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Thread: New Trainer here, hello everyone!

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    Default New Trainer here, hello everyone!

    Hey everyone, I'm a new trainer here. How is everyone.

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    Hi welcome to the forums!

    If you have any questions you can ask me!

    Enjoy your stay now!
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    Thanks Eeveelover824 for the animated banner!

    Thanks Fairywitch for the button!

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    hey and welcome to serebii ^_^ if you need anything just private message me

    Looking for dedicated gym leaders for my league if your interested visit the TEF League!
    we need a temporary dark gym leader asap! If you are intreasted please message me how to get the position.
    If you like my artwork in my sigs visit my art shop which is full of different banners/userbars to choose from
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    Hello! Welcome to the Serebii Forums! I'm doing great, thank you. Feel free to add me!

        Spoiler:- Credits:

    Add me on my Pokemon Games!
    Pokemon White 2: (will add later in 2014 :P)
    3DS Friend Code: 5043-2269-9331

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