”

    “He got a job as a set designer for PokeStar Studios.”

    “Sweet!” Jake said. “Oh hey, I need to ask you a favor.”

    “What is it?”

    “I need that Boldore you caught six months ago.”


    “Because the Castelia City gym leader uses bug type Pokémon, and not even my Duosion can take those guys out.”

    “Yeah, but I still can’t give you my Boldore!”

    “That’s why I propose a trade…”

    “What kind of trade?” Spencer asked.

    “I caught a Gurdurr over in Pinwheel Forest…”

    “How’d you get there?”

    “I hitchhiked.”

    “What?” shouted Spencer.

    “Yeah, I got some guy to drive me across the bridge…”

    “Wasn’t that dangerous?”

    “That’s beside the point. What I’m saying is that I need you to trade me so I can beat the gym leader.”

    “Well, okay. Anything to help a friend.”

    “Cool, just call me once you get to a trading station.” And then the phone clicked off.


    “And you’re sure you wanna go through with this, right?” Spencer told Michael as he was about to board the boat to the Hoenn region.

    “Positive,” said Michael. “This is the opportunity of my lifetime. I gotta jump on it now because who knows when another one will come up. That is, if another comes up.”

    “Okay…” said Spencer, a little distraught at losing his two childhood friends. “Just call me when you get there.”

    “Sure thing.” Michael turned to walk away, but he paused, as if he sensed Spencer was uneasy. “You know, we’re still friends, but we have to go our separate ways.” The boat’s whistle went off at that point. “I have to go now,” he said, hurriedly getting on the boat.

    Spencer almost cried as the boat sank away into the horizon. Almost. “Well, gotta go trade with Jake!”


    Spencer held his hand under the tube of the machine as a pokeball materialized in his palm. A video screen showed Jake doing the same thing. “Thanks Spence,” he said.

    “No problem,” replied Spencer as Jake hung up. “Now let’s see my new Pokémon…” He threw the pokeball down and a large buff Pokémon leaning on two cinderblocks came out. “So you’re Gurdurr, huh?”

    The Pokémon uttered a faint “Durr…” noise and slammed Spencer with its mammoth arm. The resulting impact was enough to slam Spencer into the wall. He felt his consciousness slipping away and managed to see one last glimpse of the rogue Pokémon turn on all the people in the Pokémon Center before he fainted.


    A sudden burst of light from the porthole window woke Michael up. Weird… he thought. If it was a storm, wouldn’t the ship be rocking?

    As if on cue, a sudden jerk knocked Michael out of his bed. What’s going on up there?

    Michael slowly got up and walked carefully to the deck of the ship. It was raining so hard that he couldn’t see two feet in front of his face. Lightning struck and the boat jerked again, but Michael quickly regained his balance and yelled, “What’s happening?”

    The ship’s captain noticed Michael and walked over to him. “What are you doing up here?”

    “What’s happening?” Michael repeated impatiently.

    “We’re caught in the dead center of what may be the perfect storm! You see, when...” The captain went on to explain the circumstances behind the storm but Michael lost focus. All he could see was a mammoth wave he figured was six stories tall, yet the captain, completely lost in his explanation, didn’t seem to notice it right behind him.

    Without thinking, Michael grabbed the captain and shoved him down the corridor he used to reach the deck. The captain tried to object but Michael forcefully slammed the door on him. He then felt the ship tilt almost 40 degrees to his right. Then he realized what had just happened. He opened the door so powerfully that it nearly flew off its hinges, but Michael was nowhere to be seen.

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    Chapter 4

    “You lost the Pokemon I sent you?” inquired Jake over the phone with Spencer while on his was to Nimbasa city.

    “I had no control over it!” yelled Spencer. “It slammed me into a wall and they took it away!”

    “Sounds like you were too inexperienced to handle it.”

    “What’s that mean?”

    “Do you remember when we attempted the Pokemon League six months ago? You never won a single badge, yet I won two… Well, three if you count the one from yesterday, but that’s not the point. I’m saying that Pokemon listen to those with badges.”

    “Even Pokemon like Gurdurr?”

    Jake slapped himself in the face. “That wasn’t a Gurdurr, Spence…”

    “You told me it was!”

    “Well, yes, technically it was a Gurdurr, but everyone knows that Gurdurr evolves into Conkeldurr when it is traded.”

    Spencer slapped himself in the face. “Well now that you have your badge, I want my Boldore back.”

    “Yeah…” started Jake. “That won’t happen…”


    “Boldore also evolves in a trade.”


