So this has always kind of plagued me...but how gritty can the Pokemon world before it seems really disjointed?

Allow me to elaborate. I think the vast majority of stories we see posted on SPPF are inspired by the Pokemon canon but on a much more epic scale. Typically, this is achieved by making the world more gritty (perhaps I need another adjective by now) so that the criminals/bad guys/ Team Antagonist are much more diabolical and the hero has even more at stake.

So I guess what I'm wondering is, what are your guys thoughts on perhaps going overboard with it. I don't typically see it on these forums as much...but some other ones such as PE2K and tend to come down pretty hard if it diverts too much from the anime's feel (at least in my experience).

I mean obviously, you have to have an antagonist and a protagonist...but let's say you took Pokemon and threw it into the world of The that too much?

Hopefully, I got my question across in the midst of all that rambling.