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Thread: Anyone have an old neopets account??

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    Default Anyone have an old neopets account??

    I figured this place was the best to ask about this, so here goes: To adopt certain pets on Neopets you need an account 4 months or older. Both my main account and side account on there are almost 3 years old, however, my sides aren't old at all. Someone that I know of on there is quitting, and adopting out some pets. However, I can only adopt two out of the 3 or 4 I really would like, since I don't have account space. So I come here asking this of you: Does anyone here have an old account/ side account on Neo that's at least months old? (Transfers for the pets start in April) I would really appreciate it greatly if you could, well, let me "adopt" your old account. It's pretty urgent as applications close this sunday, so I'm getting desperate. I don't care about anything other than it being over 3 months old. I would be very, very appreciative!
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    I don't think we're allowed to give accounts away.
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