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    Default [PG-16] Brave New World: Return of the Magi

    Here it is, ladies and gentleman. The beginning of my great RPG. If anyone can draw our characters and make a banner, please do so.

    Brave New World: Return of the Magi

    GameMaster: DVB

    Prologue: The Second Advent

    Diego Vendrix
    Sapphire Water Staff Wielder
    Christmas Party- Atlanta, GA
    11:50 PM Dec 21, 2012

    Diego Vendrix was drinking yet another mug of deliciously homemade and booze-free eggnog as he was enjoying the first college Christmas party. It was the first Christmas part he was invited to where it wasn't with his folks. He was happily gorged on deli meats with cheese, crackers along with christmas cookies and cakes. He was smiling all around by himself as he stared at the clock.

    10 minutes until the end of the Winter Solstice.

    Most of the people were either enjoying some alcohol, playing some video games in the other room or watching some Christmas movies. Diego looked at his watch before looking at the clock. He sighed. Despite being here thanks to his roommate, he still felt a slight lonliness in his heart.

    He also felt some ghostbumps crawl over him. He didn't know, but he had a feeling something terrible was about to go down.
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    Halt Gao
    Amber Hammer Weilder
    Starry Night-Alaska Wilderness
    11:50 PM Dec 21st, 2012

    "I'm heading out daddy! I need to see the stars now or else it'll be too late!" called what looked like a young boy to his father, who was busy on the couch, talking to his thrid girlfriend, a beer in one hand.

    "Alright Halt *hiccup* just be back...before...beddy time" the man slurred back, before returning to his girlfriend, who was also throughly drunk. The boy put his hands into the sleaves of his black sweatshirt, and start scratching at the large scabs that had formed from his last times scratching himself. They traveled the length of his arms, though the deeper scars were at the thicker parts of the arm right before the elbow. He shivered at the pain, and pulled the hood lower over his face and eyes. A soft mewing sound echoed from the small bulge at the chest area of his shirt, but Halt merely shhshed it quietly.

    "Black Star, shhh. Please." he begged the kitten, and she seemed to quiet down. Only a little bit though, she hated silence. Halt knew he had to ask fast at that point. He ducked out the silder door, and ran into the nearby woods. His sweatshirt's back design was the only part of his outfit that could be seen well in the dark night, a bright white star in the center of his shoulder blades. The same star was on the back of his black fingerless gloves, but those he left behind in case he got them dirty on the rock wall. His black short fluttered a bit in the wind, riding up a bit on his pale legs, but that he ignoreid, no one ever came out during winter in Alaska, let alone at night. His black shoes left a small star stamp in the ground as he ran, from a design in the insole, and these also were white with blue stripes. His shirt was hidden, thankfully, under his sweat shirt.

    Halt smiled when he neared the rock wall. A large twenty foot tall wall of grey and pebbles loamed omniously. He sclae dit in a matter of minutes. Heaving himself onto the top, Halt sighed and smiled at the tiny area he prepared earlier. A small blanket, his secret pillow of BRS, and a tiny cat bed for Black Star the black panther kitten. Halt slowly unzipped his sweatshirt, and layed it out to lay on, while also placing the kitten in her bed. She curled up, and watched her master lay on the blanket and his sweatshirt, letting the frigid air pass over his small frame. The stars were all out and shining bright, each delated to see the other, and spread the messages. "So's like their final show..." he said softly, remembering the rumors of the day.
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    OOC: This first post contains an unconventional sort of flashback, some video game geekiness (odd for a post about Zuri), and even a couple of cameos from other RPGs I was in...

    Abandoned Watkinson Household - Savanna, GA
    11:50 PM
    "A Hug Without A Body"

    They say some ghosts arise from memories so strong that they take on a body of their own, imbued with the rememberer's essence. One house in particular, hugged by the branches of trees, had become a spot local curious kids knew to stay away from, and where even the bravest of ghost hunters dared not get too close. The house lay abandoned, because realtors didn't think anyone would want to buy the house if it was rumoured to be haunted.

