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Thread: Developing Trainers vs already developed Trainers

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    Default Developing Trainers vs already developed Trainers

    What do I mean? Well, I seem to find that amongst the Pokemon fandom (this is my experience though), characters that start out like a novice Trainer (like Ash Ketchum as a Trainer) but get better as their character develops. While characters who start out pretty competent with good skills and strategic minds (and smart and sensible in other areas) for the start of the series (like Yugi Moto, Lina Inverse or others outside Pokemon) aren't very well received by everyone. Unsually they're claimed they're bland or uninteresting with the potential to be Mary Sues (this has a bit of truth to it but still...). At least by idea alone. Not that they can't get better and are already "perfect" but they're not a Monkey D. Luffy or Ash Ketchum (Kanto-wise and BW) by far.

    The former is understandable and even I like such character arcs, being very profound and touching (especially when one can relate to them). But for the latter, I feel like that it can be done well if the story presents it in a good way. How they interact with others, how their traits are balanced out, how they can be flawed and how likable they can be. You wouldn't hand over Pokemon, creatures with extraordinary powers, to a kid who'd get killed with one step into the tall grass, would you?

    I'm pretty confident in this belief of mine but I'd like to know about what your stances are on all this. Assuming you get the gist of this.
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