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Thread: Question. Please Read.

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    Default Question. Please Read.

    Hello, forumers. I am indeed a new member, and have just read the rules. Forgive me if I am breaking any now, but I have a query.

    I have an insanely good Wall Pokemon and I was hoping it could be put into the Serebii Pokemon of The Week.

    Perhaps someone could tell me where to suggest it, no?

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    I don't very understand what you 're looking for but all that is related on the serebii's Pokémon of the Week is on the POTW Collaboration Forum, where everyone shares on the Pokémon presented. Hope I helped.
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    Serebii and a Random Number Generator have picked the Pokémon for POTW. Serebii has kept a few rare Pokémon, such as Genesect, that are kept out of the RNG list, as they'll be used for event or Promotional weeks.

    Only Serebii knows what's going to picked before he shows it off.

    If you want to get your individual Pokémon rated, you can use this thread:

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