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I don't get why people would think bianca would ever show up anytime after BW. She basically is literally a female barry, and he obviously never showed up again.

Burgundy and georgia deserved so much better though, and they were probably my two favorite characters in the saga, along with cilan.
Wow, three characters that didn't get any development... Bianca is not the female Barry. That guy had a few more screws loose that had to do with him being a Paul fanboy, which positioned him smackdab in the middle between Ash and Paul's rivalry, and was pretty much playing (though faithfully) devils advocate for most of his run.. Bianca did no such thing, and was more Juniper's assistant then anything else. That's where she and Barry differ greatly, and I for one don't see the comparison outside of their ditzyness (hello Ash, Cameron, etc).. and blond hair.. okay, and Ash losing to their dads, but that's the final comparison.

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I hope we get the Butterfree title this week, so we can at least know we don't have to wait until July or August to see it.
Don't we have like four episode titles in store already?
- Detective Cilan
- Oshawott vs. Dewott
- Zoroark
- Oak and Rotom

I think that for some reason we'll get the Beheeyem episode first..