When the annual tournaments are done. Sometime in September.
I know this is old, but it makes me laugh my *** off, that's when we have fall BRs. Tournaments are never done for pokemon.

oldmanjenkins@ I see you're hurt and the person above you seems justified in they're actions, however I'd just like to actually answer you're question. If you have older cards, some of those cards can still be used, please check these sets if you would like to know more

Plasma Storm
Boundaries Crossed
Dragon Vault
Dragons Exalted
Dark Explorers
Next Destinies
Noble Victories
Emerging Powers
Black & White

Cards are reprinted in the tcg alot, it happens, you can use you're older card, unless it says ace spec or there is some kind of grammatical change in what the card says and does, you can still use that card, I used reverse holo energy search from hoenn, they don't care (and believe me they're very strict with the rulings where I'm from).