    “You really need to research Pokemon evolutions, Spence…”

    Spencer tried to say something, but his phone started buzzing uncontolably. “Hang on, I’m getting another call.”

    “What’s the area code?”

    “Hmmm… 3-7-2…”

    “Sounds like a Hoenn number,” said Jake.

    “I have to go; it could be about Michael!” Spencer hung up on Jake and said, “Hello?”

    “Are you Spencer?” said a male’s voice that Spencer could not identify.

    “Uh… Yeah, what’s up?”

    “I’m Chief Davis, head of Slateport Security Service. I’m calling to inform you that one of the passengers heading to Hoenn on account of Pokestar Studios did not get off the boat. The captain tells me he is lost at sea.”

    “Crap that’s terrible! Does Michael know anything about this?”

    Chief Davis didn’t answer.

    “What happened?”

    “I regret to tell you that it was, in fact, Michael who did not get off the boat.”

    “What does this mean?” asked Spencer, who truly knew the answer but was refusing to put two and two together.

    “I’m saying that Michael has disappeared. We found two phone numbers in his luggage, yours and the other belongs to someone named Jake. Do you know him?”

    “Yeah, he’s our best friend.”

    “Can I trust you to inform him of this phone call?”

    “Yes,” replied Spencer calmly as he hung up the phone, but he refused to call Jake again.


    That night, Spencer couldn’t sleep. He had a dream that he was aboard a titanic ship that hit an iceberg and sunk. It reminded him of a movie he once saw, but, more than anything, it reminded him of Michael. As the ship sank, he jumped over the edge as water began to flood the hull.

    But he never hit water.

    Spencer woke up with a start. He was staying at the Studio’s dormitories on account of his acting training program. Everything seemed to be in order, but he’d heard of a Pokemon that could sentence him to eternal nightmares. He pinched himself and, realizing he was awake, sighed.

    He got out of his bed. He’d been sweating bullets in his sleep. He started to take the sheets off his bed when his mind drifted back to the dream. Could Michael have drowned like the people in the movie?

    “This is bad,” said Spencer out loud despite wanting it to remain in his head. He dashed to his phone and immediately dialed Jake. After waiting a few seconds, Spencer got an answer, but it was in the form of an earsplitting crackle of electricity. “Gah!” he shouted. “Jake! What is going on?”

    “Oh heya Spence,” replied Jake. “Use trick room again!”

    “What’s happening, why did you give your Pokemon a command?”

    “Well, you caught me right in the—psyshock!—middle of a battle with the Nimbasa City gym leader.”

    “At two o’clock in the morning?”

    “You really should see the way they—dodge it!—light up the stadium. Gorgeous, I tell ya.”

    “Do you think I should call back at a later time?”

    “Shoot, I’m not doing anything important,” Jake said. Spencer tried to object, tried to tell him he was fighting a gym battle, but Jake told Duosion another command, interrupting him. “So what’s up?”

    “Okay, I know this may sound silly, but Michael fell off a boat!” Spencer anticipated Jake to say something like “Oh that’s crazy!” or “That couldn’t happen!” but all he got was ominous silence and a few more crackles of electricity. After a while of waiting, he even heard the referee announce that Jake had lost.

    “I have to go!” shouted Jake as he abruptly cut off the connection.

    Spencer set the phone back on the nightstand and leapt back onto the bed, falling right back asleep knowing that he at least did his job of telling Jake.


    The early morning sun shone on Michael as he got up from his bed. The last thing he’d remembered was valiantly risking his life to give the captain of the ship asylum in the hull. After that, the wave hit him like a truck and he lost consciousness.

    Michael walked around the tiny room that was nothing more than a bed, a table with a lamp, and a window. A door led out of the room but before Michael could approach it the doorknob suddenly turned and a man with unkempt blue hair and an orange athletic shirt walked in. “So you’re finally awake huh?” he said. “Glad to see that. The way I found you on the shore, I’d expect you to be out another week!”

    “Shore?” said Michael, still dazed because of an immense headache he had most likely from the wave hitting him with such force.

    “Would you mind telling me your name? You don’t see very many people wash up with no advance warning.”

    “It’s Michael. I was supposed to be on a boat to Slateport City but a storm knocked me off the boat.”

    “Slateport…” the man uttered. “That’s not far from here at all! In fact, I know a guy who can get you there in a heartbeat!”


    “Sure, no problem Michael, but it may be a day or two before he can get here. It sure is nice having friends in high places!”

