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Thread: Does anyone else here enjoy scary mangas?

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    Default Does anyone else here enjoy scary mangas?

    I know I'm supposed to keep it tasteful, but I won't be posting any of what I'm talking about to here because some of these comics are graphic and violent. If it's still inappropriate then feel free to move this or delete it.

    I really enjoy reading horror mangas, particularly works by Junji Ito, like Uzumaki, and I enjoyed Parasyte (well, what I read of it) and Drifting Classroom was pretty good, too.
    Does anyone else here like reading really creepy/dark mangas?

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    I usually stick to the shounen part of manga
    Getting nightmares over manga is not really my thing.
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    The only consistently creepy/horror manga I keep up with is Higurashi and Corpse Party, that's about it. After reading Enigma of Amigara Fault, I haven't touched any of Junji Ito's stories since (though I'll go on his TV Tropes page from time to time). It took months to get over it, and I don't know if I'm still sensitive to it or not.
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