Timothy "Tim" Wolfe - Mage
Route 112

“Ugh, the first person I see in a while, and he's a klutz. Course.” The girl said as Tim got up.

At this, Tim frowned, and blushed a little. It wasn't the first time he'd tripped and made a fool of himself. It also wasn't the first time he had been called a klutz either, but that didn't make this situation any less embarrassing. His guardian let out a small yelp, and hid behind her partner's back, and was as nervous as he was, even though she hadn't done anything. Casty tilted his head, but didn't say anything.

“What the hell bring you out here in this weather?”

"Um...s-s-studying..." Tim said quietly. He kept his head down and avoided making eye contact, as if he were speaking to a teacher in school who had scolded him for doing something wrong. "Um... I'm sure you already know, but uh... there's been... strange weather out here..."