Author's Note,Intro,Chapters 1-6

Hey guys, this is a semi-canon adventure fanfic crossover between the Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Adventures Series that I started on my profile, Scarlet_Regnar at will try to update it as soon as I can


They say that the greatest illusion is the one you unknowingly help preserve. It is an illusion that makes you feel secure and comfortable, so you ignore the subtle signs of the illusion’s mortality. I don’t know if anyone before me has actually said that, but it sounds better than saying, “I think….”. “They” is actually me, Scarlet Regnar.

For my entire childhood, I believed that my home, Ranger Island in the Ivenovia Archipelago, was free of the corruption that thrived in the world. I trusted society to do the right thing, and I especially trusted the authority put over me. How naďve was I!

I know how you see our regions and the misconceptions you have about us. One teenager can save the world by himself, everyone except the enemy has a heart of gold, and the enemy is clearly defined by running or belonging to a criminal syndicate.

This is my story, which will be told in many parts. It will show you the real journey of a trainer and how hard it is to really save the world, even with my gift and six well-trained Pokémon.

Chapter 1: Wake up in the Morning

When I wake up, all I see is darkness. I fumble around for my book light and I am momentarily blinded, so I wince and wait for my eyes to adjust. I see that it is about 2:30 in the morning, and I groan, flicking off the light and taking refuge into my sleeping bag, hoping that sandman returns. I think to myself," Great, It's the first day of the new term and I only have gotten four hours of sleep"."It is one of the great mysteries of life", I think as I roll, trying to get comfortable, "that I can sleep through the hardest storm of the year but cannot fall asleep once I wake up." I decide to think about school, hoping the effort will make me drowsy.

As a Student Pokémon Ranger on Ranger Island, the schooling is a bit unorthodox. For the last 8 years I learned all my core subjects, up to a high-school level. Now this school year, which I will turn 13, I will learn how to be a ranger. Today until graduation, I will learn about equipment, geography, physical fitness and healing, and most importantly, capturing Pokémon with a slider. All the youth on the island are taught this way, and although some of them take it like Pokémon take Heal Powder, I take it with gusto for two reasons. One, I actually do like school for the most part, but the most important reason I make sure do well is because my dad is Ben Rengar, the Retired Top Ranger who saved Fiore, Almia, and Oblivia. It is extremely stressful sometimes being his son, especially when he tries to run for Head of Ranger Council. No matter how hard he campaigns and how many people like him and agree with his ideals, the current head, Facius Malus, always seems to generate more votes.My dad swears that the voting's fixed, but I like to think the best about people. My mom, Summer Rengar, works as a receptionist / secretary at the Council building, which also serves as the school board, so there's reason number three: all the bad things that students do is eventually viewed by my mom.

I love my home on Ranger Island, but every Student Ranger, including me, is itching to get off this island and see the world. We have no real connection to the rest of the region except for a ferry which shuttles around to the different islands. Rangers can leave any time they want, but the only for Rangers-In-Training to get on the ferry at our island is a special pass, which are so rare there's stories about them. Of course, these stories come from the upperclassmen, so their reliability is dubious. We cannot leave because the Council wants to keep "the highly imprintable youngsters" from absorbing "unsavory ideas" . I think the reason we all want to leave is because we aren't allowed to leave.

We aren't allowed to escape using technology either. We have computers, but they have an extreme proxy/firewall on them to keep us from going to certain sites. Televisions are monitored similarly. There are no cell phones or video-games. The council calls these "distractions to learning and contributors of unsavory ideas".

At 3:00, I start to feel drowsy, I roll over some more, and again I am plunged into the peaceful darkness that is sleep.

Chapter 2: Wind Inside A Letterbox

It seems that I woke up just as quickly this morning as I had last night, but this time actually had a stimulus: A Peliper who must have had a tremendous spence of duty to fill in for a rooster had landed on the window of my tree house. My friends and I had a bonfire the night before, and we slept in my treehouse. My friend who was the first to rise was Vera, whose parents are Joel and Solana Riofe, my dad's friends from Fiore.

"We better get Tylus up, we don't want to miss one of your mom's breakfasts!"

