Alright, this is my first Fanfic, and I've worked really hard on it, so I hope it doesn't stink. There will be a Terminology and Character Bio post later (after people start reading). Surprisingly, I don't have much more to say, except that I hope people like this fic!

Chapter 1- Welcome to the Dark Side. We’ve been expecting you.

The sun shone rather brightly on the small village called Dreamer’s Village. Dreamer’s Village is one of the smallest civilized areas in the Alpha Region. The crops were having a good year, and many adults were outside picking them while the children ran around unsupervised as usual. One such child was named Hope, and she was your normal, everyday little girl in Dreamer’s Village.

“Try and catch me!” the little girl sang, running happily in the green fields alongside a friendly Lillipup from the PokeFarm.

“Lilli! Puup!” the little tan puppy Pokémon barked at Hope, chasing her around playfully.

When Hope came to a hill, her favorite hill to be exact, she lied down and rolled down, laughing the whole way. The Lillipup rolled with her, and landed on top of her when they stopped. Then, the two hopped up and continued chasing each other. They played and played until they came to the outskirts of the village. Surrounding the outsides was Frost Forest. It was said to be cold, but not just because of temperature. A legend told was told as a warning to all children of Dreamer’s Village, and Hope remembered this all but too well.

“Once, a long, long time ago, when this very village had just started its beginnings, there was a young girl named Rua. One day, Rua asked her Mama a question about the forest.

‘Mama, can I go play in the forest?’ she asked. Her mother replied

‘No, Rua, never go into that forest. It is full of Dark Pokémon.’ Rua didn’t know what Dark Pokémon were, so she asked her Mama.

‘Mama, what are Dark Pokémon?’

‘They are bad Pokémon that represent bad things.’

‘But Mama, I thought all Pokémon were good?’ Rua replied, curious.

‘Rua, the Pokémon themselves are not bad; just the creatures that possess them. There are evil creatures in there, Rua, ones that can change their bodies to look like other creatures, or even take over a living creature’s body if they trust the Dark Creature enough. So you must never, ever go into that forest, because Dark Creatures can be very convincing.’

Rua didn’t listen to her Mama, however. She went out to play, and met a girl in the field. The girl didn’t say a word, just tapped her shoulder and ran off. Rua was very familiar with this game, so she chased the mysterious girl around until she approached the edge of the forest.

‘I can’t go there because Mama says it’s dangerous’ Rua said, warning the girl. Then, Rua heard a voice in her head that she thought was coming from the girl even though her mouth wasn’t moving.

‘It’ll be okay; just a minute in the forest won’t hurt.’ The voice said.

‘Well, okay, I guess I’ll go.’ She said, and continued chasing the girl. The girl took many turns through the forest, and many times Rua’s dress was caught in the brambles. Then a voice sounding much like Mama’s popped in her head.

‘Come to me Rua. I’m waiting for you.’ She expected to turn around and see her bright sunny village and Mama calling her name, but all she saw was trees, dark branches and bushes all around. Then, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and told the girl

‘We should leave now. It’s scary in here,’ but a sly grin began to spread across the mysterious girl’s face. Then, she spun into the air in a flash of smoke and floated above Rua’s head, only instead of a girl she was a pale grey cloud of smoke with two pitch black eyes that could barely be distinguished from the cloud. Then, she began to spin around Rua, and eventually the child could not be seen among the smoke. When the cloud vanished again, Rua was gone. Then she came back, except her eyes were the color of woods round her.

“That other girl’s body was getting old.” She creaked. A sly grin spread across the Dark Creature’s face.”

The tale ended there, and Hope always got goose bumps whenever she thought about the girl of legend. She stared into the woods, and looked at the Lillipup, who was pulling at her leg, away from Frost Forest. She turned and just before she took off into a run, she heard a howl. She turned and saw a little black fox Pokémon with its foot caught in the brambles. It was only about fifteen feet away from where she was standing, so she cautiously walked into the woods, the Lillipup being dragged as it tried to stop her. She stopped and stooped at the little Zorua, then untangled its paw.

