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Someone refresh my memory; were some of those remade scenes incorrect? Like VS Koga, the battle was outside instead of inside, and Charizard VS Sparky was suppose to be VS Zippo?
Yes & no on both accounts. In The Ninja Poké-Showdown, Ash and Koga started their battle in the Fuschia Gym, but the continued their match outside after a confrontation with Team Rocket where Misty learned about Psyduck's true power. A fun fact, this was the epsiode that started a running gag in Season 1 where Team Rocket got constantly blasted by Voltorb

In Friends and Foe Alike, Charizard did battle Zippo in Ash's battle with Ritchie, but that was one of the few moments Charizard listened to Ash prior to the Orange Islands sicne it wanted to battle another Fire type to test its strength. However, when Ritchie sent out Sparky, Carizard didn't want to waste its time with a little Pikachu so it went back to disobeying Ash