SPPf Sheep: You're less Unique Than You Think You Are!

Thanks to the last contest being wiped from the internet, and the barrier for entry was kind of high if you've never used Photoshop. Well I figure what's easier than answering a couple questions right? Well that's what you'll be doing here, and the prize is a nice new forum badge that only you will have!(For now) The name of the game is Sheep, and it's all about trying to get the most popular answer. Lets say the question is "What is the best Pokemon?" If you put Gengar and 5 others put that you'd get 6 points, but if 50 people put Mewtwo they would get 50 points. So it's not about what you think is the right answer, it's what you think is the most popular. Since this is a pokemon forum the questions will all be pokemon/pokemon forum related as to not leave a lot of people out. So first of all lets get to the questions.

1. Besides Celebi, which pokemon would be the best mascot for SPP?

2. The Pokemon anime has a lot of good and bad things about it, but the thing I can't stand is ______

3. When Gen. 7 comes around the one thing I hope they add is _______

4. People seem to love this pokemon, but I never saw the appeal of ______

5. On the other hand, this pokemon isn't that popular, but it's one of my favorites.

6. Who is the best Gym Leader?

7. What pokemon needs a mega evolution the most?

8. What kind of evil plan will the next bad guys have in gen 7?

9. If pokemon had a crossover with another Nintendo series which would be the best fit?

10. In a big twist this character comes back from an old game to have a big role in gen. 7. Who is this character?

So those are the 10 questions. To submit you'll send me a PM with just the number and your answer(please don't put the question), then I'll record it offsite just in case we have more forum troubles. Who ever gets the most points wins, and the tie breaker is whoever has the most top answers. Forum rules do apply to answers, and will be met with infractions if broken. Same with cheating or asking around to see what answers will be the most popular, that will result in a disqualification and a ban, so fair warning. I'll leave this open for a week to get answers, then over a few days I'll posts the results in this thread. Until then this thread can be used for questions related to the game. I wish you all good luck, and feel free to spread this around to those who wouldn't look here, because the more the merrier.

Also the thrill of being better than everyone else at something is always great.