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    I figured I'd give it a chance since there are only 90 or so released episodes so far. I just watched episode one due to the crossover that will premiere next month between it and One Piece along with DB. I got curious and I really like it so far, the animation is gorgeous. The food pun...yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! It looks so awesome, the food. The plot is weird and I like that and Toriko is a likable Shounen character. I'm a bit surprised there wasn't a discussion thread about this when I did a search.

    Basically I'll give a small summary for those that don't know what it's about.

    Toriko is about a man named Toriko who is a Gourmet Hunter in a normal weird where food exist everywhere. Volcanoes fizz with the bubbly twinkle of many different sodas and forest exist with the lovely juiciness of glazed pigs waiting to be caught, cooked, and eaten. Toriko's goal is to discover certain special foods to fill up his special menu.(iirc) There seems to be a big bad and of course the only supporting character so far is Komatsu, a somewhat nervous and timid guy whose goal is to be a gourmet chef. That's just what I can gather from watching episode one, English Dub by FUNImation. It seems like it'll be fun. The music so far has been good, not a fan of the opening but the ending is decent.

    Let the discussion begin! May this thread be as active as the Naruto and One Piece discussions!

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    Toriko... Well i just started to watch the anime i'm like on episode 9 and i been reading the manga for quiet some time now. My favorite thing is the plot and all the weird food haha... so far i like how the story is going.
    Looking Good!
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