Novice Mage - Arthur Mason
Littleroot Town

Arthur yawned, stretching his arms out as he walked out of the lab into the fresh air of Littleroot Town, Rhys the Rhyhorn in tow. It was rather surprising how nonchalant he was, despite just having experienced one of the most important events in his life. Although it could have been the adrenaline failing to wear off, especially as he was incredibly twitchy prior to the ceremony that summoned his guardian. Said guardian however, was not as calm-seeming as the young mage, and was energetically bounding around, awed by the beauty of the small town that surrounded them. It was actually rather comical, watching a large creature curiously poking at everything in its sight.

"Pretty excitable, aren't you?" said Arthur, a smile present on his face. "So a Rhyhorn eh? Never really expected my guardian to be something like ya."

He dropped down into a crouch, prodding at the stony beast's horn.

"Still, it'll be awesome being your partner," he continued. "We're going to take the world by storm, aren't we?"

Rhys snorted amusedly, gently pushing the teenage mage's hand away from him, and continued to nudge at a flower. Having only just come into being as a corporal entity, the Rhyhorn had never really experienced flowers before, so the scent and feel of the beautiful plants was an entirely new experience for him.

"Oh yeah," said the teenager, remembering something as he pulled out a Pokeball, releasing the creature inside. "Rhys, meet Trilo - he's my Anorith. Trilo, meet Rhys - he's gonna be your new friend from now on."

The lazy insect gazed up at the larger creature, and slowly waved a pincer in greeting. Rhys nodded quietly in return, before heading back to his inspection of the flower.

Arthur clapped his hands together. "Well then! Greetings are finished, so any idea where to go first?"