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Thread: Desperately need help with my Emerald team...

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    Default Desperately need help with my Emerald team...

    A friend of mine recently suggested a group challenge that sounded fun. Basically, we all have to play a 3rd gen pokemon game with a team made up of some of the weakest pokemon in the game; NU pokemon competitively. We have to make them as good as possible, and then battle with them later!
    We had a semi-blind auction to create our teams, and mine is:


    I've only ever played one pokemon game before, and that was Soul Silver, so I literally have no experience at all with this! I was wondering if anybody could help suggest some good movesets, for each individually but that would also work as a team?

    Also, if there are any suggestions as to good abilities/EVs/items, it would also be appreciated! I've never EVed before, but I'm intending to beat my boyfriend at this and he's a real pokemon fanatic, so I need all the help I can get!

    Thank you!

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    Update: My spinda is EVed now for speed and attack, as was reccommended by Smogon. I'm currently hating it, because it was traded over to me as my starter pokemon and so it's been disobeying me and falling asleep and generally being annoying!

    I've just got to the stage where I can catch a Plusle. I've been advised to get one with a timid nature? Any ideas for best EVs or movesets, or it's use within the team would be great before I start EVing!

    Thank you!

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