There would be Blueberry Pancakes, Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and most importantly, black coffee. My dad works as one of the technological supervisors who monitor television and computer signals on the island, which is probably as boring as it sounds, because my dad drinks a gallon of coffee every day. I have deduced that the more boring and long the day, the more coffee he drinks.

My dad's sister Lilly married Keith, one of my dad's friends from his school in Almia, and had Tylus, my cousin. He and I usually get along well, but he is always high-strung and never wants to take risks.

"Wake up Tylus!" Vera shouts.

"Fivemurminutes," Tylus mumbles.

"Fine then...I'll just have to eat your pancakes for you!" I jest.

Tylus sat straight up, " You wouldn't dare!"

Solana, my Aunt Lilly, and my mom were pregnant at the same time and had us within days of each other. I am the oldest, Tylus is the youngest, and Vera is in the middle. I like to remind him that with age come experience and wisdom. That really makes him angry, which makes me laugh because he cannot take a joke.

We all walk quickly along the trail and get to my house. Mom's waiting there for us, with three plates piled with food. After we finish, I go up to my room to get my stuff.

I undress and put on my new uniform. It looks kind of like the ranger uniform that my dad wore when he still went out on missions, but more modern and better suited for the life of a ranger. Before I go downstairs, I grab my new knapsack that the school issued us. Well made, waterproof, and works as a make-shift pillow. "I'll remember that for calculus," I mutter to myself.

The good thing about living in a small town is everything is in walking distance of my house. I walk down the mossy cobbled path with Tylus and Vera.

"Expect the worst from Mrs. Captia," Tylus warns. "I heard she's overly strict with the children of famous Rangers."

"You don't really believe that, do you?" Vera inquires.

" Yeah, George warned me about her, she said she made them do all the work."

I disregard his opinion. Tylus was prone to listen to the stories of the upperclassmen last year, who like to play tricks on the lower classmen. Even so,I hope that I can make a good impression for Mrs. Captia.

We reach the school building. It is surprisingly large for such a small island, but there are about 30 kids in each class times 9 years of school...well you can do the math. We head off to our first blocks, which are either clubs or extra classes. My first block is Latin. Second block is the Pokémon Club, which I was elected president of last year. Our sponsor, Mrs. Whipkey, sometimes gives us something to research or discuss about Pokémon and sometimes I suggest ideas. Then the school gives us a 10 minute lunch break before 3rd block, which for me is Calculus and Statistics. All upperclassmen will have Ranger Training 101 for fourth block.

We talk until the bell rings, when, like a dandelion in the wind, the students scatter in all directions .

Chapter 3: A Trail to Blaze

All 30 of us upperclassmen are seated in alphabetical order for 4th block. Tylus sits in the row in front of me and Vera sits beside me. We have all heard the rumors from the upperclassman about Mrs. Captia when we were younger, one of which is that she keeps a close eye on the children of famous rangers. Even if the rumors are completely false, I want to make sure that she can find no fault in my behavior. The bell rings and she walks in.

My first impression is relief. I have a certain gift for deduction, so I read Mrs. Captia as someone who was strict but fair, one who would tale no-nonsense from the goofball upperclassmen who warned us of Mrs. Captia.

She starts to take role, but then looks down her role sheet, as if she was looking for someone specific.

“Scarlet Regnar?”

I raise my hand and she stares at me for a while. She then calls both Tylus and Vera’s names. I think, “Maybe the rumors are true”. Then she proceeds to call the rest of the class in alphabetical order. Then she told Tylus and me to pass out all of our textbooks and equipment. I did not complain because that would just be adding fuel to the proverbial fire.

When I sit down and flip through my textbook, The Study of the Regions, I notice that it has a large number of its pages cut out and some words and whole passages blacked out with a marker. I politely raise my hand and tell her that someone had vandalized my book.

She neutrally answers, “That is not vandalism; it is censorship. That textbook contained material that was considered unsuitable for you to read”.

"Unsuitable to read? What do you mean?"

She looks over the rims of her glasses." Some people, instead of using Pokemon for good, use them like chickens at a cockfight, keeping them isolated until they need cash. This is highly addictive, and the school board wants to raise you to believe that Pokemon are our friends, not our money-making devices."

I sit quietly through the rest of class, taking notes as she explains the usage of our new equipment, such as our School Styler with limited Voice Nav.

