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Thread: Counters for Darkrai Lasers

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    Default Counters for Darkrai Lasers

    This deck is probably the best out there. So what are some good counters to it, besides switch to get out of the annoying lasers?

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    No it's not.

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    Potions and switch, If you run a deck with 170 hp pokemon (30 from the night spear, 140 next turn), but more overall just out play you're opponent. It's one of the best decks out there but it seems like you're forgetting about a certain someone so I'm gonna post you a link, energy retrieval! It's to soon to say how good a new deck is without going through a tournament to get a better understanding of how good it is, otherwise it's just as good as landorus (actually it's doing slightly better but not by much).
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    yea pretty much what ven? is saying =P just run something that can take a hit as wells as dish one out and try to have some pokes/trainers/supporters that can support its weaknesses.
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    This really is annoying though. Basically lasers every turn with junk hunt.

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