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Thread: Digimon Chronicles: The Battle for Parallel Worlds!

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    ((OOC: I can provide an image of the separate items of her Digital World gear, if you would like. I also think that she could spare some capes.))

    Rosaline Butler and Dorimon > Dorumon
    Digidestined of Courage
    Bedroom – Belvedere, CA > The Digital World

    As soon as Rosa had entered her sentence, and the last person had introduced themselves, her Digivice began to glow and show a “loading…loading…loading” message. “What is it loading?” she asked, and then grabbed her purse just in the case that she was going to be transported somewhere. A bright flash of light emanating from the Digivice then scanned her computer screen. “What the heck? What are you doing, Digivice?” The Digivice began to scan the screen and soon found a sprite-creator that Rosa had left on – a sprite from a game where the characters were chibis – and it located the character which she had been staring at. It was a test-sprite of a character with the higher leveled gear on. She had wanted to see what the gear looked like. Another bright light flashed and Rose was transported to the Digital world.

    As soon as Rosaline’s eyes recovered, she found herself to be clothed in the gear that the test-sprite had been wearing. They mostly consisted of gold, blue, white, purple, and green. Her hat was a blue beret with two gold chains on the top; a gold brim; and a bunch of feathers on the left side fastened by a deep purple gem with a gold outline. The feathers gradually became bluer as they draped over the side, having started as gold they had to pass green. The gem on her hat had the Crest of Courage etched in and it nearly glowed. Her top was a dark blue with a turquoise half-cape. Again, then outlines were golden and a dark purple jewel in the center. Her bottoms were dark blue yet again with mostly gold trimmings, but this time the bottom trimming was the same turquoise as her top’s cape. A skirt-like piece of white fabric flared out from the top of the pants and ended right before the top of her feet. Her shoes and cape were more white and purple than blue and gold, but even they could not escape the fate of having gold trimmings. Her cape had two layers – both were primarily white, but the first one stopped below her ribcage, included a hood, and was over lapping the second layer; and the second reached down to right below her butt. Her shoes were mostly purple, but they had a significant amount of gold ornamentation. The heel part was white and the top of the boot went the middle of her shin.

    ’YES! I’m actually in the super-powerful gear!’ Rosa was elated and very nearly stepped on her Digimon in her excitement.

    “Hey! Don’t step on me!” Dorimon said, alarmed that her Tamer was not being careful. A light surrounded her as she began to grow and acquire a fluffy tail. “I’ve become Dorumon. How convenient,” she remarked while looking at the appendages that she had had not fully developed as Dorimon.

    The fellow DigiDestined were gathered around a large blank screen. It was floating in the middle of the air at about face-height, but, to Rosa, the others’ outfits were more interesting. “What video game outfits are you guys wearing?” She was curious, but she could only guess one or two of them.
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    So now it's not enough that we beat the NPCs, now we have to steal their clothes as well? Isn't this basically mugging them?
    Suddenly the aim of the Pokémon games is apparent. It isn't to catch them all, or to be the best trainer, or to learn about the values of friendship with strange monsters that can breathe fire and whatnot.

    It's to beat up other people for their hats and jackets.
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