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Thread: Global Link won't let me log in!

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    Default Global Link won't let me log in!

    I don't know where else to post this, but I am seriously at the end of my rope with the Global Link!! I haven't been on there since late 2012, and I got a DSi so I could connect to the Wi-Fi in my new house, and while that works, for some strange reason that I cannot comprehend, no matter what I do, Global Link refuses to log me in! I know my username is ObsidianOshawott93 and I know I spelled my password right, but every single time I try to log in, it tells me my username or password are both incorrect! I changed my password, but it didn't work! Now I can't even log into Pokemon(dot)com! I don't know why this is happening! All I want to do is send my Pokemon into the Dream World and have some fun, but this is not letting me! What do I do?! Do I make a new account from scratch?
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