    “Friends!” exclaimed Michael. “I have to call my friends and let them know what happened!” Michael dug around in his pocket and pulled out his phone, but it wouldn’t turn on.

    “Hmmm…” said the man. “Must be shorted out. You’ll have to get yourself a new one. If you want you can use mine.”

    “I don’t remember their numbers…” Michael admitted meekly.

    “Well you’re free to roam around my house as much as you want, and help yourself to anything in the fridge. Just don’t overexert yourself.”

    “Thanks mister… Um, what’s your name?”

    The man stopped as he was about to leave. “The name’s Brawly. I’m going to the gym to train. If you need me, it’s the big round dome in the center of town!”

    Brawly… thought Michael. That must mean I’m in Dewford Town… That means two things: One, I’m so glad I listened in geography class, and two, I really did make it to Hoenn!

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    Sorry I didn't take the time to read this earlier, this is really good for a novice writer! One tip would be to also write the descriptions of the characters so that they stand out better and reveal more of their personality, like giving Jake clothes like a typical trainer with the hat, the jacket, and jeans so everyone remembers him as the trainer. (Although going the path everyone else has gone is not recommended but you know what I mean) I really like how the characters bounce off of eachother well and they all show their personality through their interesting and humurous dialogue, keeep up the good work!

    Made the Trainer Card on Dream Code for AC town is 5900-3931-5736

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    Quote Originally Posted by RefreezePR View Post
    Sorry I didn't take the time to read this earlier, this is really good for a novice writer! One tip would be to also write the descriptions of the characters so that they stand out better and reveal more of their personality, like giving Jake clothes like a typical trainer with the hat, the jacket, and jeans so everyone remembers him as the trainer. (Although going the path everyone else has gone is not recommended but you know what I mean) I really like how the characters bounce off of eachother well and they all show their personality through their interesting and humurous dialogue, keeep up the good work!
    Yeah I have a good reason for not doing that: I am AWFUL at descriptions, something I'm trying to correct in my next story that I'm starting to write, but that will be later. For now, here's chapter five!

    Chapter 5

    “No!” chided the director. “You need to say it with more feeling!”

    Spencer had gotten used to his constant scolding over every single thing he did wrong, but today he couldn’t focus. The director was finding faults with every movement, every line, and every facial expression. Spencer couldn’t wait for the hour to pass and class to be over, yet he knew he had to practice, as the graduation skit was the very next day. Spencer didn’t want to blow it; the best scorer would be in the next movie production.

    “No! You have to look shocked; you have to look alarmed! You’ve just been told by your best friend that your teacher died in a car accident! How would that make you feel?”

    Suddenly, Spencer had an epiphany. “Cut!” he shouted. “I need to take five.” He’d gotten quite used to the acting jargon while at his camp. Something the director said made him think of Jake. Jake was absolutely taken aback when he told him about Michael. That kind of reaction would impress the director at last.

    Spencer ran out of the room and dialed Jake on his phone. “Hey Spence…” Jake said without the usual pep that he normally had.

    “Jake,” said Spencer, “I know the news about Michael was shocking…”

    “Let me stop you there, Spence. I received a call shortly after we hung up from the Slateport Security Service that said the exact same thing. I didn’t believe them. I thought to myself, ‘That’s a load of bologna!’ and nothing more. It was only when you interrupted my battle with Elesa that I realized that it was true.”

    “So they called you, despite leaving me in charge of delivering the news?”

    “Well, when you put it that way, yes.”

    “Jake, this is big. Michael could be in loads of trouble right now.”

    “And it is for that reason that I think I’ll call off my dream of defeating the Pokemon League.”

    Spencer was dead-up astounded by the news. “Jake…”

    “I can’t live my dreams knowing that Michael is out there, most likely dead, and not living his.”

    Jake’s logic often makes sense to Spencer; this time it was no exception. “We would have to be pretty crappy friends to do that…”

    “So it’s agreed.”

    “Yes…” said Spencer glumly as he hung up and walked out of and away from the studios.


    “What a workout, huh?” asked Brawly on their way out of the gym.

    “Yeah,” said Michael, who thought back to his two friends. Surely they would have found out about the news by now. What are they doing?

    “Hey!” Brawly’s voice snapped Michael out of his trance. “The sunset here sure is pretty, isn’t it?”

    Michael looked up and the scenery took his breath away. The sun was sinking slowly down into the horizon, casting shades of crimson, magenta, and orange into the sky and waters of the ocean. “Wow…” he said. “Do you have a pencil?”