    On this night though, a short young man in a long purple coat walked right by the house, his long black ponytail blowing around violently in the wind. Yet in the wind whistling through the night, there was something else. It sounded like the voice of a little girl, though it had an echo to it, as if it was calling from beyond the veil itself. She sounded sad, in mourning maybe.

    "Yule is here, the longest night
    In darkness now, rebirth the light..."

    Hearing this, the man stopped to listen. He looked to the house, and immediately saw a tiny little face in the topmost window of the house, though it seemed like an image, more like. Though the night was quite cold (for Savanna anyway), just then a warm smile started to spread across his face.

    I found it, he thought. So a family of Witches once lived here. I can tell. And they worked amongst where the trees reached for the skies. They say one's magical practices are heavily influenced by their living environment, and my guess is that the Watkinsons' specialties must have been in divination and mediumship...

    He took a step forward towards the short cobblestone pathway leading up to the house. And another one. As he approached the house, he noticed the whitish glow coming from the room where the little girl was grow brighter. Looking up, he could see two more people appear in there, these two even more transparent than the girl was. They appeared to be a man and a woman, probably the girl's parents.

    "Mom! Dad!" He was right. The girl had proved it just now in her speech. "But you're... so... so this is what ghosts look like... Hey... can you hear me? Mom? Dad?"

    Her parents didn't say anything, but they did smile and nod their heads. Then, all of a sudden, her father moved forward and gave her a hug. The girl was very surprised, and shivering.

    "It's cold..." she mentioned, "but it's also warm..."

    Even the mortal man standing by at the doorway was surprised.
    A hug from a ghost... from a deceased family member no less... It's early experience with aural contact at its very finest! Ah, there is so much regarding ghosts that most people have yet to understand, much less love. What's there to love about a ghost?

    Smiling once more, he turned around and walked away, so as to not disturb the Watkinsons.
    What's there to love about a ghost? Surprisingly, loads.

    Zuri Watkinson (the real one this time)
    Future Wielder of the Diamond Cosmic Wand
    Christmas party, Atlanta, GA, 10 to midnight
    "This Was College After All"

    Amidst all the loud chatting (this was college after all), there Zuri sat, snuggled into a corner of the sofa, using her gray winter shawl as a blanket. Though her face was near-white most of the time, tonight her nose was slightly pink. This usually happened when it was very cold outside, but in a nice warm interior it meant something quite different: she was drunk. This was college after all.

    Initially Zuri was hesitant about going to this party, since she really wasn't a party person in general. She was never one to socialize much. At a party like this, all she would do is drift about like the ghost she was (or was not, though this was college after all), admiring the atmosphere once in a while, but not much else. But her best friend Diego was here, and he was always encouraging her to be just a little bit more social, especially since it might help her get over the loss of her grandmother, the only living family she had left. That and an excuse to be away from her annoying dorm mate (who for some reason stayed here despite the fact that she had family) was enough reason to be here at the party. If anything, the alcohol calmed her down, perhaps a bit too much, since due to being underage, the last time she ever drank was when she discovered the sacramental wine at Grandma's altar. Eh, no matter, this was college after all, so why not?

    Her eyes were pointed at the gamers' TV screen, which now featured a Brawl match between King Dedede, Link, Pit, and the Ice Climbers (a.k.a. Santa, one of his elves, a Christmas angel, and a pair of eskimos). But she gazed seemingly beyond this comical scene, into space, or perhaps further than that, into some unknown ethereal realm. Not even the gamers squeezed next to her on the sofa could bother her, despite their commenting and frantic button-pressing. And Christmas caroling, courtesy of the guy who was controlling the Ice Climbers and lost the match. They had a rule where anyone who lost had to sing a Christmas song for everyone.

    "Ghosts..." Zuri whispered so softly that nobody around her could hear. Her lips barely even moved. "My family... is a family of ghosts. To think that I am a member of this family, only means that I am... a ghost..."

    The boy sitting next to her (who was the one controlling Link in that match, in case you were wondering), who had heard her say the very last part of what she was whispering, replied, "Nah, you're not a ghost, you're just full of spirits."