She dismisses the class with no homework, and we all leave quickly. I catch up with Vera and Tylus.

“Told you she hates us,” Tylus remarks.

“I don’t think she hates us,” Vera responds, “She has a good reason to watch the people who might think they know it all”.

“Watch..! You got to draw in your precious notebook while Scarlet and I dragged those heavy boxes around!” Tylus retorts. “Let’s see what you say after you’ve busted your a...”

“Speaking of drawing”, I quickly interrupt to keep this fic “G” rated, "meet me at the treehouse after dinner. I have found the perfect place for your watercolor while I was hiking the other day."

“Where is it?” Vera exclaimed.

“Treehouse, 6:00, Be there!” I said before running off.


“Are you sure you know where you are going?” Vera asked, as we blazed our way through the woods.

“Yes, I’ve been here before, and you know that I know this island inside and out”, I respond, pushing a renegade branch aside.”

“You don’t know Crystal Cliff,” Tylus retorts before he gets hit by the renegade branch, “Oww! Watch it!!”

The Crystal Cliff is a rocky cliff that frequently has tremors that shake every building on the island. I have seen it from afar, but there is a wire fence that the Ranger Council placed to keep people out.

I quickly change the subject.

“Here we are!”

We break through the trees into a secluded beach. No one that I know of has ever been here. I see a few Wingull surfing on the updrafts and a Lapras surfing on a wave. Vera looks astonished.

“This is perfect”

Vera gets her paints out and places a piece of canvas on a small easel. She finds a place to sit and starts to paint. Tylus lays down on a large, smooth rock. I take off my shoes and dangle my feet in the water while I look at my new styler’s functions.

“This is your Student Voice Navigation Unit for your Styler”, it says in a highly automated voice.This startles the Wingull, which makes Vera gives me a look , so I turn it off. I instead look at the sea, noticing the slight bubbling of the Water Barrier.

Our island is on its own mini tectonic plate which slightly diverges, causing heated gases to be released. This causes the water to be less dense, as a result most Pokémon have significant trouble swimming through it. This also causes hot, fast air currents that act like a dome, keeping all the bird Pokémon on the island.

I watch the sun slowly setting, when I notice something out of place near the horizon. I stand up and get my binoculars out of my pack.

“What is it?” Tylus asks questioningly.” I focus the lenses and scan the horizon.

I see a rock that is halfway submerged under the water with something on it. I focus even more before I see it. I put down the binoculars.

“What do you see?” Vera asks, leaning her masterpiece up against a rock.

“A man”.

Chapter 4: House on the Sand / House on the Rock

"What's a man doing out there?!" Vera asks alarmed.

"We need to get help!" Tylus says, running towards the direction of town.

"Stop!" I shout at Tylus, "High tide's coming in, he would drown before even I could get back here".

"Then how are we going to help him? It's too dangerous to swim out there, much less drag an injured or unconscious person back to shore," Vera asked hurriedly.

I look around trying to think. I see the Lapras near the shore and run toward it.

"Scarlet! You seriously think you can capture when we have just gotten sliders?" Tylus asks.

I keep on running. "I have seen my dad do it hundreds of times, I can handle this."

I hear them shouting, but I block it out. I reach the shore and turn on my styler. I shoot the capture disk out towards the Lapras and start to rotate the beam of light in circles which shoots out to the styler.

The Lapras starts to move around, but I keep with it, frantically moving the styler in circles while I watch the friendship meter on my styler fill up. After a few more revolutions, a sphere of yellowish light forms around Lapras.

"Capture complete," says the styler.

I hop on Lapras's back and tell it to swim to the rock, which is slowly being overtaken by the tide. When I reach the man, I grab him and a bag he was holding and put him on Lapras's back. I quickly sail back to shore.

"We'll reach town faster if we use Lapras," I say. Tylus and Vera get on, and we move off.

I can now see the face of the man, and my powers of deduction kick in. I can tell that he's about my dad's age and was not from Ranger Island. He has a beard and a head of dark, moon-shaped auburn hair, with a thin, boxy mustache.