“There you go! Now go home!” she said, trying to get the Zorua to run along. But it just merely stood there, a sly grin on its face. Hope didn’t notice the face, and was touching the Zorua when it vanished into thin air. Then, she heard a voice, a very creaky one.

“Thank you for setting me free, little girl. Or should I say slave?” Then, she saw a grey cloud begin to swirl around her. But then another one, a darker one began to swirl around her, and then dove into the one revolving around Hope. There was a loud scream, and a burning sound. Hope looked all around, and then looked down. And that’s when she saw the lights. Little yellowish bubbles began to rise up from her feet, then more and more until her whole body was covered in light bubbles. Then, there was a blinding flash, Hope closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, there were no spirits, no voices, and no Lillipup. She looked around, and noticed that she was about a foot and a half shorter! She glanced around frantically, wondering what had happened. Then she heard the voice.

“Ahh, sweetie, you seem lost. Well, Welcome to the Dark Side. Anyways, my name is Night, and you will be my host for the rest of your life. So, do you have any questions?”

“Who are you? Why am I shorter? What do you mean ‘Dark Side?’ Why can I hear you but not see you?” Hope had a bad feeling she knew what the answer to the third question was.

“As I already stated, I am Night, a Dark Creature. And by Dark Side, I mean you are my servant. As for you not being able to see me, it’s because you’ve been possessed. When you’re possessed, your Dark Creature is inside of you and completely controls everything you do. And for why you’re shorter, you seem to have changed into some red-colored fox Pokémon. Now that I’ve answered your questions, we shall be off to the Creature Shrine where all Dark Creatures must pay their tributes to the death of an old host and the birth of a new one.”

Hope had millions of other questions, and she was terrified of the Creature called Night. She wanted to run home to her Mama and Papa, where they would protect her, but no matter how hard she tried, her legs kept going deeper into the woods.

“Little girl, resisting is useless. Once you release a Dark Creature, you must be that Creature’s host, and when you are a host, the Dark Creature controls you. Then after serving the Dark Creature until the day you would naturally die, you are released and die while the Dark Creature continues living in a new host. And there’s nothing you can do about it.” The voice named Night whispered in her crackly voice.

~ ~ ~

When Night and Hope reached a clearing in the woods, all Hope noticed was a large pot, a tombstone, and many people and Pokémon. She was wondering why they would all come here when it’s so dangerous when Night interrupted.

“Hope, is it? What a wretched name, can’t wait to have it changed. Oh, by the way, everything you think of I can see. Everything you smell, I smell. I have control over everything you do, except speaking. But, look closely at the wandering Pokémon.”
Hope looked around, but didn’t notice anything except that if she said something, the Pokémon would turn and talk, only no sound came out.

“The eyes child! Look at their eyes! Do any people you know have eyes the color of my name?”

Hope thought for a second as she scanned the people and Pokémon’s eyes. They were as black as coal, just like Night had said. Hope thought about all the people she had met and heard about, but her mind almost always went back to the Dark Creature legend, and she didn’t know if it was her or Night that kept sending the image of poor Rua into her brain.

“Ahh, child, you’ve heard of that girl. Poor little Rua, who was too curious for her own good. Well,, I didn’t call her Rua. To me, she was Curl, as the spirit who possesses a soul gets the honor of renaming them. Now, if you put two and two together…” Night left the thought hanging, expecting Hope to finish it for her. Hope then realized that Night had to have been the Dark Creature who possessed Rua.

”So you finally got it, did you sweetheart? That I was the first Dark Creature to ever possess a human? Yes, before my first possessing, all Dark Creatures possessed the filthy scum you humans call Pokémon. Then I came along, possessing little Rua, and now humans are possessed. But, because of some stupid newbie Creature, they tried to get in on MY human, and we both tried to possess you at the same time, and you changed into a Pokémon. Simple enough, child, for my mind, but you will learn more of our ways as we spend more time together. After all, you’ll be with me until you die!” Night cackled maliciously after her thoughts.

