I'm about to face the Elite 4 then head on to the battle tower. The plan is to trade them to Emerald then migrate to my Heart Gold for competetive battling and training. Then I'll finally bring them to gen 5 and 6 if possible so I can have a good competetive team if possible. Here it is,

Mightyena, Level 52
-Take Down
-Shadow Ball

Salamence, Level 55
-Dragon Claw

Blaziken, Level 60
-Sky Uppercut
-Blaze Kick
-Aerial Ace
-Mirror Move

Swampert, Level 54
-Ice Beam

Sceptile, Level 57
-Sunny Day
-Giga Drain

Metagross, Level 55
-Meteor Mash
-Iron Defense

Feel free to move around and/or put in new pokemon. Help much appreciated