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    Default Speed Racer

    Does anyone here like Speed Racer?

    Sure the animation and dubbing is dated, but it's still fun.

    Any thoughts?
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    Ha ha, took me just now to register Speed Racer XD.

    I think Speed Racer was the first anime I've ever seen, I remember having a VHS copy about the one that has a car with a mind of its own (can't remember the episode's name, and it may have had more episodes on it), and I watched it a lot. Then I guess we lost the copy or something, so I didn't get to see another episode until Dad found the one DVD set with tire-textured cover (which kinda smells like tire actually ._.) that contains the first eleven episodes. I've been meaning to watch them again, now that I think of it.

    So yeah. It's really cheesy and dated, but I hold fond memories of it, especially since the theme song is pretty iconic. I remember being excited for the movie when it was announced, but I was really disappointed with it (though they at least had the original theme song at the end... unless it was a remix). The audiences seemed to like the movie, though, but I'll never watch it again. I don't think I'm the only one out there, but perhaps I missed out on something. But I dunno. I wasn't a big fan of it anyway, so I guess it was just me.

    And speaking of Speed Racer... anyone remember this commercial?
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    Ha! I remember that commercial. Sadly, that's the first time I saw a clip of Speed Racer. Of course, I'd heard of the show before.

    Now I have two or three DVDs (and a video tape.) I've seen that episode; here's what's going on:

    Trixie wants Speed to forfit the race because another driver needs to win. Speed, however, thinks that would be dishonest. Trixie tells Speed that the bridge is out to get him to stop, but he knows what she's trying to do. If you want to read the thrilling conclusion click on the spoliler tag:
        Spoiler:- What happens?:

    I also saw the live-action movie. While I enjoyed it in theaters, I must admit that it was too stylized, and I've never bought it on video.
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    I did like speed racer when i was hmm lets say 8-9 and i could watch tons of episodes but now speed racer is one of those anime i cant watch several episodes at once due to inability of keeping me interested long enuff.
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