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    Greetings! And welcome to my new fan-fic! Or rather a reboot of an old fic I started writing but gave up on. It's been slightly retooled, revitalized, and certain plot points restructured. Hopefully, you guys enjoy! Also, I realize it's a trainer fic. Disgusting. I know...but I feel really compelled to write this, side-step obvious cliches and hopefully help to improve the genre! Anyways, feel free to enjoy the ride, comment, critique and review!

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    Ch.1) A Less Than Stellar Start

    Jack’s alarm on his phone went off for the fourth time that morning. Naturally, he hit snooze again.

    “I can afford ten more minutes.” He thought to himself before rolling over, face-first, into his pillow.

    No, Jack wasn’t pulling the stereotypical “new-trainer-sleeps-through-his-first-morning-of-being-a-Pokémon-trainer” routine. In fact, Jack had been rather diligent and responsible on his first day, showing up three hours too early.

    In actuality, Jack had only set his alarm to keep on his Dad’s good side. His Dad was a teacher at the Pokémon academy in Viridian City and was out for summer break. During the school year, it was a rarity for Jack to be up and out of bed even a second before noon. However, with his Dad home he felt obligated to be out of bed at a semi-decent hour.

    His alarm went off again. Jack rolled over onto his back and checked his phone’s display for the time. 10:30.

    “Guess it’s that time, huh?” Jack looked down at the little orange lizard sitting at his feet. The Charmander smiled a pointy toothed grin and twitched his flamed-tipped tail. There’s no telling how long the fire Pokémon had been awake, waiting for its trainer to finish his daily battle with the snooze button.

    Jack got out of bed and attempted to straighten his hair. Not happening.

    His thick black hair was unkempt as always, sticking out at every possible angle. The 5 o’clock shadow on his face further added to his general disheveled look. The only part about him that hinted that he might actually care about his appearance was his slender, runner’s build. While Jack never had a knack for the so-called “spectator-sports”, he was always a good runner which kept him in fairly good shape. He pulled an orange v-neck on over the gym shorts he had slept in the night before and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

    Along the way, he passed his Dad who was watching the daily news in the living room. Jack’s good-morning was greeted by a non-committal grunt. His parents’ frustration with his latency was becoming glaringly obvious, particularly his Dad’s. Jack was 20 after all and still hadn’t left home. His Dad had gotten sick just before he was set to go on his Pokémon journey at ten years of age and Jack used that as an excuse to not leave Pallet Town. It was nothing major but Jack still elected to stay home in the event something unspeakable happened. After a few weeks Jack’s father recovered fully and went back to work but Jack couldn't bring himself to leave home. Every time he was set to leave he would always make an excuse to stick around Pallet. Perhaps it was fear of the unknown. Perhaps he was content with his life as it currently stood. Nevertheless, he had been free-riding on his parents ever since.

    Jack looked around the kitchen. His Mom had left for work without making any sort of breakfast. Perhaps this was a hint. He opened up the refrigerator and squinted into the light. Charmander came up behind up and peeked into the refrigerator from between his legs.

    “Well we've got some slim pickings today, buddy…” Jack reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a cold pork chop. He gave the left-overs to his companion and then pulled out a gallon of milk, drinking directly from the container. He wiped the milk from his upper lip, replaced the jug, and closed the door. He looked down at his Charmander who had just finished eating and was now inspecting the vent at the bottom of the refrigerator.

    Despite his lack of aspiration as a trainer, he loved his Charmander dearly. Charmander and Jack were best friends. Like Jack, Charmander had grown content with their life of mediocrity and didn’t resent his trainer for not pushing him. It was probably a good thing as Jack hadn’t battled a Pokémon with Charmander in years.

    “I’m going into Viridian today,” Jack’s Dad said as he came into the kitchen, snapping Jack out of his reverie. Jack’s Dad was a tall man with broad shoulders and white hair. His green eyes studied Jack critically. “I don’t know if you needed anything.”

    “Nah…I think me and Charmander are just going to hang around today.” Charmander beamed at Jack. He loved lazy days. Most of Jack’s days were lazy days.

    His Dad became irritated and with an exasperated sigh said “Are you planning on getting a new job anytime soon?”

    Jack had formerly worked as the announcer at the Viridian City gym before being laid off when the gym closed. His parents’ impatience had picked up considerably now that he was unemployed.

    ‘I’ll get one eventually, Dad. Come on, Charmander.” Jack didn’t want to look at his Dad anymore. He knew he was letting him down. After he backed out of his trainer journey, he had enrolled in his Dad’s school and gotten nearly perfect marks. He graduated with honors and appeared to be on the fast track to becoming a stellar trainer. Instead, he opted for a brief stint as Professor Oak’s lab aide. Just one of his many excuses for not leaving home. Needless to say, he had never lived up to his potential.

    “Son, you’ve got to do something with your life eventually.”

    Rather than acknowledge his Dad’s pointed advice, Jack walked out of the front door with Charmander following at his heels. “Some fresh air would do me some good,” He thought to himself.

    As he walked down his driveway he could see some new trainers leaving Professor Oak’s lab. Undoubtedly, they had just received their first Pokémon and were on the verge of starting their respective journeys as trainers. Jack smiled to himself, thinking fondly of his first day with Charmander. They had spent the entire day fighting wild Pidgey and Rattata until the sun finally set.

    Suddenly, one of the new trainers came up to him with a brand new red and white Pokéball in his hand and a hungry look in his eye.

    “I’ve got a Charmander too! Let’s battle!” Without waiting for a reply, the kid threw his Pokéball on the ground and in a flash of white light, a Charmander exactly like Jack’s erupted onto the grass. “C’mon Scorch! Let’s show this guy what we’ve got!”

