The Story So Far...

Across the multiverse, several worlds laided in statis. Gray, dull and static, the worlds were in a protective state. Parallelmon looked around at the area. Besides the time-stopped area, there were several rips in space-time where it was. There were still a few Tamers and Digi-Destined in hiding. No matter, he would find them eventually. After all, few digimon swore their loyalty to his and his allies' cause. Besides the holes to the Human World, there were holes to other Digital Worlds. Parallelmon sat for a moment. This Digital World was different than most of them were, where the word Tamer first came into play.

Parallelmon realized he should get going before he vanished.

He reappeared in the strange dimensional area. "Quartzmon, once again, I must say, you need to redesign this area, he stated. The other digimon present rolled their eyes. As an experiment, they had to spend years in this place without their powers so they would grow accustomed to one another's traits and eliminate the need to destroy one another.

Strangely enough, it worked.

Quartzmon remained quiet. It created this realm so they could plot their plans. They were all gathered for an unknown purpose. Parallelmon was the one who got this interesting idea and brought them all here. While they loathed to admit it, they were somewhat grateful to the world-hopping digimon.

DarknessBagramon, Quartzmon, Apocalymon, ZeedMillenniummon, and Daemon all turned to see Parallelmon holding the seventh member of their little alliance, Arkadimon. It was sleeping like an infant, in its Fresh mode.

"These last battles have been victories, although it will take awhile to be able to change the Digital Worlds back to how we see fit as well as all the Human Worlds," DarknessBagramon stated.

"I found a solution. Each time I went to a parallel dimension, I caught a glimpse... a glimpse of a special human world... Imagine it like the root of this... all of this. Not just this world, but of several other multiverses. We could rule over so much more than our wildest imaginations..." Parallelmon proposed. The other digimon were stunned, but one by one, they showed their satisfaction with the idea.

"However, accessing it seems to be impossible for the time being. Whatever force is guarding it dwarves all of our powers combine. We will need to await for circumstance to give us a window of some sort..." Parallelmon stated.

"In the meanwhile, we will carve out the territories. Arkadimon and myself will be scouting around while Quartzmon will defend the base. Everyone else, find a territory and do as you please. Be ready to defend yourselves," Parallelmon stated before he vanished.

Meanwhile, in the Tamer Digital World...

Across the bleak landscape, a few Digignomes stared at a large hole in the middle of nowhere. They were largely ignored since the largest threat to their world was the D-Reaper, a factor that none of the Digimon that were ravaging the other Digital Worlds.

They were mysterious beings, the Digignomes...

All had with them Digieggs... six of them. They were unable to find a suitable seventh one...

The large hole was created by the D-Reaper's influence or rather ECHELON, the supposed 'parent' program. The Digignomes began making the hole glow as they attempted to trace back the faint signal. However, a large massive tear occured because the space was so unstable and combined with their talent, a gate to a new world was made....

The Heart World...

Seeing the place was untouched and the signal was weak, the hope was still there and they tossed it a Crest along with a digiegg inside. However, one Digignome looked at the lone remaining Crest before they saw somethng fly in the distance headed to them.

It was a Kuramon. Apparently, something knocked the creature tumbling and flying.

The Digignomes watched it tumble toward them before something got stuck to it...

The Last Crest!

They saw the little Kuramon take the crest and it disappeared into the real world... the Digignome saw the portal remain open before they disappeared from the area...


Name (Player)- Digimon-Crest
Diego Vendirx (DVB)- Keramon and Crest of Reliability
Leonardo Silverstone (Monster Guy)- Elecmon and Crest of Love
Rosaline Butler (wayjun)- Dorumon and Crest of Courage
Halt Du Lac (deltakurumiru)- Commandramon and Crest of Friendship
Karai Horoshi (bronislav84)- Agumon and Crest of Sincerity
Alexander Thistlewood (Krazy95)- Ryudamon and Crest of Hope
Erika Judy (SpyroxPikachu)- Gabumon and Crest of Knowledge


Diego Vendrix and Keramon
Digidestined of Reliability
College Dormroom- Atlanta, GA
7:00 PM

Diego had been dancing for the past half hour. Why? Well, the fact of the matter was simple. He had his own Digimon. Better yet, his own digivice and even his own Crest! While this made him ecstatic, it also worried him. He saw the Tamers saga and enjoyed it. However, he also realized the seriousness of the danger. He hoped his glasses would be enough when the wild digimon start coming.

Well, if they start coming.

He didn't think he would have to face against something like the D-Reaper. That seemed to be very frightening.

However, there was also his Kuramon.

It seemed like a misbehaved child though also innocent and naive. Remembering what the wiki said, Diego hoped to try and get rid of the whole 'human's destruction instinct being condensed into it' out of his digimon.

So far it seem to be working, letting the digimon play on his Minecraft game and also instructed him not to eat the data. He did look upset, so Diego began wondering what to let the guy eat, while still pondering the situation.

Kuramon popped out of the computer again before going to Diego's arms and shaking. Both had a bad feeling of what was going to happen.