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Thread: All about Iris! loves, hates and predictions

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    Default All about Iris! loves, hates and predictions

    "The girl who knows the heart of dragons"
    Well iris is a great addition to ash's traveling companions.
    Growing up in the village of dragons, she has set her goal of becoming a dragon master
    And is on her way to do so.
    With her current pokwmon of axew,drillbur,emogla and dragonite
    We can see how great she is with Pokemon.
    Now here's afew questions for you all:

    What pokemon would you like to see iris catch?

    Will axew evolve into a fraxure?

    Now over her fear of ice types could she catch one?
    (we saw this when she borrowed Georgia's vinilux"

    What's your overall view on iris?

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    Maybe during her departure.

    Maybe, but there aren't many.


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    There's the next pokemon thread for this. And for talking about Iris there's always the favorite character/disliked character threads.
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    Her catching an ice type as an ironic way to conquer her fear of them would be cheesy but kind of fun. I also don't see axew evolving, at least in this saga, but maybe it will when iris comes in the xy saga for her mini arc. And overall I think iris at timss can be really cute like her trying to coax the zweilous, and the deino in that daycare. Other times she can be really annoying, but she hasny been As much as early on.

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    I doubt they'll do much with Iris by the time she leaves.

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    I hate Iris and I wish she left forever.
    Really. I don't like Iris; In fact I hate her with a burning passion. Even her voice is annoying.

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Iris fans. I just don't Iris. Why is that? Not so sure. Maybe it's because she replaced Dawn. Maybe it's her look, or her personality. I just...don't like her.

    I doubt she'll stay for the XY saga, nor will her Axew evolve. I mean really now. Do you honestly think they'll have Axew evolve before Iris leaves? I don't. Axew will probably end up like Piplup, who doesn't evolve. Then again alot of water types never evolve...

    And, if Iris stays for the XY saga...I will die inside. And not in a good way...I'd be devastated...

    I know I'm not alone on these opinions. Not everyone loves Iris...everyone has oponions.
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    I'd like to see Iris' Axew evolve before she leaves. I really don't want her to stay for X and Y though as I fear how the writers would handle her.
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    Next Pokemon Thread and Iris Thread please.

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