I focus my attention on navigating, but it turns out the beach was only about a half a mile from town by water. My house is on the outskirts of town and is on the water. We dock and gently place him on the dock. I release Lapras, thanking it for a speedy rescue. It starts to swim back in the direction of the beach. I run into my house, shouting, "Dad!"

My dad runs out of his study.

"Scarlet, what's the matter?"

"Dad, we found an unconscious man who was drowning. He needs CPR!"

I run out the door and he follows me. I hear him gasp as he sees the unconscious man, does Dad know him? Dad starts CPR on the guy and we run to get a place for us to lay him down.

I look back at my dad and I see the desperation on his face.I know that my dad knows that man and wants him to survive.

Chapter 5:Cat out of the Bag

The man is laid down on the couch in my father’s study. He is still with us, but still unconscious. My dad shoos us out of his study and bolts the door.

“Great,” says Tylus. “Now we won’t be able to figure out who he is”.

“Maybe instead of being bummed out, we could dry the guy’s knapsack. It’s still soaking wet,” remarks Vera.

We go up to my bathroom and get all of the hair dryers. I unzip the guy’s knapsack and pull out a clamshell box that holds two framed pictures when you open it. Both sides had two pictures: A main one with our mysterious guy and a lady and a smaller picture. One side has two children, the other has one.

“Both those women look like they are his wife, so I’m guessing something happened to one of them,” I think as I pass the picture frame to Vera, who dries it with a towel. “He keeps both their pictures, so I’m guessing the lady in the black and white picture died. Something also happened to his second wife, because our stranger has aged some since the second photo was taken and he has no wedding ring on. His children are either dead or not in his custody, because the pictures were taken around the same time each of his wife’s pictures were taken. He would have much more updated pictures after this amount of time.

While thinking, I accidentally knock the man’s knapsack onto the floor, spilling tons of red and white orbs onto the floor. One releases a purple cat-like Pokémon that I’ve never seen before. I quickly grab the orb and press a button on the front of it, which makes the Pokémon disappear.

“What in the world was THAT!” Tylus shouts.

“Shh!!” I whisper. I run over to the air vent. “I hear the guy! This air vent runs to my dad’s study”

We all lean in and listen to their conversation.


“It is just too dangerous Cyke,” I hear my dad say. “I want to help, you know I do, but this will be very bad if we get caught. You know what happened to my father”

I note that now I know the name of our mysterious man and my dad mentioned Grandpa. Dad hates to talk about Grandpa.

“Ben, the payoff is worth it. We’ll expose Malus for who he really is, a lying cheating scoundrel that has wrongly kept you from leading this island.

Cyke sounds young, but mature. He also mentioned Facius Malus, the head of the Ranger council. How is he connected?

“I don’t want to risk our lives and our families’ lives. Besides, I couldn’t morally do this,” I hear dad say

“What do you think I’ve been studying for all these years? Besides, if you won’t do this for me, do this for your family. Do you want to have them being lead by that man?

“Fine, I’ll do it on three conditions. One, give me a month to prepare myself. Two, don’t tell Summer, she would...”

“You’re married to Summer!?!” I hear Cyke exclaim.

“Cyke, you weren’t there and she turned to me to pick up the pieces.”

“I didn’t have a choice! So I get dragged away by the cops and then my best friend marries my girl...”

“Calm down!” I hear my dad shout. “You should thank me; you are alive because of me and Summer’s son.”

“You have a son?” I hear Cyke ask, intrigued.

“Yes, Scarlet, he’s 12.He rescued you from the sea when you tried to cross the Water Barrier.”

“Interesting…Sorry, continue with your conditions”.

“The Third is that you need to take care of my family when I’m not able to”.

“I will protect your family as if they were my own”.

“Ok then...I’ll help you get across the barrier in the morning.”


I hear a knock on the door as mom walks in.

“Vera, Tylus, that was your parents on the phone... What are you doing?

Vera hastilly answers," We got wet, so we were drying off our clothes."

Tylus whispers “Fill us in tomorrow”. They both say goodbye and head downstairs with my mom

I put on my pajamas and go to bed. “I’m going to need this sleep because no doubt Dad’s going to sneak Cyke out early tomorrow”. I set my alarm and fall asleep.