    She didn't even hear him, instead leaning her head against the back of the couch. "Seven chakras... Red, for Saturn and the roots; Orange, for Jupiter and the pen--I mean, the navel; Yellow, for Mars and the gut; Green, for Venus and the heart; Blue, for Mercury and the voice; Violet, for the Moon and the mind; and Clear, White, for the Sun and the divine self. Somehow, maybe, they are important..."

    She fidgeted, and her head rolled over onto the arm of the sofa. There, she saw Diego through the doorway, looking at the clock. Before the gamers could make fun of her or ask her for like the fourteenth tarot reading of the night (wasn't thirteen always enough?), she stood up, nearly falling over while doing so, and wandered slowly over to where Diego was. She was beginning to sober up a little (after being pretty much passed out on the couch for the last hour or so), and that was good, since it was getting pretty late.

    "Hey Merlin--I mean, Diego--what time is it?" Zuri asked him. But she needed only look at the clock for the answer. "Nearly midnight! Many people may say that this is the end of the world..." and here she looked back over her shoulder at the gamers' room, just in time to see one of them take out the game disc and start playing a video game called Majora's Mask instead, "But the truth is, unless the moon itself falls upon the earth, the end will be the beginning of a bright new age. I see magic resurfacing in the world and cooperating with science. I see a truce being called between the east and the west. And, I see... a rainbow..."

    At that point she lost her balance and fell backward, right into a really big guy in a kilt and with braided hair. The tarot deck Zuri had tucked into her skirt fell right out, scattering cards all over the floor. Upon realizing what happened, Zuri muttered a quick apology, while the Scotsman she had bumped into helped her pick up the tarot cards. The very first card he picked up was the Hierophant card, and he looked at it with peculiarity before picking up the others.

    "Tarot cards, eh?" he said to her. "You know, I don't really believe in superstition or this rumoured apocalypse or anything like that, but yet I always feel a great sense of dread when midnight approaches. And it's almost midnight now. Guess I better be leaving."

    Zuri scowled at him as he left--another nonbeliever, it seemed. Oh well, she had just finished picking up all the cards, and was now standing up next to Diego to await the witching hour...

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    Julia Wilczyński
    Amethyst Air Bow Wielder
    Ombra's Turf - Boston, MA
    11:50 PM

    "Julia, you still willing to bet that the world won't end tonight?" The voice belonged to a dark-haired young man. He walked out the run-down door and leaned on the railings of the balcony, next to a tall, auburn-haired young woman about a couple of years younger than him. Julia, the woman, looked to her side, before smirking. It was Marcello Fiorelli, Giovanni's right-hand man. Julia lit a new cigarette before placing it between her lips, inhaling before taking it out and puffing out smoke. Five days had passed since her twenty-first birthday, and she had received the gift of a new .45 caliber pistol, obtained cheap by Giovanni through his connections and a step up from her old 9mm. If the stupid rumor about the apocalypse was true however, she probably wasn't going to be able to use it, and she did not like the thought.

    "Always will, Marek. You know I'll never agree with Black Shamrock on anything. Those superstitious damn scared of something that isn't happening. I can imagine them hiding under their blankets now. They're not the only idiots either." Julia replied without the slightest hint of taking back her words, her breath condensing in the winter air. She took another smoke before laughing roughly. The Pole knew the rumors, and she definitely wasn't deaf to them. She however didn't believe in them. All talks about the apocalypse, the world ending, even some crazy things about people being taken up into the sky, it all sounded too impossible and, at the same time, hilarious to her ears. She climbed up and sat on the balcony's rails, not caring about the possibility of falling.

    "Besides, why should any 'fire and brimstone' end matter anyway? We'll all die and feel nothing in the end anyway. Nothing to be afraid of. Cholera...I bet this is their way of getting away from what they owe us." She continued, smoking away her cigarette before carelessly dropping the butt off and partially unzipping the black leather jacket she wore, her one impulse buy after Stefano managed to find money while sacking Black Shamrock's turf a year ago. Avaricia, another gang, was blamed for the break-in. Ombra and Black Shamrock had been at each other's throats even before Julia had joined, other gangs allying with one of the two, and the fact that the Irish-American gang had killed her mother did not help Julia's feelings on the matter. She had already killed four members, though Black Shamrock had recruited new ones soon after, in addition to a few of their contacts. Despite this, she never feared them, or their threats.