    Brawly handed Michael a pencil as he picked up a palm leaf and started etching the sunset as best he could on the uneven medium. Brawly was absorbed in the view for a few moments, and then turned to look at Michael and his picture. “That’s neat,” he said.

    “Yeah,” replied Michael. “My friends at home really love my drawings. In fact, that’s why I’m here. I was traveling to Hoenn on account of a drawing camp when the ship I was on hit turbulent waters.”

    “Say no more,” said Brawly, as he laid back and let Michael continue his drawing. “You know, sunsets always remind me of surfing with my buddy Marlon. We had to part out separate ways, but I always think of him when I see the beautiful sun go down over the ripples of the water.”

    And Michael couldn’t help but think of Spencer and Jake.


    Spencer never returned to acting practice. He walked casually around downtown Virbank City, visiting shops he’d never even seen before, and finally settled on going to a teen club alone.

    There was an enormous line just to get in, but Spencer had all the time in the world. He understood why it was so long when he walked inside and saw Roxie’s band playing on the stage. Roxie had become some sort of a celebrity around the city as, not only was she in a band, she was the city’s gym leader, and she was only a few years older than Spencer.

    The band stopped a few songs after Spencer walked in. He was at the bar ordering wave after wave of soda. Funny, he thought. Usually it was Jake ordering this much caffeine. Roxie walked over and sat down a few seats shy of him. “Funny,” she said. “I thought it would be your friend over here draining the supply of caffeinated drinks. Where is he anyways? And what about the one who’s more skilled with a pencil than a pokeball?”

    “Hey Roxie…” Spencer said sullenly. He, his friends, and Roxie all went to the same school, and they were no more than acquaintances, so he was surprised she remembered them. “Jake went off to challenge the Pokemon League…”

    “Ah,” Roxie said. “I seem to remember he was the only one able to beat me during winter break six months ago. So what’s up with you?”

    “Well I received news that Michael has disappeared, and now Jake thinks he should cancel his run. I was enrolled in the acting class at PokeStar Studios myself, and now I think Jake may be right.”

    “Hmmm…” said Roxie, processing more information than she expected to from taking a fifteen minute hiatus. “Listen,” she said, “Michael may be dead, but is that going to stop you? It shouldn’t. When my mother died a few years back, I formed this band for a number of reasons. One was to preserve her legacy, and another was that I had no other way of channeling my emotions than through music.”

    “What’s that mean?” asked Spencer.

    “When she died, did I just up and give up hope? No. And while it is true that I was in a slump for a few weeks, I used that time to think, and you can hear the result of that thinking in the form of my music. Now listen to this song, I think you’ll like it!”

    Roxie got up and walked back over to her band, leaving Spencer all alone at the bar. He followed her out as they led into their next song.

    “You can say I won’t make it.
    Words like that make me cry…
    You can say I won’t make it,
    But that doesn’t mean I can’t try!”

    Spencer lost himself in the music for a while. He much preferred rap music, but Roxie’s guitar was just the right thing to perk him up.

    “When life starts to bite, and you can’t make things right,
    And day has turned to perpetual night.
    When you’ve hit the ultimate wall
    Heed my call!
    You can get over it alright.”

    Spencer listened to the chorus very carefully. Roxie was trying to tell him that he should keep on fighting despite his loss, and Spencer immediately got the message. He dashed out of the club and ran back to the Studios. And Roxie noticed. She took her guitar off her shoulder and smiled, knowing that she’d just helped a good friend.

    As Spencer ran back, he noticed the sunset and how pretty it looked.


    Jake wandered solemnly through the Nimbasa City amusement park. All around him families and children were having fun, dashing through the parks and enjoying the roller coasters. “Well…” he said to himself. “I came all this way, I might as well ride the famous Ferris wheel before I head back…”

    “Hey Jake,” said a woman from behind him. Jake turned around and saw Elesa, the gym leader he lost to last night, walking incognito through the crowd. She walked up and shook his hand. “That was a good battle last night.”

    “It wasn’t good,” replied Jake. “I’m giving up my dream of becoming the champion.”

    “Listen,” Elesa said. “I could try to tell you otherwise, but I want to show you something first.” Elesa took Jake’s hand and walked him over to the Ferris wheel, paying for both of their tickets and getting on.

    Elesa didn’t talk as the other riders got on. They’d spent a good couple of minutes waiting in silence before the ride started moving them up. “So what do you want to show me?” Jake asked.