I wake up, and my clock says 5:00. I hear movement downstairs, so I quietly rush downstairs with Cyke’s knapsack. Dad looks like he was caught taking the last slice of cake

“Scarlet, Go back to bed,” Dad says.

“But I have Cyke’s stuff,” I persist, handing the bag to Cyke. He feels around inside and then closes it.

“Well, I don’t believe we have been acquainted”. He sticks out his hand. “A pleasure to meet you, Scarlet, I am Cyke Olagy.

As I shake his hand, he passes one of the orbs that were in his bag into my other hand. He gives me a look that says “Don’t tell your father!”

He and dad quickly walk out the door, with Cyke starring at me until he is out of sight.

I go back upstairs, wondering what in the world Cyke gave me.

Chapter 6: Destroy Books, Destroy Reason

"Let me down, guys!" Vera shouts.

We bend down, bringing Vera back to earth. We were looking in the dusty windows of the Ranger Island Public Library, trying to see if someone was in there. I had shown the weird red and white orb to Vera and Tylus secretly at school after I "learned" how to capture, so they wanted to help me find more information about the orb. We had already searched the school library, but all we found was a mostly blacked-out picture of the orb in question.

"No one's in there," I tiredly sigh. "The library was out best bet of finding information without showing the orb to people."

"Who actually runs the library anyway?" Vera asks.

"Some lady named Jean," I say as I walk back towards home.

"I remember her from when my mom got picture books for me".

"Why are we even searching for answers if that orb isn't supposed to be on the island",Tylus shouts. "You heard Mrs. Captia! It's gonna turn you into a cockfight addict!"

"Don't be stupid," I snap."Besides, you think my parents would notice if i was becoming addicted to something!"

"Hey! Maybe your mom knows, she is a government secretary," Tylus says optimistically for once

. -----------------------------------------------------

We walk towards City Hall. When we get there, I see my mom is sitting at her desk, typing away.

"Hey kids, what do you need?" she asks as she keeps on typing.

"Do you know who runs the library and where we can find them?" Vera responded. "We needed to do some research for the Pokémon Club."

"Yes, Jean Ratone did before it was shut down."

"Shut down?" I asked

"Yes,when Malus was elected, we as a community agreed to get rid of the majority of books that only talked about "unsavory ideas", and censored the rest. There weren't many books left, so they bought more and moved them to the school's library. If you need to talk to her, she lives at the other end of town in Ratone Mansion."

"You mean the Rathole?" Tylus interrupted.

"The Rathole" was the former upperclassmen's name for the mansion because it is overgrown and supposedly filled with junk.

My mom's face got red."Tylus Keith Malia! Jean Ratone is a sweet old lady that heavily supports your school. HOW DARE YOU INSULT YOUR ELDERS!!!!!!"

"Sorry ma'am," Tylus winced as he looked down.

A guy leaned out his office door. "Everything ok, Summer?"

Mom looked embaraced ,"Sorry Matt, just go back to work."

We hurriedly leave.

Tylus whispers ,"I've come up with a theory that you are only given a middle name so that you can tell when adults are mad at you."

My dad must have been made fun of when he was a kid; his full name is Benjamin Kellen-Lunnick Rengar.

When we are a good distance away, Tylus says quickly, "Sorry Scarlet, but I have to go. I'm pretty sure my mom will hear about this".He ran quickly, probably hoping to beat the news home. Vera also said she had to go, so I walked home alone.


I walk towards the Ratone Mansion alone. Tylus got grounded for not treating adults with respect (snicker , and Vera was on a deadline to finish her portfolio. I kinda feel guilty going by myself, but at the same time I'm excited to get some answers from a person who actually might talk about the the effects of the orb.

I ring the doorbell and the door is opened by a very old woman, probably in her late 80's. "I don't want any of your Skinny Mints, they give me indigestion," the woman screeched, slamming the door in my face. I knock on the door again, and she opens it.

"Not another one...Look, I already support the Ranger Scouts directly..."

"Ma'am," I say calmly, "I'm not with the Ranger Scouts and I don't want to sell you cookies. I want to talk to Jean Ratone, the former librarian."

"Speaking," Mrs. Ratone said.

"I wanted to know if you could identify an object I found." I show her the orb.

"I haven't seen those in years...You better come inside."


