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Thread: Its been a while: My OU 5th gen team

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    Default Its been a while: My OU 5th gen team

    Ok, so its been a while, but Im getting back onto the competitive screen. I havent entirely familiarized myself with the current metagame so try not to shout at me too much Though constructive criticism is always welcome.
    I've had varied success with this team so far.

    Espeon w/Choice Specs
    Magic Bounce
    252sp atk 252spd 4hp

    Shadow Ball
    Hidden Power Fighting

    This is my usual lead if I see a potential stealth rock lead on the opponents team. I like this Espeon as not only does it work as an excellent wall breaker, w/ magic bounce and trick, but it can also be used to cripple physical attackers, by tricking on specs, if used correctly. On top of all this because of the specs he can hit pretty hard with full neutral coverage, and a powerful STAB attack.

    Celebi w/Leftovers
    Natural Cure
    252Hp 232Sp Def 24Spd

    Stealth Rocks
    Giga Drain
    Thunder Wave

    This is usually my other option for a lead, to get up SR early. He also acts as my Special Wall and paralyser. I've considered a few other moves such as psychic and leech seed, but this is what I went with, but I can be persuaded otherwise.

    Thunderus-T w/Choice Scarf
    Volt Absorb
    252sp atk 252 spd

    Volt Switch
    Focus Blast
    HP Ice

    This guy is my powerful revenge killer, outspeeding the majority of the Metagame. He is also here to deal with the threat of Choiced Electivires that my physical wall struggles to deal with, as well as outspeeding scarfed Salamences, Haxorus', Jirachi and Hydreigon.

    Alomomola w/ Leftovers
    252HP 252Def 4Atk


    Yes, you are reading this correctly. I cannot understand for the life of me why this guy is in the NU tier. I see him as the physical version of Blissey being able to tank almost any physical hit, and with very few physical electric and grass moves, it is hard to hit him there. Not only that he also has the ability to wish pass, and with his HUGE Hp he is able to almost fully heal all of my offensive pokemon. But Im not finished there, he also gets the ability regenerator, so when your opponent thinks they are about to kill this tank simply switch out to recover a large amount of health.

    Haxorus w/Lum Berry
    Mold Breaker
    252atk 252spd 4hp

    Dragon Dance

    Haxorus is my late game sweeper, with his monstrous attack after just 1DD he can pretty much 2HKO anything that doesnt resist him. After SR and toxic damage it becomes a 1HKO. Lum Berry is to either recover from Outrage, or prevent crippling status like paralysis or sleep. I've put Superpower over low kick as I've found it really helps to power through those Ferrothorns which Low Kick just does not have the same effect.

    Infernape w/Choice Scarf
    Iron Fist
    252Atk 252Spd 4Hp

    Stone Edge
    U Turn
    Flare Blitz
    Close Combat

    This is my second revenge killer of the team on the physical side, having a great movepool, dual STAB and being the second part of my u-turn volt switch combo. This guy also works well breaking through common walls such as Ferrothorn and Blissey. And even has the power to act as a late game sweeper..

    Thanks for taking your time to read, and please leave any improvements below

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    It is better to have either just one Scarfed sweeper on the side of a spectrum or a mixed Scarfed sweeper. Two on a team is really redundant. I don't see what Infernape does for you. It is very frail and weak to many common types in the OU tier, such as Water, Ground, and Flying. 104 attacking stats is ok, but not anything to write home about. Also, 3 Choiced Pokemon really is excessive. I recommend a wallbreaker here and change Espeon to more of a support Pokemon. A good wallbreaker is Terrakion. With similar speed to Infernape but arguably a better typing and STAB combination and attack stat, he can do much of what Infernape does now, but is able to survive a few hits as well. Hope I helped.
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