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Thread: Community POTW #115

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReshiZekyurem View Post
    quite right, i forgot.

    Is it a good set?
    What do you think is the best item for slowbro?
    I think it's a decent set. It can work as a bulky threat with Calm Mind and Slack off, or a bulky sweeper with CM and offensive moves. The items would be leftovers for more longevity, or Life Orb for more power. Personally, I like the Life Orb, you can heal off the recoil damage with Slack Off and Regenerator.

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    Yeah thanks. I feel Slack Off isn't really necessary when there is Regenerator...
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    Regenerator isn't helping with the purpose of the CM set, though. With Slack Off, you can set up, take a hit, heal, set up some more, take a hit, heal, etc. In order to heal with Regenerator, you have to switch out, which ruins any boosting you might have done. Slack Off is also needed to consistently handle physical attackers so that you don't have to switch out every time you get low on health.

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    With that set how would you deal with electric types?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jorge565 View Post
    With that set how would you deal with electric moves?
    Slowbro will never really be a fan of electric moves, unless you use the wacan berry, but that only activates once and means sacrificing leftovers.

    It's not just 1 pokemon vs. 1. You have a team of 6, so different pokemon can cover each other's weaknesses. If you don't like thunderbolts and wild charges, you could just swap out for, say, Ferrothorn, who laughs at most pokemon who use such moves. Meanwhile, Slowbro will cover Ferrothorn's nasty fire and fighting weaknesses.

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    Oblivious w/ Prisim Berry/Leftovers OR Own Tempo w/ Mental Herb/Destiny Knot
    Modest/Quiet w/ 252 Sp Attack, 128 Sp Defense, 130 HP
    Shadow Ball/Flamethrower
    Ice Beam/Focus Blast/Signal Beam

    Trick Room-users
    Rain Dance-users
    Light Screen-users

    High Sp Attack and Sp Defense with Electric/Grass/Bug/Ghost/Dark-type moves like Shadow Ball Espeon/Glaceon/Vaporeon, Gardevoir, Magnezone, Hydregion, Beheeyem, Shadow Ball/Magical Leaf Togekiss, Ampharos, Jolteon, Musharna, Mismagius, Wash Rotom, or Dragonite.
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    Another ODD Choice:


    Slowbro @ Leftover
    Adamant Nature (+Attack,-Sp.Attack), Regenerator
    252 HP, 252 Attack, 6 Special Defense
    ~ Belly Drum/Curse
    ~ Slack Off/Drain Punch
    ~ Zen Headbutt/Aqua Tail/Ice Punch
    ~ Earthquake/Brick Break/Aqua Tail
    This set I prefer Belly Drum, but it's your choice. Belly Drum turns that measly 273 Attack into an awesome 1092 Attack in One-Turn, and again I prefer Slack Off to heal off the damage, and then you can switch, regain health and repeat. Aqua Tail and Earthquake is only resisted in UU by Abomasnow, Shaymin, Virizion. With only Shaymin being more prominent. So, those two together hit almost all the tier,

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