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Thread: Help me in transferring from Diamond to Platinum?

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    Default Help me in transferring from Diamond to Platinum?

    Please! I only need 6 transferred from my DIAMOND game to my PLATINUM game, it would be a BIG help, just give me your friend code, and we can set it up. I need it soon, so if you would help that would be great. I have masterballs in my diamond I can give to you! If thats not what you're looking for then I can offer something else! Thanks alot! My FC's are in my Signature
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    -My Pokemon Platinum FC: 2667 1811 4333
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    -My Pokemon Diamond FC: 1162 9251 5192
    Name in-game: Thomas

    -My Pokemon Soulsilver FC: 2967 6200 8940
    Name in-game: Deuce
    My Time Zone/Area: GMT-4 USA,NY

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    Try the Wifi Section.

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