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And that's why I almost never Exploded on the first turn ^_^ unless I knew someone didn't see it coming. (I only got 4 wins and 2 loses because DCs really turned me off)

Agh... at least don't use the Absorb Bulb, that item is too common now.

Maybe not you, but I could see why other American players might use a lot of Rain teams, because it's April after all XD
naw i am not going absorb bulb
i have 5 members, and i am struggling with a last one, which i do want to be a lesser used pokemon. i just realized that zapdos is better in rain than thundurus-t O.o
i like it because of heat wave... although it is weekend, if rain isn't up it can help me sweep through scizor's and ferrothorns that rain teams hate.