I follow her into her house which is extremely dark and cluttered. We walk up a creaky flight of stairs with boxes of papers and magazines on every step, and into a massive library. All the walls are covered in bookshelves crammed with books.

"You're a Rengar, aren't you?" Mrs. Ratone asks as she sat down in an armchair.

"Yes Ma'am, I'm Scarlet Regnar, Ben's son."

She smiles, "I was his godmother ...Well, pull up a chair, I'll tell you all you want to know".

I sit in the armchair across from her which spews a ton of dust.

"Sorry Scarlet, that chair hasn't been sat in since Charles died...As I was saying, what you've got there is a Pokéball".

"A Pokéball?" I ask. "So this is what the cockfighters use to enslave Pokemon?"

"Cockfighters? Who told you that?" Mrs Ratone asked quizzically.

"My teacher, Mrs Captia," I said neutrally."

"Well she's been telling you a heap of baloney. There are always exceptions, but most trainers do not try to inflict violent injuries on their opponent's Pokemon (Take that PETA)."

I sit forward in my seat, which unleashes another cloud of dust. " Ok, so what do these so-called Pokéballs do and why have they been telling us false information ?"

"You could compare a Pokéball in function to your capture slider, but a Pokémon Trainer uses a Pokéball to contain and transport Pokémon. As for the censorship, the reason most people off Ranger island believe is that the government wants to keep outside ideas and ideals, good or bad, from influencing Student Rangers."

"But that's not all what you think, do you," I conclude. I see her eyes moisten.

" No.... It has to do with an accident almost 20 years ago... I'd rather not talk about it." She wipes her eyes with a handkerchief and changes the subject. "Where did you get this Pokéball anyway, your father?"

"Why would my father have a Pokéball?" I ask, puzzled.

Mrs. Ratone looks at me, "You mean you didn't know Benny was once a trainer?"

I look at her shocked, "He doesn't like to talk about his childhood," I uncomfortably reply.

"Well, to give you the short version, Benny was a rebellious teenager child with blue hair and dreams of training Pokémon. His father crushed those dreams, sending him off to Fiore to become a Ranger. He eventually liked being a Ranger, and went to school on Almia where his parents had moved. Your grandparents moved again to here shortly after I moved here, and within months your grandma died trying to give birth to Ben's baby brother. Your father never forgave your grandfather, and left on a mission to Oblivia after your grandfather died."

"Thanks for telling me this, Mrs. Ratone, but how can I use this Pokéball?"

"Well one of these books probably has the answer.I saved the ones from the library that the Council was going to dispose of entirely."

I stand up and scan the shelves. I am drawn to an older edition of the textbook we use in school, so I open it, only to have all the pages come loose. "I'm so sorry Mrs. Ratone; I'll pay you whatever you want to repair it."

"No, it was an old book, and you were giving it more use than it's had just sitting on a shelf. It's a pity I don't have newer books...." Mrs. Ratone suddenly stands up and walks over to a bookcase. She removes a couple books covering a small safe and unlocks it with a key on a chain around her neck. She takes out something plastic and the size of a business card that hangs on a lanyard. She shows it to me.

"Do you know what this is?"

I shake my head no. "This is a Student Ranger pass. When the library was still open, I got permission for a Student Ranger Intern of mine to go to Type Island and bring back shipments of books. Malus did a lot of things when he came to power, but he didn't do a great job of updating the list. The library is still technically open, so I am making you my intern. This pass will allow you to take the ferry to Type Island which has a brand new library."

I am speechless. "Why are you giving this to me, a boy you just met? "

"Because I want to help you show this town the true colors of Pokémon Training. I see the same spirit in you that I saw in your father."

I look at my watch; it is already 4:00.

"Thank you so much for enlightening me, Mrs. Ratone, but I really have to leave."

She hands me the Ferry pass.

"Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility. Don't let anyone know you have it except if necessary. Here's a signed note saying you are my "intern" in case anyone doubts your story.


As I walk home, questions keep surfacing in my mind. Why does dad never mention my Grandpa? Is it just because Grandpa didn't want him to train Pokémon? Why did Cyke give this Pokéball to me in the first place?" But the most important question I have is, "Why does the island so thoroughly want to censor this Pokéball?"