    Elesa said nothing and pointed straight forward. Jake looked out in front of him and saw the sunset and all its true beauty. It was too beautiful that Jake, too, was silent the entire ride.

    Shortly though, the ride ended, and the two got off. “I have to go back to the gym now,” Elesa said. She started to walk away from Jake but stopped and turned her head to say, “You may want to check your front-right pocket…”

    Jake did so and found a note that wasn’t there before. “Dear Jake: That was one heck of a match last night. I can’t begin to imagine what might’ve been said on the other end of the phone, but it must’ve broken your heart to have to run out like that. I feel terrible to have only won by a cheap phone call, so check your pocket again.” Jake reached back into his pocket and pulled out the Nimbasa City gym badge.

    Jake was speechless, yet he kept reading. “You have the potential to become a true master, Jake. I don’t want to see you throw it away like that. Warm regards, Elesa.” The letter almost brought a tear to Jake’s eye.

    “That’s it…” he said. “I have to finish. For Michael’s sake…”

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    D: The twists! I have to say, you really know how to keep a story flowing a changing really well, also you've probably won some brownie points with me because Elesa is my favorite gym leader and her appearence in this makes me really happy :P Oh, and you should probably post in the AoS forum about this so everyone else can read it too, and Ex can give you the points for writing this. Great fanfic nevertheless.

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    I decided on a length for the story. It will be ten chapters, with the tenth serving as an epilogue. So this has been a relatively short fanfic, but I had fun writing it.

    Chapter 6

    "Hey Jake," said Spencer, picking up his phone to answer his friend's call. "What's up?"

    "I got the Nimbasa gym badge!" Jake shouted gleefully into his phone.

    "I thought you were...?"

    "Not anymore Spence! I had a revelation last night: Michael wouldn't want us to give up, not when we've come this far!"

    "You said it!" replied Spencer. "I had a similar revelation myself, don'tcha know?"

    "Coincidence sure is something, isn't it?"

    "Alright enough with the chit-chat. I have my final skit today and if I'm the best then I'll be in a movie!"

    "You got this Spence."

    "I'm not so sure..." replied Spencer. “The director never seems to chide Andrew, yet he always finds something wrong with me and my acting!"

    "Then just play it cool," Jake responded. "Just pretend that your costars are Michael and I and I'm sure everything will be a-okay! Oh, and try to choose the part that requires as little battling as possible."

    "Thanks for the tip!" said Spencer genuinely as compared to sarcastically despite Jake's little joke. "So you need four more badges, huh?"

    "Yeah but this next one won't come easy. I did a little bit of research about my next opponent, Clay, the gym leader of Driftveil City. He uses ground types, which are already pretty slow, so my trick room strategy won't do much good. Oh, and his last Pokemon is an Excadrill. Good defenses, quick, and from what I hear it knows dig. This battle will be tough."

    "Sounds like it," replied Spencer, though he didn't understand a word of what Jake was saying.

    "Oh hey! There's someone who can give me a ride!"

    "Jake, are you hitchhiking again?"

    "Yes, now I must hang up before you attempt to tell me otherwise." With that, Spencer heard his phone click off and he got ready for his big performance.


    “Thanks for the help Brawly,” said Michael as he walked up the gangplank to the small dingy that would take him to Slateport.

    “Don’t mention it,” said Brawly. “You’ve got great potential, kid! I would hate to see that go to waste!”

    “So what will happen when we get to Slateport?”

    “Well, I’ve arranged for my friend to take you across the ocean to your home region of Unova instead.”


    “You bet! Anything to help a friend.”

    “Brawly,” Michael said, “I don’t know how I could ever repay you…”

    “You don’t have to,” he replied. “Here in Dewford Town, everyone knows each other and helps each other without expecting anything in return. We just shoot to make everyone feel welcome.”

    Michael nodded and walked into the boat. You sure don’t get that kind of attitude in the city, he thought.


    “I can’t go on…” said Spencer’s costar Andrew dramatically. “Mrs. Jones is dead, dead I tell you!”

    “You can’t quit!” shouted Spencer very slowly, determined not to be ousted from his role by the stuck-up Andrew. “Mrs. Jones is one of, nay, she is the best teacher in our high school!”

    “What do you know?” scornfully replied Andrew. “You’re always asleep during her math lectures!”

    “I may be a sleeper…” said Spencer, pausing before he said, “But I am also a dreamer!”

    “Dreams are just the mind’s subconscious way of dealing with thoughts and are nothing more than fantasies.”

