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    Default The Prophecy of Silverr

    The Adventures of Silverr
    Authors Note: This story takes place before Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova.

    Chapter 1: The Prophecy

    *Beep Beep* as I roll over groggily to turn of the alarm, I realize that today is February 29. Today is my birthday. I should first introduce myself. I’m Silverr. It’s pronounced just like Silver. I live in the Johto region in the small town of Barsins. It is right under the foot of Mt. Kumauni. Apparently, whoever is born in my town, on a certain date is going to be the new guardian of the Johto region. This happens every 100 years. Before I leave, I have to talk to the village Psychic. Her name is Violet. As I approach the Psychic, I realize that she must have to tell me something very important, in addition to giving me my first Pokémon. As I walk in to her log cabin, which is ornately decorated with antiques and artifacts from around the world, I feel like there is a strange presence watching me. I turn around, but there is no one or nothing there. Finally, I enter the Psychic’s home. After a long visit, right before she dies, she tells me that I am the one, the one who will light a new path. She gives me my Pokémon, an Eevee and with that she peacefully passes on to the other world.

    Wow! “An Eevee, I would have never picked that Pokémon for myself!” “The Psychic knows best!” I say as I scratch my head. “Pipi?” cries Eevee. “Oh don’t worry we will have a great time on our journey!” I suddenly realize that Eevee has five evolutions. “Hey Eevee,” I say “What do you want to evolve into?” I ask Eevee. “Pipi!” responds Eevee. “Yeah I guess you wouldn’t know yet! Hahaha!” I respond feeling happy I now have a new friend. As night falls, I realize we must find a place to set up camp for the night. We find a spacious clearing in the deep dark forest. Just as we are about to fall asleep, a wild Spinarak appears. “Are you ready to fight Eevee?” I ask feeling nervous since this was my first Pokémon battle. “PiPi!” Eevee yells back taking her battle stance. I quickly pull out my Pokedex to look up what moves Eevee knows. My Pokedex tells me Eevee knows Shadow Claw, Dig, Pound, and Agility. Wow! This Eevee was breed by the Psychic! “Eevee use Shadow Claw!” I command. Eevee swiftly lands the attack with ease. “Great job!” I excitedly yell to Eevee. The wild Spinarak than used poison sting with amazing speed! Thankfully Eevee dodges the attack. “Here goes nothing! Go Pokeball! As the Pokeball shakes back and forth a few times, I get nervous that the Spinarak might break free. *Bing!* “Yes I caught a Spinarak!” I yell excitedly. “Pipi!” Eevee yelps excitedly. I then call out Spinarak, so I can introduce him to Eevee and myself. “Spin Spin!” exclaims Spinarak. “PiPi!” yelps Eevee. “Well you two seem to get along great!” I happily say. “It’s getting late. We should probably get to bed. Spinarak return!” I say feeling very tired. As Eevee snuggles in with me, I suddenly jolt up feeling that someone is watching me. No one is there, again. “Good night Eevee” I say in mid yawn. “PiPi” says Eevee even though she is pretty much asleep. And with that we fall asleep.

    I really liked how this story turned out. Please feel free to PM reviews and comments. This was my first fanfic. Please feel free to make suggestions that will further develop my writing and make this story more interesting. I will take one suggestion from the comments and incorporate it into the next chapter. ( The suggestion can be something like what his Eevee should evolve into or what Pokemon he should catch next)
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