As you know, I did a revamp of the Red/Blue, Yellow, and Gold/Silver pages for Now it's time to shift focus to Pokemon Crystal. I've gotten a preliminary list of things I'll be covering but I'd like to know if there's anything you want added to the list before I begin so I can make sure I have the proper information on it. Tell me what you want.

Updated Gold/Silver Pages
Interactable Pokemon
Legendary Pokemon
Unobtainable Pokemon
Bug Catching Contest
In-Game Trades
Trainer Red
The Elite Four
Kurt's Special Pokeballs
Mystery Gift
New Evolution Methods
Baby Pokemon
Time Capsule
Johto Gym Leaders
Kanto Gym Leaders
Daily and Weekly Events
Your Rival
Team Rocket
Game Corner

New Crystal Pages
Move Tutor
Buena's Password
Event Pokemon
Swarm Pokemon
Gift Phone Calls
Ruins of Alph
Special Egg
Eusine and Suicune

One last thing. Do not ask for pages about Gameshark codes, Action Replay codes, ROM hacks, or anything else you wouldn't find on any pages by Serebii because I won't be wasting my time writing them. Any suggestions except for those are appreciated though but please make sure you read what I already have planned before you make one. Thanks!