    "Damn, Julia. Always so adamant. Say, what if it did happen?" Marcello joked, causing Julia to punch him on his arm. Despite Marcello's role as right-hand, he never lost his sense of humor and was far from serious unless things called for it. In fact nobody, not even Giorgio, was entirely cold and serious by nature. Even shy newcomer Luigi had a different side to him. This time, nothing called for seriousness, which made Marcello free to joke around.

    "Dude, did you even hear what I hear? Crazy people selling all their shit for this! Remember what we heard on May and October last year? Never happened. We're fine, Marek." She laughed as she looked up at the sky, seeing the stars shine bright in the clear, cold night before glancing at Marcello's watch. Ten minutes before the rumors would blow up once again, or whatever would happen, whether December 22 would come or whether the unlikely would happen.

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    Cadenza "Cadence" Amoré
    Emerald Wood Axe Wielder
    Manhattan New York, Hotel Ballroom
    December 21 2012, Nighttime

    Cadence, wearing a frilly purple dress, a fuzzy purple bolero around her shoulders to keep herself warm in the December cold, and some of her good jewelry, stepped out into the vast, brightly-lit ballroom amidst girls in fancy gowns or dresses and men in sharp suits of different styles. There was a huge, beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the center of the room, and the whole place was decked out with lights and holly. "Wow! This is a serious party. It's even bigger than I imagined!" The blonde girl said as she looked around in awe. The scene inside was quite different from all the chaos that was going on outside due to the snow and terrible traffic.

    This year was her first Christmas without him, and she missed him dearly. The thought of him not being by her side right now brought a frown to her face for a second. However, Cadence wasn't just going to sit around at home and mope about it. That wasn't good for anybody. She was going to get out there and do something for herself. She had heard about this party through a mutual friend, and it seemed like the perfect place to loosen up. After admiring the grandness of everything, she went to take a seat at the bar. The instant she got into a chair, she was bombarded by several boys from school.

    "Hey Cadence! Would you like to dance?" One guy in the front of the crowd asked.

    Another guy pushed the first one out of the way. "No me first!"

    Then the third came in and shoved the second guy out of his way. "Outta my way, I saw her first!"

    "Back off you idiots, she's mine!" A fourth male making his way through the crowd shouted. It wouldn't be long before a fight broke out.

    Although she did think the fighting was barbaric, and completely unnecessary. Cadence put her hand over her mouth, and giggled at all the attention she got from the boys when she hadn't even done anything yet. "Hehe. Oh boys, that's very sweet of you. But I just got here, and I was hoping to get something to drink first." The truth was, she wasn't interested in dancing with any of them if they were going to fight over her like she was some type of prize to be won. She was here to have fun, not to be some guy's trophy. Although, that first guy seemed nice...

    "Ooh, I'll get you something! Be right back!" One boy said before running off. The others followed suit, and came back carrying glasses of water a few seconds later. "Here you go!" All of them seemed to shout in unison.

    Smiling politely, Cadence flicked her wrist, and giggled again. "Hehe, you guys are just too funny! Thank you very much, but I think I'll get my own drink, thanks." She twisted one strand of hair that had pink dyed into it between her fingers. "Besides, there are plenty of other pretty girls here, and I'm sure they'd be happy to dance with gentleman such as yourselves." She got out of her seat. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a to go take care of something." Walking over to a quieter area of the room, she stepped in front of a large window, and admired the wintery cityscape outside. The stars were all out, and shining brightly, which was unusual for a big city like this. This must have be a sign. There was something special about tonight. It was more than just the fact that it was four days until Christmas. It seemed like something exciting was going to happen soon. Although, she didn't believe it was the end of the world like most others thought, because that was scary. To her, it would be something much better than that.


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