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Thread: is this a good moveset for blastoise fire red?

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    Default is this a good moveset for blastoise fire red?

    nature hardy


    attack 84
    defense 107
    sp attack 80
    sp defense 103
    speed 89

    water pulse
    skull bash
    brick break

    is this a good moveset or can anyone suggest a good moveset for me tonuse in the game.

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    By the way its level 42

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    i know it doesnt learn skull bash yet but this is the moveset i would like my blastoise to have. also should i have mega punch instead of skull badh?

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    Please don't triple post.

    You would also get more replies if you posted in the correct section; questions about teams or if a specific Pokemon is good or not would go in here: Here is also a thread with moveset suggestions for every Pokemon in third gen:, although note that it's more for a competitive set-up at times (e.g. what they suggest on the Blastoise isn't necessary for in-game alone, but may be better if you were say doing the Emerald Battle Frontier with it).

    It is hard to gauge how 'good' the Blastoise is stat-wise - even if we knew the nature of it (the level and raw numbers actually aren't enough), it's impossible if we don't know the EVs (effort values, something a Pokemon gains after every battle). But for in-game purposes it should be just fine anyway.

    Surf over Water Pulse once you can learn it, I suggest. Brick Break is alright I suppose, but if you can spare an Ice Beam TM then Blastoise would like that too. Mega Punch may be better just because it doesn't take a turn to charge up, while Return would be better yet.

    Anyways, going to close. Try the other section next time, please - new thread for a full team (but note the rules of that section as you need more details than what you provided in the thread you posted here on your team), and the other thread in there that I linked for specific moves per Pokemon.

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