    Being somewhat of a veteran trainer, Jack wasn’t looking to demoralize a young trainer on the first day of his journey. After all, he had been with Charmander for over ten years. They had conquered the trainers’ school together. It wouldn’t be fair to the new trainer, no matter how naďve and cocky he may have been so far. “I don’t think it would be fair to you to battle me at this point. I’m pretty experienced, kid.”

    “Oh come on! It’s Charmander versus Charmander! It’s fair!”

    “You have a lot to learn. My Charmander is pretty experienced. You’re still a brand new trainer. Go train up a bit and then I’ll be glad to battle you!”

    Jack hoped this would diffuse the situation. It didn’t. Instead of taking up Jack’s offer of a future battle, the kid instead switched his focus to Jack’s Charmander.

    “Scorch! Use Scratch!” The kid’s Charmander took off at a sprint at Jack’s Charmander. Scorch jumped into the air, claws raised, ready to rake them along Jack’s Charmander unprotected body. However, Jack’s Charmander’s experience came into play and the tiny orange lizard deftly rolled out of the way, finishing smoothly on his feet, ready to return an attack.

    “Alright, well I guess our hand has been forced,” Jack thought to himself. “Charmander! Use Fire Fang!”

    Jack’s Charmander took off at Scorch. As he opened his mouth prepared to bite, flames flared around his canines. Scorch attempted a dodge but couldn’t quite avoid the attack. Charmander bit into Scorch’s unprotected side, causing the young Charmander to cry out in pain. Scorch was hurt but not out of the battle yet.

    “Scorch! We can’t take another hit like that! Keep him at bay with Growl!”

    Scorch let out the most ferocious possible growl that could come from such a small fire type. Jack’s Charmander receded slightly. “Good! Now use Scratch again!”

    Scorch swiped at Charmander’s face again. Charmander ducked under the claws but not quite as smoothly as his first dodge. The attack passed overhead and Charmander stumbled before regaining his footing. Jack’s Charmander was already becoming winded from the battle.

    “Hang in there, buddy. I know it’s been a while!” Jack’s Charmander nodded at him but he couldn’t mask the fatigue in his eyes. “Use Ember!”

    Charmander grabbed his tail and blew into the flames sending tiny plumes of fire flying into Scorch’s direction. This time, however, Scorch was fast enough to dodge Charmander’s attack. Scorch quickly sidestepped the flames and without taking direction from his trainer jumped in the air to attack Charmander.

    “Charmander! You’re gonna have to dodge this one!” Scorch’s claws had begun glowing and his entire paw had turned silver. Unfortunately for Jack, Charmander didn’t have the energy to duck this time. The fire-type took the full brunt of Scorch’s attack and fell to the ground unconscious.

    “No way! You learned metal claw Scorch? That’s awesome!” The boy ran up and hugged his victorious Pokémon while Jack watched in slight shock. “I win!”

    Jack couldn’t believe he had lost. Jack pointed a Pokéball at his defeated Charmander. A red beam of light came from the Pokéball, engulfed Charmander and sucked it back into the Pokéball.

    “Good battle. You’re really talented for someone as young as yourself.”

    Jack extended a hand to the boy. If he was going to lose, he might as well lose graciously.

    “It was mostly Scorch,” The boy shrugged and returned Scorch, not fully able to hide his excitement at winning. “My name is Colin, by the way.”

    “It’s good to meet you, Colin. I expect to see you doing big things down the road.” And with that, Colin was on his way. There was no telling what adventures he would face. As for Jack, he was still facing mediocrity. He couldn’t help but be envious of Colin. Colin had the entire world in front of him, ready to be seized. Meanwhile, even Jack’s Charmander had sunk to a level of sub-par.

    Jack trudged back up his driveway, kicking cobblestones as he walked. After he healed Charmander, maybe he’d go for a run and clear his head.

    He pushed open the front door and walked over to his dad’s study.

    It was a large circular room sequestered to its own lonely corner in the house. Adorning the walls were old black-and-white photos of Jack’s Dad standing proudly in front of the trainer school. His father had developed a natural bond with Pokémon and had acquired seven of the eight gym badges in his heyday. He and his Pidgeot were one of the most feared combinations in Kanto. Naturally Jack was supposed to be every bit of the trainer his father was. Whoops.

    Jack finally reached the healing machine located in the back of the study. It looked like a photocopier with six individual slots for Pokéballs. Jack placed Charmander’s ball in one of the grooves and flipped the switch on the machine’s surface. The machine made a soft humming noise and eventually let out a solitary DING, signifying Jack’s Pokémon had been fully healed. He collected his companion and started to leave the study.

    As he was walking out, however, something caught his eye. He noticed his name on a piece of paper lying on his Dad’s large wooden desk. He walked over and pulled the paper out from underneath the desk calendar. It was a letter from his grandpa. As his eyes scanned the letter his heart began to sink.

    I know it’s tough but I think it’s time to either get harsh with Jack or write him off. The boy has no direction or aspirations. All the talent, none of the desire. I would tell him he either needs to get a job or leave. Tough love may be what the boy needs. I can’t bear to see you so saddened.

    In that moment, Jack felt like vomiting. Not because his grandpa felt like he should be kicked out…but because he was taking a toll on his parents. He knew he was disappointing them. That, he could live with. But breaking their heart? That was too much.

    Jack walked straight into the kitchen and grabbed the phone off the wall. He quickly punched in a sequence of numbers and listened through three rings before he finally heard his Dad’s gruff voice greet him on the other line.


    “Hey Dad…it’s Jack. I changed my mind. I need you to grab some stuff for me in Viridian, mostly trainer supplies. I’ll need as much as I can get if I want to leave tomorrow morning.”
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