During their mainly one-sided conversation, Hope’s legs had continued moving her towards the shrine, even though she had a terrible feeling about it. Her legs stopped in front of the large caldron, which could fit her inside with plenty of room, even when she was still a human. She stopped on what seemed to be a stone implanted into the ground, and when her foot came into contact with it, it began to glow faintly in a deep red, then grew brighter as she put her other paws on the stone, one by one, until she had all four paws on the stone. Then, the stone rose up from the ground, and a marking in the shape of a crescent moon appeared glowing on the caldron. Then, a voice spoke out from nowhere, but only Hope and Night seemed to hear it.

“Welcome back, Miss Night.” Then Night replied.

“Yes, Caldron, it is me. Please put my marking on this host.” Then, the moon-shaped marking slowly extended from the caldron, and Hope’s paw was lifted up, presumably by Night, and held up against the stone. It was burning, although even though Hope could feel it, it didn’t hurt. Must come with being a Vulpix, she thought. Then her paw dropped and the crescent receded back into the caldron. The stone Hope was standing on lowered back to the ground, and Hope stepped off. Then, Night began muttering some type of song or spell, as it seemed.

When she finished, the caldron began to glow, and a portal opened before her eyes. Then, Night made Hope enter it. Hope began to experience a whirling around her, and then came to a dead stop.

“Here we are, child; the Dark Side. This is where Dark Creatures live until their host begins to die, and then they leave the world to release the dying host and capture a new one. Now, how about a new name, child? Hope is too, well, bright and happy. We need something that suits the dark side better. Ahh, Shadow! Yes, yes, Shadow will do, yes, very nicely. It suits you, especially a little Fire- type Poke-scum like you.”

Hope, or rather Shadow, took in her surroundings. The dirt was hard and dark, the sky was gray, and everything besides the Pokémon and people were shades of black and gray. Actually, the only colors were the peeks of heads, tails, arms and paws, as all the Pokémon and humans were wearing dark colored robes. Shadow’s legs continued moving, and she found herself getting closer to a gray Keckleon, who was barely visible against the landscape.

“Shade, I have returned!” Night said to the Keckleon.

“Night, my lovely darling, I see your new host is quite…small. I thought you said you had been tracking a human?” The Keckleon, who was apparently possessed by a Dark Creature named Shade, replied.

”Yes, this is a human, believe it or not. Some newbie Darkie tried to get her, so we began possessing her at the same time.”

“Ahh, yes, there are a lot of new Darkies around because of the D-Day Sacrifice and all. So, black or gray?” Shade asked, holding up two robes; one black and one gray.

“The gray. And might I say, Shade, your Keckleon host is looking very blended today.”

Night said, slipping the robe on her host. The robe was made out of a rough material, and looked as if it would fit a human just as well as it would a Pokémon. On it was a hood, messily sewn on, and the mark and name of the Creature the robe was lent to.

“See you later, Shade.” Night said, and she and Shadow, formally Hope, walked off.

“Alright, Shadow. Now you have your robes, new name, and have been marked. Now, I shall take you to my dwelling, where you will learn and memorize the Dark Creature Code, and your schedule. Sometimes I will be with you, and at others I will have you on a ‘leash’; I can still connect with you, but I won’t have full control over your actions. However, if you get out of hand, I can automatically go back to complete control of you.”

~ ~ ~

Night and Shadow entered Night’s dwelling through a curtain that served as a door. Inside, it was as gray as it was outside. On a small shelf in the back of the area, there was a fairly large book.

“That is the Book of the Dark Creature Code. You will learn this, Shadow, and will know it by heart. You will begin tomorrow. Get some rest tonight; possessing a new host is tiring, and because we are connected now, your energy is transferred to me, as mine is to yours. And you must obey me, unless you would like to see an angered Darkie, which I can promise you, is a very terrifying sight.” Night creaked, and then floated upwards, carrying Shadow with her. “Well, what and odd way to sleep!” thought Shadow, as she looked down about four feet on to the ground, getting slightly nauseous.