    “What, then, is life without dreams? A life without goals is one that I do not wish to be a part of! Giving up is never, I mean never, the way to deal with anything!”

    Andrew hesitated a little, awestruck at how emotional Spencer was getting. This is great, thought Spencer. He’s getting nervous! “Now,” said Spencer, “Run back to your house, take out your calculator, and get the best grade on that homework and make Mrs. Jones proud!”

    And the rest of the class applauded as heartily as they could, as though they’d just witnessed the greatest movie in the history of cinema. Even the director, cold and unforgiving, was pounding his hands together happily.


    Michael waved to the captain as he got off the boat in Driftveil City. He knew where he was, but at this point, he didn’t know how to get home. The captain was nice enough to give him a map, but he didn’t have the money to take a boat to Virbank. It really wasn’t all bad; he was getting to do some sightseeing after all.

    After walking into downtown Driftveil, Michael thought he heard a loud roar come from behind him. He turned around and saw a legion of motorcyclists turn onto his street. He panicked and ducked into an alley—he’d seen what gangs in Virbank can do to people—but the men just zoomed on by. They parked at the other end of the street and all walked into a building.

    Michael silently followed their trail and it seemed like they were all inside an old-fashioned soda fountain. Seems like a weird place for a gang headquarter, he thought. He walked inside and saw more of the men than were on the motorcycles crowded around a booth, chanting and cheering and even calling out bets.

    “What’s going on?” shouted Michael, and as he did so all of the men fell silent and glared at him.

    “You need something, kid?” one of them asked. “We’re busy!”

    “With what?” retaliated Michael, prompting a wave of “Oooh…” and “Aaah…” from much of the bikers.

    “Come on, Frank, let him watch,” said a familiar voice from the crowd. The burly man who was threatening Michael turned around and said, “If you say so.” The crowd parted and there was Jake and another ruffian sitting in a booth with many empty glasses and a load of money on the table. Jake looked up and said, “Oh hey!” He downed another soda with the man, and it was clear the man had enough as he fainted on the table. “It’s Michael! How ya doing?”

    “Jake,” said Michael carefully. “What is going on?”

    One of the miscreants spoke up. “I’ll tell you: That thing has already defeated five of my gang in our signature soda drinking contest!” Michael just stared at him with a blank expression. “Oh come on! How does that not surprise you?”

    “Okay for one, I’m not from Driftveil so I don’t know your customs, and, second, Jake here is my best friend, and he can out-drink anyone!”

    “Is that a challenge?” shouted the leader. “Well consider it accepted!” He pushed the last member to fall at Jakes hands out of the booth and sat down and signaled to the bartender who nodded and got to work. “I’ve got one more trick left for you, Jake… It’s a secret house blend that combines shots of cherry, orange, lemon-lime, and grape, as well as packing more caffeine than a glass of coffee and more syrup than a stack of pancakes.”

    “Sounds good,” said Jake. “If I can stomach more of this than you, then you’re arranging for me to battle with Clay, the gym leader.”

    “And if you lose…?”

    “Well I’ve built up a sizeable share of money here, methinks I’ll just give you all that back with 50% interest.”

    “Deal,” stated the leader who spat in his hand and extended it. Jake did the same and shook hands as the bartender brought two glasses of bubbling beverage.

    “I got this,” said Michael. “In three… Two… One! Go!”

    The duo picked up their drinks and simultaneously chugged them both down within ten seconds, nonstop. “Feeling dizzy yet?” asked the leader.

    “Are you kidding?” said Jake. “That was amazing! Waiter! Get us another one!”

    “What?” radiated throughout the entire crowd. The bartender did as he was told and brought out two more glasses. Michael said another countdown and they chugged them down, although Jake finished slightly faster than the leader.

    “You done yet?” smirked Jake.

    “Not a chance! Bartender!” The bartender brought out four more drinks this time. Jake greedily grabbed two of them and slurped them down.

    “Your turn,” he smiled.

    The leader hesitated, then picked up one, but he was shaking, both out of nervousness and caffeine. He took one sip, then fell flat on the table, sending a wave of gasps flowing throughout the crowd. One guy coughed, but you could hear him mutter a barely audible “That was awesome.”

    Jake scooped all of the money into his backpack and motioned for Michael. He spat in and extended his hand, saying “Glad to have ya back!”

    And although Michael was disgusted by Jake’s new habit, he did the same, spitting in and extending his hand and shaking Jake’s. “Friends,” he said, “Never go away.”

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