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    Default Civilization 2.0

    (Got the A-Okay from the old GM on a Xat, so Imma do this.)

    Civilization 2.0: A Digitaitorship

    You are rugged group of nomads, a wandering people that have lived off the land for as long as you can remember. You have never stayed in one place for longer than a few months, in fear of distaster or predation. But no more. You have decided to settle down, in a city, after several generations of roaming. It is now up to you to decide whether you will become a prosperous nation that will be envied by all, or a barbarian society that history will soon forget. You must work together to become the greatest civilization in the world.


    1. Anyone can vote.
    2. You may only vote for one option, unless otherwise specified.
    3. You may only vote once per round.
    4. Justify your votes.
    5. You may switch your votes, but justify in doing so.
    6. No spamming.

    How To Play
    You are all working together to build up one civilization. At the beginning of the game, you will vote on the race of your people and the location your city will be built on. The races include:

    Dwarves- Forced to start in Mountains. Start with knowledge of mining, smithing, and underground farming. Bonus to weapons and tech. Penalty to population and magic.

    Elves- Starts with Excellent magic and a citadel. Bonus to magic and architecture. Penalty to weapons and tech.

    Lizardmen- Start with Excellent weapons, double population, a stockade, and advanced farming techniques. Bonus to weapons, and population. Penalty to tech. Unable to use magic.

    Humans- Start with with a random technology and knowledge of one other civilization. Bonus to tech and population. Penalty to weapons and magic.

    Naga- Forced to start in Desert. Start with half population, good weapons, and underground cave complex (bonus to architecture and defense). Bonus to magic and weapons. Penalty to population, tech, and architecture besides the starting bonus.

    Dragonlings- Start with Excellent Magic, no architecture, no weapons, and several random techs. Bonus magic, architecture, and tech. Penalty to population and food (must hunt for their food).

    The locations include:

    Plains- Bonus to food, penalty to defense.

    Riverbank- Bonus to food, penalty to architecture.

    Mountains- Bonus to defense, penalty to food.

    Desert- No bonus, penalty to food, population, and defense.

    Forest- Bonus to defense and food, penalty to tech and weapons.

    After a race and location has received 5 votes (it may be more or less depending on how many people play), the first turn will begin. You will have only a few options (depending on your race) in the beginning, but you will gain more as your civilization grows. The basic options are:

    A) Improve Food
    B) Improve City/Kingdom
    C) Improve Weaponry
    D) Improve Technology
    E) Improve Magic
    F) Other/Your Choice

    I will also add in special events from time to time to keep the game interesting.

    Vote for a location and race!

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    i vote lizardmen in the forest.

    producing much food in a fertile location.

    lessee if i'm doing this correctly.
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    I was Dwarves and Mountain

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    I vote Dragonlings and Riverbank. I find tech pretty important and dragonlings do have some nice bonuses, especially with magic. Riverbank is good because of the food bonus which is needed for Dragonlings.

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    Voting Dragonlings as the race and tossing my vote for location in to the Desert.
    The stacked penalties to food and pop along with a lack of starter weapons or any buildings to call home seems to me like it would make for a really good starting challenge.
    Back for more!

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    Thanks for approving this, DM.

    Current Tally
    Dragonlings: 2
    Dwarves: 1
    Lizardmen: 1

    Riverbank: 1
    Desert: 1
    Mountain: 1
    Forest: 1

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    I vote Lizardmen in Forest because that seems to be the most neutral out of all the choices and neutral equals best.
    As to what once, it now is. For this my retirement tour, let us commence, forevermore, forevermore.

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    I vote for Humans and Riverbank.

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