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Thread: Pokemon Mage (PG-13)

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    Timothy "Tim" Wolfe - Mage
    Route 112

    “Ugh, the first person I see in a while, and he's a klutz. Course.” The girl said as Tim got up.

    At this, Tim frowned, and blushed a little. It wasn't the first time he'd tripped and made a fool of himself. It also wasn't the first time he had been called a klutz either, but that didn't make this situation any less embarrassing. His guardian let out a small yelp, and hid behind her partner's back, and was as nervous as he was, even though she hadn't done anything. Casty tilted his head, but didn't say anything.

    “What the hell bring you out here in this weather?”

    "Um...s-s-studying..." Tim said quietly. He kept his head down and avoided making eye contact, as if he were speaking to a teacher in school who had scolded him for doing something wrong. "Um... I'm sure you already know, but uh... there's been... strange weather out here..."

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    Lucas Serenes - Novice Mage
    Route 101

    Lucas was walking through Route 101, which was still as windy as before, on route to Oldale Town alongside Ryuka and Eevee. As the wind suddenly picked up Lucas placed his hand on his hat to keep it from getting blown off stating "It doesn't look like this wind has let up at all since last time."

    "Vee!" Eevee exclaimed, annoyed as his fur was blowing around in the wind.

    Ryuka was focusing on the road they were walking on when something caught his eye, prompting him to call out to Lucas.

    "What is it Ryuka?" Lucas asked before looking in the direction Ryuka was pointing. When he noticed what Ryuka was pointing at Lucas curiously walked up to it to get a closer look.

    What Lucas saw was a bird like Pokemon with black, white, and red feathers on the ground. "It's a Taillow!" Lucas exclaimed, but he then noticed something was wrong, "It looks like it's hurt though."

    When the Taillow noticed Lucas approaching it appeared weary of him at first until he crouched down and said "It's okay, we're not gonna hurt you, alright?" He then extended a hand out to the Taillow asking it "You're hurt aren't you? Please let me help you."

    Taillow then stared into the calm and innocent look in Lucas' eyes for a moment before deciding to approach Lucas' hand.

    Lucas saw this as an act of acceptance as he picked up the Taillow and asked it "You tried to fly against the strong winds didn't you? Is that how you got hurt?"

    Taillow nodded in response, indicating that is indeed what happened.

    Lucas gave Taillow a reassuring smile and told it "Don't worry, were almost to Oldale Town. Once we get to the Pokemon Center there you'll be all better in no time!" He then started towards Oldale Town with Taillow in his arms and with Ryuka and Eevee following close behind.

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    Arthur Mason - Mage
    Route 101

    "Fresh country air!" said Arthur cheerfully as he strode along the path that connected Littleroot Town to Oldale. "It's pretty different to the salty breeze of Lilycove, isn't it, Trilo?"

    The aforementioned fossil Pokemon, who was sitting on his shoulder, turned away from a rather large leaf to give him a small nod. It was obvious that the Anorith was not paying any attention to the air of the region, especially when such a beautiful leaf was right in front of him; whenever there was foliage around, there was absolutely no chance of distracting the insect away. Really, it had been pointless for Arthur to ask his Pokemon, but he had done so anyway - it would be boring travelling with companions and not talking at all, even if said companions weren't capable of speaking the human language.

    "Anyway, Rhys. Tell me about yourself."

    There was no reply from the Rhyhorn, which was obvious, as it had previously been a floating spirit of some sort that had successfully coalesced into a solid creature only hours before. It had absolutely no history to speak of, meaning that it could not actually tell Arthur anything important. Yet the teenager really wanted to make conversation - walking quietly along the path was really, really boring. Sure, attempting to make conversation with creatures that didn't speak Human and could only respond non-verbally was hard, especially when the questions asked didn't give much room for replying, but hey, a guy could try, couldn't he?

    "This is uh, a bit pointless, isn't it?"

    There were two simple nods from his companions.

    "Yeah, I figured."
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